Balika Vadhu 1st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st June 2013 Written Update

At College ki Function
Sanchi is excited about first romantic moment with Dr. Sweet and goes into the classroom/lab only to be accosted by the Bad Dudes. Contrary to his friends advise, “Ranjit” tries to make Sanchi’s dress completely off shoulder from one shoulder. She manages to shout for help just as Dr. Sweat is looking for her.

Dr. Sweet saves the day. Her friends enter just behind him. He returns her dress strap to position after a slap to a chamcha (assistant villain). He gives Sanchi his jacket and looks ready to move furniture in the black muscle T. He even locks the door, so the villains are easy to arrest.
There is tu tu mein mein in the arrest.of Sunny & Company, Dr. Sweet says something supersmart: Sanchi’s free to dress as she pleases and the flaw lies in the boys intentions. Sanchi slaps them for suggesting that Dr.Sweet already had his “fun” with Sanchi. Her friends refuse to cooperate with police investigation when inspector wants witnesses, but they step up after a bhasan from professor…and white…I mean dark knight steps up to testify of course

In the Car:
Sanchi asks if her short dress is to blame. Dr. Sweet sweetly explains that she should dress according to her and her own family’s practice. Sanchi reveals her family thinks she wore longer skirt. Dr. Sweet explains that then there was a “chor” in Sanchi as well. She went against her family’s tradition. Clothes should be according to situation… location occassion and company.

Sanchi wants to keep what happened from her family, but Dr. Sweet advices truth.

Kesar Bagh
A serving ice cream to all present (daddu in room sleeping and ira is away) when Dr. Sweet and Short Dress arrive together n melt the ice.

VO: Young women face harassment anywhere and everywhere these days, so make them aware and alert. * there is no mention of giving men/boys morals*

Precap: The Shekhars react to learning the Sanchi got harassed at college. Bros want to punish the boy and Alok is mad about Sanchi’s clothes.

Update Credit to: Anjana

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