Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2013 Written Update

Badi Bhabhi serves Kheer to Roli. Khushi is watching them from a distance with lots of excitement. She hopes to prove that Jhumki is not their Roli. She now also goes to join them, but she is stopped from sitting with them by her mother in law. Khushi teases them saying I am not interested in eating with you all either, I just came to take this apple. She goes on a side and awaits for Roli to eat Kheer with cashews. Roli is about to eat, but her phone rings and she goes away. Family wonders whose call it was that Roli went away like that. Simar says, maybe people who saved her life.

Bantu is crying on the phone and says, I can’t live without you. He demands her to be back right away. Jhumki is making him understand, but Prem comes and snatches the phone away. Jhumki gets angry and has an argument with Prem. Khushi sees them and wonders what’s going on as she can’t hear anything.

Roli comes back and says, I don’t feel like eating. Khushi gets worried. Mausiji tells Roli, if you don’t want to eat, then don’t.. but at least eat this Kheer. She makes her eat Kheer, and Khushi is impressed with Mausiji. Mausiji gives her whole bowl to eat. Badi Bhabhi serves her more Kheer and she notices that there’s cashews in it. She gets worried and tells everyone, I remember very well Roli has an allergy from cashews. Simar gets worried as Jhumki doesn’t know about allergy. Khushi interrupts and says, don’t worry. Look nothing happened to her. Roli had an allergy with cashews, not her duplicate. You can lose your memory in an accident, but you can’t get rid off your allergy. She tells everyone, it was her who mixed cashews in Kheer to prove to everyone, and now it’s proven. She says, if she was real Roli, then she wouldn’t be sitting like this here. Last time when Roli ate cashews, her condition got worse right away. Sid gets angry and asks Khushi to shut. He asks Roli if she is fine. Roli says, I am fine. She then asks Khushi, why are you behind me? And suddenly, she starts acting as if she has problem in breathing. Everyone gets tensed and starts taking care of her. Jhumki signals Simar that she is acting. Simar tells everyone, there’s no need to call doctor. This happens to Roli since childhood and I have medicine for it.

Sid tells Khushi, she is my Roli. No one needs to prove anything. To prove this, you risked her life? I won’t spare you. He presses her neck. Everyone tells him to leave her and pay attention to Roli. They give medicine to Roli and ask Simar and Prem to take her to her room. Khushi is confused now.

In Roli’s room, Jhumki laughs and praises her own acting. Prem asks her, but how did you know that Roli gets such attack? Jhumki says, when Khushi opened her mouth and said about allergy, I understood everything. She sees someone’s shadow and lie down on the bed. Sid comes there with juice. Jhumki is getting annoyed with his sweet talks. When Sid is about to make her drink juice, she takes the glass from him and drinks by herself. She then tells Simar that she needs to sleep now. Sid again gets disappointed and says, I think we shouldn’t disturb her. Jhumki sleeps. Prem and Simar leave.

Sid is looking at Roli and says, we are so close, yet so far. I can’t hold your hand. He sits down and watches her sleeping. He remembers their sweet memories and this brings tears in his eyes. Simar comes back and feels bad for Sid. She wonders what will happen to Sid when he finds out that she is Jhumki, and not Roli.

Precap: Simar tells Prem, for Sid, Jhumki is his Roli. I am afraid what will happen when he finds out the truth. Therefore, I have decided to tell him Jhumki’s truth.

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