Madhubala 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the chawl …all are asleep.! Sultan gets flashbacks .. n hears a lady tell him he is sleepy..and he says no and suddenly there is an accident..! Sultan wakes up sweating..! He goes near Aryan and stops himself from patting his head..! He sits on a sofa.. lost in thoughts..! Later Sultan calls out to Aryan and is decked up in all white..! Aryan comes in all white too..and says ..m ready..! Sultan Aryan and Kaka leave in the dead of the night with Puja stuff ..! Sultan looks around carefully to ensure no one watches them ..!

Trio reach temple n its morning.. ! Kaka helps Aryan to walk and sit next to Sultan..! They are performing some ritual…! Pandit says.. there is no kapur..! Aryan is sleepy and Sultan tells him to get it..! Aryan struggles to get up but Sultan forces him to hurry..! Aryan manages to walk and get the kapur..! The duo are performing the puja..!

Madhu is going towards Romas room Sultan with a tea jug.when cops arrive..! She is worried and quickly rushes towards Romas room..! She notices its closed..! Madhu quickly goes inside and calls out to Kaka and Sultan and Aryan but no one is there..! She wonders where everyone is..! Right then Sultan-Kaka-Aryan return n they stop in their tracks upon seeing the cops..! Sultan quickly lifts Aryan n hides with Kaka behind the truck..! Madhu calls Kaka and Sultan cuts his call..! He fires Kaka for giving the number to Madhu n he case of emergency for help..! Madhu calls again n Sultan cuts the call..! Madhu is about to call a third time but notices the cops leaving..! Sultan watches too..! Sultan tells Kaka they will buy new simcard for Kaka…! Madhu calls Kaka n finds out that the moby is switched off! Right then Sultan enters with Aryan in his arms and Kaka! Madhu asks them where they had gone ..n why not receiving call n why switched off ?? Madhu tells Kaka that she tried their cell as she was worried seeing cops..! She says..she was worried so much..! Sultan says..he does not need to answer! Madhu says..he has to as ! Aryan asks Madhu not to be angry n says they din say as they had gone in the early morning for puja as on this day his mom left him forever..! Sultan tells Aryan to learn to speak less! He tells Kaka to take Aryan inside..!

Madhu says M sorry..! Sultan tells Madhu better to stay away from his past life where he too doesnt wanna go..! Bhujang asks the pandit of the havan.. where he did.. n he gives the place (Goregaon) and describes the persons attending the havan..! Bhujang asks him what was the color of the eyeballs n he says blue..and Bhujang slaps him ..! He asks his men to take the guy away..! Bhujang deduces that Sultan must be nearby the area..!

Madhu comes and tells Kaka that there is holika dahan in the chawl so if they can come..! Sultan calls out to Aryan n tells him to they cant go to Holika Dahan in these! Aryan Madhu Kaka smile.. !

Bhujang says. Uttam.. Ati Uttam..! He praises his men.. for finding out the location of Sultan..(Madhus chawl)! They ask if they should kill Sultan n he says not tonight.. next day so..they can mix blood in holi color.. Sultans blood..! He says.. ‘Sultan aab to tu gaya’!

At night all ladies gather for Holika Dahan n men watch..! Paddo does the proceedings..! Madhu smiles seeing Aryan Sultan n Kaka..! Madhu helps Aryan sit in her lap n asks him to pray..! Sultan watches them from across the Holika fire..!

At the mansion, Radha returns from Holika Dahan! She asks servant if RK called and he says no! Radha wonders what RK wants..! Dips says that she tried PH too but they dinno where RK is! RK enters and says.. RK has returned to Mumbai..!

Part 2

Ladies distribute Prasad ..! Madhu notices Sultan watching n so tastes the prasad first before giving to Aryan! Paddo-Trish smile..watching Madhu play with Aryan..! All disperse..except Sultan who watches Madhu pat Aryan to sleep..! Madhu picks up Aryan n Sultan comes to her! Madhu thanks him for letting Aryan come and says sorry for the morning incident! She handsover Aryan to him! Sultan says.. SHE LOVED HOLI .. she had loads of colors in her life… n thats why Holis fun n frolic ..made her excited n thats why Holi took her away! Madhu asks SHE as in Aryans mom???

Part 3

Sultan says ..they stayed away from this place..from here to there.. what to play? He says he wanted to show Aryan Holi ..the color of life.. the color of Holi..! Madhu says.. the color of life is not just for kids but for elders too! She tells Sultan to let some colors enter his life too playing Holi..! Sultan looks at Madhu! Madhu wishes him good night n leaves..! Sultan watches her leave n looks at the holika..!

Precap — Radha asks RK if he is going to play Holi? RK says..he is going to the chawl first..! Radha asks why? RK says.. to put color on Security guard! Radha glares..! RK says.. its his n Madhus first holi… so he will put color on Madhu first..! Bittu and Radha are shocked..! Radha asks why ? RK says..coz ‘Mujhe aapki bahu ki LAT lagi hui hai’!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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