Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st April 2013 Written Update

Munna leaves the place after spraying Mohan with water. Women in on the street try to wake Megha up. Mohan lifts Megha and Munna watches this. Mohan takes Megha to Vyas house. He puts her down on the sofa. He tries to make her comfortable(Mohan’s nazm playing in BG). Mohan looks at Megha and realizes that Megha is holding on to his stole. He tries to get her hand off but in the end removes his stole. Mohan gets a towel and wipes Megha’s face(De re na playing in BG). Mohan says I want to speak to you about about Addu, Nanhi and us(Na Bole Tum playing in BG).

Ragini throws color on Munna and chides his for playing holi without her. Munna says why is everyone so over excited about Holi. He has FB of MM in Juna Mohalla. He lifts Ragini and puts her in a tub of colored water and has FB of Mohan lifting Megha. Munna says “bura na mano holi hain to Megha”.

Mohan still looking at Megha. He is about to kiss her when Megha wakes up. Megha looks at Mohan and has FB of what Guru told her about RJ and Meera. Mohan makes Megha sit. Renu comes there and asks what is happening in our house. Mohan’s arm is wrapped around Megha and he removes it. Megha’s earring is stuck on Mohan’s kurta. Megha tries to remove it but Mohan walks away. He tells Renu that Megha became unconscious so he got her home. Renu says thanks for helping and she asks if you are Superman. Renu thanks him again and says you are not like Nanhi’s Spiderman who screwed up her(Megha’s) life. Megha asks Renu not to speak about these things. Renu says if he(Spiderman) was like you then we would have praised and called out your name. Renu says her(Megha’s) is stuck on that Spiderman who flew away with her Son. Renu says everyone thinks it doesn’t make a difference to me but I am a mother as well and I feel bad for you. Renu says it has been 12 years but MB has never inquired about you. Renu tells Megha that Navi and Mohan hugged in front of everyone resolving their differences. Jiji asks Renu to go inside.

Navi is sleeping and Beera is wailing that he cannot show his face to anyone anymore. Navi wakes up and asks Beera what happened? Beera says ask what did not happen. Beera shows his face to Navi which has kiss marks on her face. Navi refuses to accept that she did that. Beera says he would take revenge by kissing her. Navi threatens Beera with her slipper and leaves.

Navi arrives at Vyas house and is happy to see Mohan there. Navi walks up to Megha and says I was just going to walk up to you and say it is time to bring back Spiderman so that he fills our life with happiness again. Navi says but I think my wish has been fulfilled before I even asked for it. Navi says I have so much to tell you about Spiderman that an entire night won’t be enough. Megha has FB of Guru’s words and she slaps Navi. Everyone is shocked.

Mohan walks up to Navi and holds her by her face. He asks her to let it be. He says some wounds are healed with time and we should not try to heal them nor dig deeper into them. Mohan looks at Megha and walks away. He looks at Jiji and takes blessings from her. Jiji tries to tell Mohan to stay. Mohan leaves.

Precap: RJ tells Mohan to say anything about Dance Teacher. RJ says she will only eat when Dance Teacher comes. Mohan tells her to eat and that he will bring in the Dance Teacher the first thing next day morning. Mohan in school talking to someone saying if it was not about my daughter then I wouldn’t have insisted. Mohan in Megha’s classroom. Megha’s back is turned to him. Mohan says how can you make a promise and not fulfill it? He keeps shouting at Megha saying my daughter is suffering because of the promise you failed to fulfill. Megha turns around and Mohan is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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