Balika Vadhu 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Sumitra says that when her childhood was being reminded, they felt that anandi was actually a kid again. she says that she felt very strange, about the years passing by. Anandi tells her that good times fly by, whereas the painful moments linger on. Sumitra says that all parents want their kids to grow up soon, but she says that god may take whatever they want from her, but she wants to be returned her and jagiya’s childhood. She asks her if she would be able to live alone. Anandi says that she’s very scared of being without them, even after her efforts to pacify her heart to think otherwise, that thiongs would work out well. Anandi says that she’s nothing without them, as its because of them that she got to stand up on her feet again. Sumitra tells her that she has shiv, and a very loving family, and hence she should step into her new life with confidence, and enthusiasm. Anandi asks her if they would be able to live without her. Sumitra turns away without replying, to hide her tears, but finally says that there’s so much to do, with the family, and hence noone would find the time to think anything else. Anandi asks if she could say this same lie looking at her in the eye. Sumitra hugs her. When they come inside, samitra says that since bhairo isnt at home, anandi should sleep with her tonight.

Dadisa, comes from her room, and says that sumitra, becoming the head of the family, decided herself that she would sleep with anandi. Dadisa says that it was her idea to get anandi home, and she gets the right to sleep with her. Sumitra argues, that she got so much time with her, and she herself got much less. dadisa says thats ehw ould prove to be her torturous mother in law, and take anandi from her. showing her the thumb, dadisa takes anandi inside in her room, while sumitra smirks at her childish behaviour.

Dadisa says that she wanted to give something special, but she herself is so special, that no gift matches up. She takes some stuff from the closet and takes them on the bed along with anandi. She opens up some jewellery cases. Anandi remembers how she had longed for it when she was a kid, and now was getting it. anandi repleis that she already had such stuff. dadisa says that she knew anandi would answer like that, and then says that she has something else for her. She gives anandi a wrapped case, saying that anandi wont be able to say no to this. Anandi opens up to find that dadisa has given her, her own marriage dress and has tears in her eyes. dadisa says that she had preserved it for years, but now the time has come for her to wear it, on some special occassion. Anandi is speechless, and asks if she would get something lse too if she demands for it. Dadisa says that she cn have whatevr she wants. anandi takes her rudraksh mala, and says that she klnows that this mala is her support and gives her strength, and wants to take this, to strengthen herself to start her new life. Dadisa agrees, saying that she asked for something very petty, and she would have given her heart out, if anandi had asked for it. She hugs dadisa. She says that she would keep this mala by her bedside, feeling close to dadisa, even if apart. Dadisa sings a lullaby to anandi, who sleeps in her lap. Finally, anandi dozes off, and dadisa looks at her longingly.

The next morning, anandi wakes up and finds herself alone. the clock shows 7′o’clock, and wonders whether dadisa got sleep last night or not. While jagiya calls out for mannu, he accidentally collides into anandi, who is shocked. they share an awkward glance. as she goes away, the toy slips from jagiya’s hand. As nandu comes, and asks what is it, he gives the toy to nandu and asks him to give it to mannu. Nandu says that its broken. Jagiya looks at it and introspectively says that indeed his toy is broken forever.

Nandu intentionally teases shiv, about his message last night to anandi, and reiterates it in front of everyone. Jagiya takes leave from there hearing it, saying that he has finished his breakfast. The family is tensed to see this.
shiv tries to normalise things by saying that they should leave soon, as its the last day to finish all the work for the office and the official quarters.

Underlying message: as the moment of seperation comes closer, there is a void that starts forming in the heart. A sudden emptiness is realised, and a silent thunder starts screaming out from the inside.

Precap: The sarpanch says that they have kept a fest for anandi and shiv, as its their last night in jaitsar, and they wont let them go without celebration. Shiv, anandi and their family are given a warm and grand welcome at the fest arena.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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