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Madhubala 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu’s lawyer telling the judge about RK killing Devi Seth. RK says now you are dragging my family too. She says what was Shroff blaming Madhu. She says I will show you how innocent is RK. He gives him a laptop and shows a video of the goons threatening to Madhu to take the case back, and saying they will free RK, don’t worry. Shroff says you mean RK has criminal background, so it means they will come to court, they know what will be the result if they do this. Mrs. Kapadia says RK is not innocent, maybe you forgot to tell him what will be the result of this attack.

The judge says if you can do this, then you can your wife’s rape too, its looks true today, we will decide tomorrow. Madhu looks at RK. Kapadia says Madhu, look at him with hatred, as you won’t get a chance to see him again. RK tells Ashok that its always family who becomes the enemy. Dau ji asks Bhanu to tell the truth, did he send the goons to the court to hurt Madhu. Bhanu says no, I m not scared to hurt her, I can kill her in one sec, but I m waiting for you. Dau ji says its RK’s enemy, I m afraid that RK can get punished, I m annoyed with him, but can’t throw him away, he is my blood, my pride. Bhanu thinks he is the enemy of RK and see what happens with him now.

Shroff tells RK that the one who attacked has given the case in Madhu’s favor, we have to prove her wrong tomorrow in court. RK says talk in low tone, I did a mistake that I trusted you, I would have done something, I have a trump card. Shroff asks what will you do. RK says you see how I win this case. Madhu rests and thinks of RK’s threatening words. Dida asks what happened. She asks Madhu to forget everything, you will win and show the world how you got justice, don’t see this life again, try to live a new life. Madhu asks are you sure I will win. Dida says yes, truth always wins. Tomorrow’s sun will end all darkness of your life.

Its morning, the case starts. Kapadia asks where is Madhu. Bittu says she went to temple. She says they can do anything, how can she be so foolish. Shroff says why are we waiting for her, and till when. Kapadia says till she comes, her phone is off, maybe they are trying to stop her from coming here. She says but today no one can stop her, she will come, she can be late but she will surely come. The judge says try to understand, we can’t wait more than 15mins.

Madhu comes there and everyone look at her. Bittu asks where were you. Madhu goes in the witness box. RK smiles seeing her. Madhu says life plays strange games with us, sometimes make us dream and sometimes breaks the dreams, yesterday night I got RK’s call, whom I felt is an animal, he called me like a kid, and he was crying on phone, he apologized to me and said I should forgive him, he regrets what he did and he will never do it again, he is ashamed, he said if I want, I can go my way, I m free, and if we want, we can give another life to our relation. Shroff says tell us what you want. Madhu says I thought a lot and came on the decision that without any pressure, I m taking my case back in all my senses. Everyone is shocked. RK smiles. She says I will forgive my husband and want to start a new life with him.

Kapadia says this is the first case where I got ashamed, you will live with RK a rich life, but I got a stain on my career, you can’t love that animal, then why did you take the case back, I saw a fire in you, then where did it go, you have made me and all women lose whose hope and respect was linked with this case. Madhu cries and says I understand, I m sorry. She goes out. Ashok says lets go home RK. RK says which home, and what family. Ashok says our house and our family.

RK says then they would have been here with me, they are annoyed with me, and not supporting me. Ashok says Dau ji loves you a lot, he is broken with Bai ji’s death, this time is to unite, if you go to him, he will hug you, come. RK goes with him. Madhu says I m waiting for 30mins, but Dida did not come. She thinks of RK’s words that she will get Dida fine, if she takes the case back, else he will kill Dida. Madhu prays for Dida. A car comes and drops Dida. Madhu is happy to see her. She hugs her. Dida cries.

Madhu asks are you fine, are you hurt. Dida says no, someone has kidnapped me, I was afraid, I was worried about you. Dida asks about the case. Madhu says leave it, lets go home. Dida says did you lose? Madhu says I took the case back. Dida is shocked and asks why. She says tell me what did you spare that animal. Madhu says I did not have any option. Dida says so RK has kidnapped me, he would have killed me, but he would have got punished. Madhu cries and says no, I can’t live without you. She hugs Dida. Dida says he has fallen very low and curses RK.

Bittu says I will kill RK. Madhu says no, he has given me many wounds. Bittu says he will not give you divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. where is this story going? I expect them to Love each not to be enemy, please put this story in the right track.

    1. Ur right

  2. Do u ppl need some free advise?STOP THIS SHOW!.ese bakwas koi bhi serial ko chalte nai deka.I think both of the main lead in this show r fools .apna nam aur samye barbad kar rahe hai.pls stop this show or make it 2%more intresting.

  3. i was completely losing interest in this serial.I dont know how is it going to end the previous rishbala stiry is 10000times better than this in my opinion. so i request u to change the story

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