Ek Hasina Thi 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga says sorry, I tried to convince dad, but he did not agree. She smiles and leaves. Shaurya says how dare he, how can he talk to us like this, who is he to cancel the deal, we should teach him a lesson. Sakshi is about to slap him but stops her hand. She says there is no use to slap you, you won’t change, you won’t care, your dad lost the business deal because of you, you are angry but not ashamed. Your ego is hurt but you are not feeling bad for what you did. Shaurya says you know I worked hard to make the design.

Rajnath says you did not make the design, I called the experts to make it. Sakshi is shocked and says we have to pay for it, as we have you birth, we named you Shaurya thinking you will become our Shaurya, but we have spoiled you, we said you deserve another chance when you made a mistake, we did not think you were average student and how did you get the gold medal, fake degrees, gold medals. Rajnath asks what about the name Goenka, you could not keep our name, the company is bearing loss because of you, our shares will fall, all this because of you. He says this is what you wanted. Congrats, you succeeded. He claps and says I wish I had a deserving heir. He leaves.

Shaurya says mum, did you hear what dad said, I m sorry for disappointing you, I wanted to prove myself a deserving heir, dad is wrong, he should have not said this. Sakshi says dad is also wrong, even I m wrong, only you are right. She says do me a favor, be quiet now, please, I don’t want to talk to you, I know you can argue with me to prove you are right, but I have limited energy now, as I have to clean the dirt you spread around, as I m your mum. She gets upset. Shaurya looks on. Dev thinks about Nitya. The flashback scene shows Dev and Nitya together and her fun loving nature, she takes a kulfi and asks him to have it.

She jokes to make him smile. She says I will miss you when you leave. Dev misses Nitya and buys a kulfi. Akash asks Rajnath that the investors are going against us, Shaurya’s fake degree has ruined everything. Rajnath says enough, do as I say. He says Karan is Shaurya’s friend, contact his dad, he is a minister. If Shaurya gets in this matter, Karan will also get into this and his dad will support us, prove this that Ganguly has blackmailed his students and frame him, to prove Shaurya’s degree is real. He says buy the enquiry committee, do this in 24 hours. Rajnath says my name is linked to Shaurya. Akash leaves. Dayal and Durga make Payal have the soup.

Akash calls Durga and says Rajnath is very much worried, they want to bring Ganguly again in news, and put blame on him. Durga smiles. Akash says I will make this a big scandal. Durga says no, we will have to do this slowly, do as Rajnath says, else you and your job will be in danger. She asks him to find out Sonali. He says I will find soon. Sakshi asks whats my mistake Raj, I have hidden my son’s sins, I have saved him as I loved him, else I hoped he will change, I want him to make us proud. She cries and says Shaurya has let us down. She says why did he do this, why does he want the world to know him as a loser. Rajnath pacifies her. He says be strong, don’t I understand your pain……….

Karan and Shaurya see the news about Ganguly. He breaks the tv and says they are showing me to increase their TRPs. Why did Ganguly keep sensitive data on his computer. Karan says my dad will manage everything, calm down, but think who ruined Ganguly, who has put the video. Shaurya says I don’t know anything. Karan says we feel that we are next, there is someone who is taking revenge on us. Shaurya asks who told you, and who will ruin is. Karan says maybe Divya and her dad, or Dev. Shaurya says Dev?

Dev calls Sonali. She says I came to shopping, as Gawtham is of no use. Dev says don’t tell anything about my friend. She laughs. He tells her that he read Payal’s file, I understood that all witnesses were against Payal, but only Divya was in Payal’s favor. She says but she could not give her statement. He says yes, she and her dad are missing, no one knows anything, Ganguly and Naveen Mathur are in news. She says it looks like someone is taking revenge. He says but where is Divya, it’s a puzzle, we have to solve it, so lets devote some more time. Dev thinks about Durga and thinks how is she related to Payal, who is she and what does she want. He says whats Nitya’s diary doing with you, its should be with me. I will make sure I will get it from you.


Durga thanks Shaurya for saying her the truth. Shaurya smiles and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Fabulous story with exciting twists I love this serial……!!!!!!!

  2. oh shaurya is thinking who did this n dev is also thinking who can done this…. ohh durga u ar amazing…. sakshi and rajnath is crying bcoz of shaurya… wow epi

  3. awesome episode this serial is going to rock

  4. I like the twists in this serial.

  5. It’s the only serial I watch n it’s amazing. It’s so unpredictable n must say Durga is really clever strategising against goenkas. It’s a relief to watch a soap which involves no crying n the usual boring stuff. Kudos team, appreciate ur efforts.

  6. Superb epi durga Rock…

  7. Durga u rock bst serial

  8. i totally luv dis episode . dev u rock

  9. this one serial that makes you bite your nails and curse when a commercial comes in.. love it as how the whole things revolves and makes the sinner grind his teeth… Bow down to Durga… Maa Durga…

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