Ek Boond Ishq 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
the girl says you have been in coma for five years and now you don’t remember anything. The girl comes with something. She says till the day you were in coma i had to manage this all. She hands over tara the keys. She says now its all yours i was just the care taker. Tara throws away the keys and says i’m not sia. I’m tara shikhawat. The servant tries to stop her she says don’t even dare to stop me. I’m tara i’m not sacred of anyone. I know you’re all with kala. Listen you can’t keep me here. I’ll get you all out of my way. Tara is about to go the servant stops her and says madam.. Tara stares at her and goes upstairs. She feels little headache. She sees her picture on the wall with someone else. She is dazed and says how is this possible.
tara looks at her pic with some guy, its exactly same girl like tara, she is shocked to see herself with someone else, she says I cant be with someone else, its a lie, she takes out the painting and throws it on ground. There is some man at a temple. Exactly the same as in the picture.
The man comes out of the temple. The guru ji there says him all your problems will be solved. Sia will be fine. She will be okay. You help other God will help you. On stairs a poor man comes to him and says I have heard about you a lot. I am in trouble please help me. My wife will be bind if she doesn’t get operated. His PA says you can come to Omkar hospital. His hospital is open for all the people be it poor or rich.
When Omakr is about to sit in the car and makes him wear a garland. His PA throws the man away and takes the garland off his neck. He is about to throw it. Omakr stops him and takes the garland. He asks the man to sit with him. On the way the poor man says you are such a nice man you let me sit with you. Omakr makes him wear the garland and suffocates him. He says stay in your limits next time. The car stops
and he throws the poor man out. He calls hia PA and says there should be no news about it. He says okay I get it.

He gets a call and is shocked to listen something.

tara says I will cut you if you come near me, she says bhabhi what are you doing, tara says I know you are with kala and want to scare me but I have to go to my pari, I don’t know where is she, she says bhabhi please, tara says don’t call me bhabhi, I am tara shikhawat, I want to go to my mj. Tara recalls when kala broke in the house and took the child and shot everyone. She say how would they all be?

some guy is shown running behind some other guy, face is revealed and it mj running behind man.
servant tries to take tara to room but tara escapes and says I want to go to mj, she runs from there, glass pieces pins in her feet but she runs calling out for mj. mj grabs then man and the person running from mj was fahim chacha, mj shows him knife, fahim says why you want to kill me, don’t you remember tara. fahim says why are you looking at me, what happened to you, fahim runs, mj runs behind.

tara is going, she opens the gate and is about to fall but some guy holds her before she falls, tara falls unconscious, guy takes her in arms and goes in house.

fahim is running from mj, he hides and see mj, mj is searching fro him, fahim tries to leave but mj sees him and throws rod at him which hits fahim’s leg, he falls on ground, mj comes to fahim and takes out knife, mj says like there is nerve in neck of a man, if I cut it man will go upward. mj says tell should I cut you, fahim says what happened to you, cant you recall tara.

in house, doctor checks tara and says she will be fine but be careful about her, girl says what about violet attacks of her, doctor says I will give her injection, tara says no I don’t need your any injection, girl and servant grabs tara while the new guy looks on, doctor gives him injection, tara falls unconscious.
fahim says to mj that how cant you remember me, your fahim chacha, don’t you remember adi, meethi, jairaj and most importantly tara, mj looks on and is in thoughts, he drops the knife listening tara’s name, fahim runs from there.

PRECAP- some dancer is dancing between men(doing mujra), she dances on anarkali disco chali and has veil on her face,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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