Dil Dosti Dance 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon explains to Swayam that we all will sign the contract and I am the first one. Swayam is skeptic, she asks did she do anything wrong. He says you did it right, she hugs him and says everything will be alright. He asks did she tell anyone about it. She says her mom just talked to her. He says she could have told him about it on phone, she says she couldn’t kiss him there. She then kisses him on cheek; they both look into each other’s eyes.
Vicky practices in the dancing hall, he thinks Kriti didn’t call him, he must call her. No one picks up the phone; on the second try a man picks the call. Vicky asks is this Kriri’s number? He asks who is it? Vicky replies he is the prime-minister of India, then cools down to say he is her friend. The man says he is her fiancé. Vicky thinks she didn’t tell me she got engaged. Nil comes there, and apologizes Vicky for saying so much to him. Nil says I shouldn’t have said what I did about her. Vicky smiles, and then tells him the she has a fiancé which she must have told me as a friend.
Kriya is walking, worried in the corridor what to do to bring Rey back. Sharon comes to her, hugs her from back and asks Kriya, isn’t it a beautiful morning? Kriya asks what is beautiful when Rey isn’t here. Sharon tells her to choose a finger, she chooses one. Sharon tells her that her mother is going to bring Rey back and your contract will be made void. Kriya isn’t satisfied as she recalls what her mom said to her in VP’s office.
Sharon’s mom talks to board members about the cancellation of Rey’s suspension. The board members ask that they don’t understand because she herself passed the orders. She says she just wanted to give a lesson to students, and Rey is from a big family and can bring negative reputation to college on media. They agree. The board members say her way of working is odd. She says odd situations are dealt in odd ways, and shows them that her daughter is finally ready to support NYU and college academy. She says she want to make the academy the best in India but will need full authority for it. They become skeptic at her query, she says either they can solve student’s politics or they can get life-long benefits from the academy. The board agrees and sign the memorandum and seal it.
VP tells Rey that his suspension has been cancelled, and Kriya’s contract has been considered null n void. They all thanks VP, he says he is only delivering the orders. They all begin to leave. Sharon asks him if there was another condition. VP was clueless about it, she asks the condition about the employment of only four members. VP says neither the board nor I discussed this issue. Sharon is angry in the corridor, they all try to make up her mood but she thinks how shall she tell anyone what have they lost. She goes home.
Vicky comes to Kriti’s office; she is seeing a patient and asks for ten minutes. He waits outside, the receptionist stops him from going inside but he doesn’t listen. He asks Kriti why she didn’t tell him she is engaged. She asks why should he tell him, and did he ask him ever. So what’s the big deal. Vicky repeats ‘What’s the big deal?’ and leaves. She thinks why is he so upset, she thinks why is she getting so upset.
Sharon shouts at her mom that she cheated her and her friends. Her mom says the board of directors agreed only one two of the conditions, but she tried her best. Sharon says she lied and took her signs, she will tear the contract. Her mom says you said it already that your friends are more that family for you, so you can tear this contract but do keep in mind that this contract saved them from big trouble.
Her mom gives her the contract and says that she can tear it but board can back up if she does. They will suspend Rey again and bind Kriya with the contract. Sharon thinks the punishment for tearing this contract will go to Kriya and Rey. She says I am with you. She tells her mom that don’t you dare think I did this for you, I always dreamt with my friends and I have side-lined myself from them. Her mom says she is always with her friends, and she just tried to help them. She assures her she is always with her. Sharon says yes, you are always with me, when I had asthma attacks, I won trophies or I felt and was injured. She leaves crying.
The all celebrate as Rey comes back to college. Rey says he wants to tell them something. He shows them the plan of their own dance academy he once made. He says till when can they work for foreigners, they can give anyone tough time if they work together. They all goes for party, while Swayam goes to call Sharon.
Vicky doesn’t attend Kriti’s call, Nil comes and asks why isn’t he picking it up. He says he doesn’t want to spoil his mood by talking to her. He says he just don’t want to talk to her, she comes from behind and asks is she can talk to him for 5 min.
Rey finds Kriya in the classroom.
Swayam comes to Sharon on the roof. She says she want to tell him something.
Kriya tells Rey she is getting herself rid of all the problems, he says and asks ‘resignation?’
Sharon shows him the contract. He says she thought about it, she says her mom tricked her. she says she cant back-up as Rey will again be suspended and Kriya will again be bind with contract. She says her mom tricked her friends, and its all my mistake. Swayam says she didn’t tricked anyone, she sacrificed for her friends. Sharon says she is worried this distance might bring problems between them again. He keeps hand on her face and says he is proud of him that she has got matured. She hugs him. He kisses her forehead.
Rey asks why is she resigning now. She says she doesn’t want to work for those foreigners now. He sees the paper and asks did she get payment from NYU. She tells him that they sent him as an incharge of the academy, so they payed her monthly. He asks how her expenses will be fulfilled, he suggests he will afford all her expenses then. She denies saying this will hurt her self-respect. He agrees and tells Kriya about the academy proposal.
Swayam tells Sharon that Rey is re-lauching the business plan he once made about the academy. He tells her that he wants you to make the manager of their academy. Sharon recalls the signing of the contract and gets upset.

PRECAP: Rey tells VP that they have decided that if the academy cant accommodate any of them, none of them will work for it. Her mom says they are all free to go. In the dancing room, Rey discusses the plan of the academy, Sharon cries and says she cant be a part of their academy.

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