Madhubala 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK says brought Raju here so he can make life miserable for Madhu but he is making friends with Madhu! Tamanna says he is a beast with no brains.. look how he pushed me ..! AK says he has brains.. else how Madhu can convince Raju? AK says today he supported Madhu instead of AK … something is wrong! AKs moby rings..! Its the principal from Raju’s school ..! She tells AK that she called him to bring Raju to center for his monthly check up..! AK says i can get it done at home! The princi says some rules need to be fulfilled.. the kid how is adopted has to be brought in for monthly assessment..! She says if u cant come send someone else with Raju! AK asks Tamanna to take Raju and she says no way…he can throw me off the car.. will do what u want me to do but wont go alone

with him! Madhu overhears and says i will go with him but for that have to do some drama..! She tells AK that she needs to talk to him! She looks at Tamanna! AK says speak ..! Madhu says..i have headache.. need painkiller..! AK says.. hit on head.. how? Madhu says.. dashed into the wall ..! AK asks .. Raju hit ? Madhu is quiet..! Madhu says Raju pushed me.. ! She says that he did it today but threatened that if u go on road will push u under the bus! Tamanna says u have to take him today..! AK says .. u have to take Raju for his monthly appointment..! Madhu asks where? AK says my driver will take u there! Madhu self thot …have to do some more drama..! She says fine! Tamanna says i get ur plan … ! See how she wants the comfort of the car… she has forgotten her stature..! U will go by bus..! Madhu stays mum ..! Tamanna says.. go.. take ur gudda for a ride..!

In the car … Madhu asks Raju .. liking it? Raju says yes. .n pokes out of the window and Madhu says be careful ..! A truck is about to overtake and about to hit Raju .. Madhu pulls Raju inside the car and says why not listen to me? Ur always being naughty …from now u will listen to me only and stay quiet! A few minutes later she notices Raju all mum ..! She tells Raju this is snake and it will bite u..! Raju stays mum ..! Madhu promises wont scold u .. ! Raju says.. sanke.. n will bite u and teases Madhu and she smiles..!

At AK mansion .. Nikhil tells Pam that AK is not gonna marry so what will i do with all the money we will get? Pam asks give it to me! Nikhil asks what will u do? Stay here or shift? Pam says will stay here.. how to leave this house? For so many years have lived on AK’s crums .. now will rule him …!! Nikhil smirks ..!! He says will she bear the expense of all these people? Pam says..wont spend a dime on these down market people. no matter who they are… not even AK ..! All will earn and survive on it..! Dolly overhears and swears to teach Pam a lesson ..!

Madhu asks driver how much time it will take? He says 2 mins! She turns and notices Raju playing ..and smiles and comes to him ..n he asks her to do it..! She refuses but Raju insists..! Madhu says no..! Raju drinks the water and is about to spill on her and she runs and he runs after her..! He misses and Madhu relents.. and is about to do it but Raju says lets play a game.. lets see how far one throws..! Raju says i won ..! Madhu says yes u won ..! Driver says car is set… and the duo get back in the car..!

Pam and then Nikhil fresh up in the washroom and Dolly swears to teach Pam a lesson ..and says.. Pam doesnt know i mixed itching powder in it..!

Part 2

Bittu says .. home cooked food is awesome ..! Lela says true but while taking care of Radha .. u culd have taken care of urself..! She says u are mine and Sweeties only hope! Bittu asks where is Sweetie and she says .. has gone to parlor … must be on her way! Right then she enters (actress changed)! She greets Bittu and asks how he is? He says fine .. n how she is? She asks how her curls her! Lela says looks stunning..! Bittu says expending thousands of rupees on hair and makeup .. wont change ur destiny .. study sincerely  .. look at Madhu … how hard she works. .n she has reached so far coz of her hardwork! Sweetie says dun like u comparing me and Madhu .. m gonna be a big deal.. n keep Madhu at work..! Bittu says ur mom has been seeing these dreams since 20 yrs.. u open ur eyes and work hard..! Lela says as if u did something special in 20 years..! I have dreamt it with open eyes.. n will fulfill it..! Bittu says.. ‘Tum to sach karke dikhaogi… aur Madhu to dikha rahi hai ..’! Lela fumes!

Part 3

In the car, Raju falls asleep and is resting his head on Madhus shoulder..! Madhu says Raju but he is fast asleep..! Madhu smiles and caresses his hair..! RajBala reach Lonavala..! Meenakshi (the princi) greets Raju and he greets her..! Madhu smiles..! Raju introes Madhu as his gudiya.. and introduces Meenakshi to Madhu n he says.. we all will live together..! Teacher introes Raju to his friends..! He greets them ..! They tells Raju that if he wants to be part of their gang he has to share his story books and lunch and Raju agrees..! He shows his books to them and pics..and drawing..! Madhu feels sad..! Meenakshi asks the matter? Madhu says Raju is so happy .. i told him that i will stay with him but when he finds out about the lie ..what will happen?

AK finds out on phone that Rajbala have not reached yet…! He says its been more than 2 hours since they left..! AK asks Tamanna dunno what is the matter? Tamanna says.. she must be wandering on street and Raju must be crying and panicking over bus and cars… n Madhu must be running after him ..! Missing this visual ..! AK tells the person to make him talk to Meenakshi ..! He finds out she is on leave of one month ..! AK says when RajBala arrive call me! AK says something is not right..!

Precap —- AK tells everyone i will be 38 years tomorrow.. so a special party is planned.. n u all will get a surprise! Pam is surprised! AK tells Pam .. clean the redness of ur face.. who knows u mite have to hide ur face tomorrow..! Pam wonders what surprise is in store?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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