Dil Dosti Dance 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th April 2014 Written Update

VP was shocked hearing ‘Musical’ Bharat says they are finished. amar takes VP to a side and tells him that Bharat’s only dream was dancing, he got mentally disturbed after listening about the end of affiliation. they took him to psychiatrist and the psychiatrist told him to do as Bharat says or he can get completely mental. VP got sympathetic telling him to tell if he could help and leaves wishing Bharat to keep up with musical. Bharat says sorry to Amar.

Vicky and Nil are going outside the college. Nil sees Simmi with the guys who stole Vicky’s laptop. she was handing them money. he asks Vicky to go inside and went to see Simmi thinking ‘was it all drama created by Simmi?’

swayam and Sharon were still in the classroom, Swayam takes pencil from her hair and says ‘this way…’ (thinking) You look good. Ruhi comes there. They see her. Sharon asks what he was saying? He says ‘This way… you lose your things.’ he asks Ruhi why had she come here. she says she was worried about the assignment, can he help him. He tells her that he can help her in the evening as he is busy with budget work with Sharon right now. Sharon comes forward telling Ruhi that she should understand she and Swayam have bigger responsibilities. Swayam tries to lighten the mood when someone comes at the door. As he leaves, Sharon asks Ruhi why she had come here. She says Sharon knew well why she was here. Sharon suddenly starts panting hard until she was about to fell down. Ruhi calls Swayam who comes running and gives Sharon the inhaler. She relaxes a little but faints. He holds her up and takes her to medical center.

Simmi tells Nil about her role in Nil and Vicky’s patch-up
Nil asks Simmi who those guys were. Simmi hesitates then tells him that it was she who gave Vicky’s wallet to lost and found. And she was the one to hire these boys for stealing his laptop but she sweres to her mummy saying she did this all to replace their friendship. He looks at her shocked, then goes forward and hugs her telling she was the best girlfriend of the world. She asks wasn’t he annoyed? He says yes he is annoyed, but because he felt macho after beating those guys. Now that feeling was gone. She tells him to beat the guys real hard the next time he gets a chance. They both leaves cheerfully.

Rey sends Kriya coffee treat
‘Kriya was sitting on the table in cafeteria working on the budget. Someone throws paper balls at her. She ignores the first, but reads the second. It says ‘Thanks to read this’ she goes and picks the first one. It said ‘i knew you will ignore this’ a third one says ‘Sorry for every mistake you got hurt with’ She wonders “Rey!” Another says ‘Right answer’ Another says “Now since you have smiled, have a cold coffee from me, I ll think you drank with me” Waiter brings cold coffee. She asks for the payment. He tells her it is already paid. Another ‘You enjoy the coffee, you smile is enough for me’. Kriya leaves with her holdings. Rey appears from the door standing. Vicky comes in and asks what he was doing here. Rey says ‘They view is better from here’ and leaves also. Vicky stands at his place, then thinks everyone has gone mad here.

Ruhi comes to know Sharon gets asthma attack whenever she was stressed
Nurse tells Swayam that Sharon needs rest now. she tells him they had brought her here at the right time. Swayam thinks that it was luck there was inhaler in her bag. He turned to Ruhi and asks what happened after he had left. She says they talked for a while when she felt ill. she asks what had happened to her. Nurse tells them to leave. They comes outside, Ruhi still asking what happened to her. Swayam tells her that whenever Sharon took some stress, she gets asthma attacks.He apologizes her that he won’t be able to help her with the assignment as he has to stay with Sharon, and asks her not to tell anyone as they will get worried. He says he will drop Sharon home. Ruhi leaves, and he sits by Sharon’s side.

Rey says “I love you” to Kriya
Kriya, Rey, Nil and Vicky were in the dancing hall. Kriya says ‘This much amount for hiring the auditorium’ Rey repeats her words. Vicky suggests if they ask the authority they can get 4000 approximate deduction for being students. she tells him they cant afford a very high bugdet. Rey again repeats. She tells Vicky to keep him updated. Rey repeats her words once again. As Vicky and Nil left, she asks Rey what his problem was. Why he was just repeating each and every word of hers like a parrot. He says ‘because you are speaking like an owl’ She says “OWL!” He says yes, as wise as an owl. She says she doesn’t have time for this nonsense. He tells her that he saw it how she blushed while drinking coffee at cafeteria, it is just she dint like it having with him. She asks him to be straight. He asks to look into his eyes and find all the answers for the questions that came up between them- when he wanted to come close to her and she stepped back, or when she wanted to be with him and he had backed up. She looks up. He asks ‘Could she find something?’ SHe says No. He comes closer, she backs until she reaches the mirror wall. He moves closer to her.

PRECAP: Rey gets further close and whispers in her ear ‘I love you!’

Update Credit to: Niki

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