Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra seeing RAghu and Shivani coming home. She asks Raghu where were they all night. Latha comes and asks Raghu where were they. Raghu says they got stuck in a house and had to stop in a house nearby. He says his battery was dead and could not call her. Maya sees Shivani wearing Raghu’s kurta and asks why is she wearing that. Shivani says her clothes got drenched in rain. The house lady gave saree to wear, but in the morning she had to give the saree back and wear Raghu’s kurta. Maya asks what else happened. Latha asks her not to waste time in stupid talk and says Raghu has to get ready and go to work now.

Maya says Sumitra she arranged picnic for herself, but Shivani gained most from it. Sumitra says they had to stay in a bungalow due to rain. Maya asks Sumitra to imagine how Shivani would have come with wet hair in front of Raghu.. Sumitra asks her to stop. Maya says she was just narrating a film story and says if she is saying, nothing would have happened between Raghu and Shivani.

Raghu is about to go to office. Sumitra says she will bring him tiffin. Raghu says he is late and will have food in canteen. Shivani comes and asks Raghu to wait for sometime till she prepares his tiffinbox. She catches his hand and senses he is having fever. She calls Latha and says Ragbhu is having fever. Latha checks it. Shivani says he cannot go to office in high fever. Latha also backs Shivani. Sumitr also asks him to stay. Baburam says he got fever because of Shivani, if he would have come with them, he would not have got fever. Shivani says Baburam is telling right, says she will inform his office and asks him to go and rest. She calls Raghu’s office and informs that he will not to office.

Latha is grinding herbs for Raghu. Shivani sees that and says she will grind it. Latha lets her grind and asks to add the herbs in hot water and to give the soup to Raghu. Shivani checks the her mixture and feels it is very sour. Latha says it is ok, Raghu will get cured with it and asks her to give it to him 3-4 times.

Sumitra adds chillies on burning coal and thinks she will make Latha think Shivani is doing it. Raghu starts coughing wit the chill fumes. Just then, Shivani comes and asks Sumitra not to do that. She sees Raghu coughing and gives him water. She asks Sumitra why was she doing that. Sumitr says she was just trying to help Raghu. She sees Latha, starts crying and says that she knows Shivani does not like her, but she just wants Raghu to get well soon, she will go to temple and pray god for Raghu. She goes from there. Shivani feeds Raghu herbal soup and asks him to relax. Latha sees that and goes from there.

Sumitra goes to sweet shop and eats sweets. She buys laddoos and says she will them as prasad. She then thinks she will roam around in market for 3-4 hours and say Raghu’s family that she had gone to the mandir.

Latha calls Maya and asks her to bring doctor as Raghu is having high fever. Ginni and Shivani are serving Raghu. Shivani says she will call doctor. Latha comes and says she has already asked Maya to bring doctor.

Shivani goes in search of vinegar to the market and buys it. Sumitra sees her buying vinegar. Boss asks his staff about Raghu. Staff says Raghu’s wife called and told he is having fever and will not come today.

Latha sees Shivani applying vinegar-dipped cloth on raghu’s forehead and ask what is she applying. Shivani says she is appplying vinegar. Sumitra asks where did she get it from. Shivani says she got it from chinese fast food junction. Sumitra says chinese fast food junction people prepare nonveg and she did wrong by bringing it in this house. Latha also backs Sumitra and says she did hear vinegar will get fever down. Sumitra says she went to temple and prayed for Raghu. She gives laddu as prasad to Latha, but says Shivani she should take bath before taking prasad and feeds Raghu laddu instead.

Maya brings doctor. Doctor checks Raghu and says he is having fever and will prescribe some medicine. He sees vinegar and asks who brought it. Sumitra says Shivani brought it. Doctor says good she brought it and asks her to apply it to get fever down.

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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