Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th April 2014 Written Update

Rachna tells KT the she know he won’t believe her now, but she says that he knows she is not like that, she will never do anything against his reputation. He shouts at her ‘Get Out!’ The models there says that they have got some reputatuion too, they won’t go on stage with these dresses on. They leave to change. KT leaves. The crowd applauded Vikram’s collection. Dadi tells Shayl that KT’s collection will get even greater applause. Shayl says that she is sure that when Rachna and KT have worked so hard, they will get its reward. Gunjan also tells Mayank that she is very excited about Rachna’s collection, as they had never seen their work before. There Rachna asks the models not to leave the show. She begs them but they don’t listen. She shouts that God may help her as they have worked really hard for this show. Sonal was there and starts to leave. She stops her and asks her why didn’t she stop any of the models though they were her friends. Sonal asks why should she have stopped them for her. She tells her it would not have been for her but for KT – her fiance. She says that there was no fiance like her, she said that she spit on such and engagement and relationship like theirs. She wishes KT soon gets the truth. Sonal tells her to stop it for she could do nothing now. She leaves letting Rachna cry backstage. She thinks she will have to help KT but how. There KT thinks about how Rachna wanted to work with him on the show-stopper dress and how he had seen her taking money from Vickram. Sonal comes from behind. He tells her he has lost it. Sonal assures him that they will do something about it, he must let him handle the situation. Sonal turns to leave and sees Rachna coming. She asks why was she here again when told to leave. Rachna tells to stop it, while Sonal says that only KT’s fiancee can do something now. She was about to speak when KT tells Sonal to tell her to leave as he doesn’t want to listen to her. Sonal comes to KT and holds his hands. KT holds her hands back. Rachna turns around and leaves as Sonal sees her. Sonal thinks Mission Rachna accomplished.
Seema asks Gunjan what she was doing. She tells her that she is watching the promo of the new show starting at Zee TV that is Kumku Bhadu. It is the story about two sisters, one from them finds a proposal for the other and finds it even.They discuss how Gunjan and Mayank had met.
Judges were having a question answer session with Vikram. He was asked where this inspiration came from. Vikram says from you, him and most importantly mother earth. Sonal listens and thinks that he doesn’t need its answer. He was saying that there is no sourse of inspiration, it just happens. She remembers what KT was telling Rachna as its answer. She texts it to Vikram. He reads the answer and repeats it. He says that he cannot kill the silkworm for fashion thats why he supported synthetic fabric. KT also hears his answer. KT thinks Rachna had also stolen his ideas along with the designs.
Vikram passes KT while leaving. He asks how he liked it, KT tells him it was the best but how could he know when he had done nothing about it. He can expose him right away but he doesn’t want to destroy his reputation. Vikram instead tells him that he is finished as he has no collection to show-case now and leaves.Pihu sees someone arrive at the entrance of the show, all dressed-up. Shayl also points her son-in-law. Pihu was worried if Murli sees him in sleeve-less blouse he would get annoyed. He greets everyone. Shayl appreciates his dress. He asks how Pihu was. She says I am fine, dryly. He sits with Seema. Pihu glance at him, Shayl watches them and wishes they will get united again.
KT was thinking about Vikram repeating his speech. All saddened, he touches his clothes when Sonal comes in. He says that all had gone invain. SHe asks why he was torturing himself, when now he won’t be able to answer jury’s question. He tells her that he will go on stage in any way and tell the jury he had nothing to showcase.At the most they will go to America leaving everything.

PRECAP: Sonal thinks that what would be more good than KT going to America with her.

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  2. NO KT is stupid and innocent !!!! you can’t blame someone without proove ! and he did it too many times ! so no he is a real bewaqoof ! this is exactly what I do not like with the Indian shows !!! at the beggining, the man is very stupid or hateful, and after he becomes nice and the girl forgives him so easily !!!! OOOH please ! it does not happenned in real life ! they have to change this drama….same old stories

  3. Hold ur tongue. I didnt blame anyone


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