Madhubala 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks the girl ..why din u tell u were working here? What do u want?? Waiting for media to sell ur stories about me to them?

The girl asks scared or trying to scare me? She says.. u took me to the drink party.. n u were fully loaded..! She says if i had to call media did have done at the mansion Tongue

RK looks intrigued again!

The girl says.. pleasures all mine! RK thanks her n she says u saved me the other nite n i saved u last nite! He turns her around n sees the tatoo n recognises her from the hosp!

The girl says if u think we have formed some bond..forget it.. it was one night meet up.. no repeats!

Radha comes to Madhu n asks for RK n she says will come shortly! She asks wanna talk of Pabho? Radha says we shouldnt talk to elders

like this..! Madhu says sorry to Radha.. n she says say sorry to Pabho! Madhu says what i said was right. .so wont say sorry!

Madhu says.. no one supports me.. stands by my side..! She says am someones wife.. daughter in law. .but no one is with me.. ! Wanna cry but before whom??

RK comes n Madhu-Radha wipe off their tears! Radha leaves!

Madhu asks if he got hurt in accident? RK says am fine! Madhu offers to set dinner n he says not hungry!

At night .. Madhu is coufing n finds RK asleep by her side! She switches lights off n drools on him! RK turns n she closes her eyes! RK gets up n reads the diary.. of the girl n follows an advise from it.. of not following any rules! He goes to the drinks bar n inquires about her!

The girl is standing on top of a taxi.. n creating a scene.. ! RK comes n asks her to get down ..! She refuses but RK forces her to come down.. ! He calls her Ria..!

He helps her get in the car.. n she makes him put song on.. n it plays. .ek ladki bheegi ..! He asks ur home? The girl says.. theres no home! She talks of Mr. India n RK remembers Madhu!

Part 2

RK calls Madhu n says am outside.. will come in a while

He says a friend needed help so am with the friend! Madhu asks who? RK says no time to answer.. reach home soon.. ! He says I LOVE U Madhu ..cuts the call!

RK asks Ria address of her home … she asks if he lied to someone just now? He asks how u know n she says ur eyes speak..truth!

Part 3

RK comes home n says a friend friend needed help .. so

She asks where the friend is? Madhu keeps asking questions n RK is irritated n says. .how many more questions?? m tired.. lemme go sleep!

Madhu lies by his side.. n is sad n closes eyes! RK turns to look at her n is sad too!

Precap — Madhu n RK are at the restaurant .. n Ria comes n says.. why cutting my calls ?? U took me to farmhouse n its gorgeous..! She tells Madhu ur hubby is so nice! Madhu is teary eyed n says.. last nite he helped u? She says yes n even arranged a car for me! Madhu glares at RK!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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