Meri Bhabhi 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Kittu getting tensed knowing about the Mussoorie plan. Dhruv says shall we take Kunal with us. Everyone looks on. Mummy says no, he is much busy, you be with us. Dhruv is excited about the trip. Shraddha and Kittu go to their room and hide everything from Mummy. They discuss what to do now. Kittu says I don’t understand, this plan popped up all of a sudden, I think they are doing this to divert your mind. Kittu says I will call Kunal and tell him about this problem. Kunal calls Kittu and she says there is a problem. Kunal says yes. Kittu says you also knew it. Kunal says yes, what to do now.

Kunal talks about his Nani. Kittu talks about Mussoorie. They clear their misunderstandings. Kittu says there is a confusion. Kittu says our Nani is ill

and she wants to see me. Kittu says mum did not tell me anything. Kunal says oh, why did mum not tell you, she was crying a lot and is not waiting for a single day, it means she wants to take me there. He says yes, now I understand mum’s plan, she wants to keep me away from Shraddha. Kittu says I have to tell you what happened here. She says Mummy and Papa are taking Shraddha to Mussoorie tomorrow. She asks him to talk to Shraddha. Shraddha says what to do now.

Kunal says have to do anything, if they wnat us to go out of city so that we can forget each other. he says even if we are apart for 10 years, we won’t forget each other. He says I will make some plan, you wait for my call, bye. Shraddha smiles. Kittu says I don’t know they are planning the same for both of you. She says no one is thinking about you. Kittu says I will make you married at any cost.

Shraddha smiles looking at her. jaya says everyone cares about Shraddha, no one values me. Ashish comes to her. She says see Shraddha, how she is going to Mussoorie. Ashish says they are taking her as she can be away from Kunal. jaya says even I want to go Mussoorie, lets go and talk to Papa. Ashish says think what will we tell him. Mummy is packing clothes. Papa thanks her and reminds her about their honeymoon in Mussoorie. Mummy says yes, it was very cold there. jaya and Ashish come to them and jaya gives her sweater and gloves for Shraddha. Mummy thanks her and asks what happened.

Ashish says even jaya wants to go to Mussoorie. Papa says I know its good of you go, but this plan was sudden, even Anand and Kittu are not going, you know that we are taking Shraddha. jaya says its fine if you don’t want to take us. Mummy says if you are thinking we don’t want to take you, then you should come with us. Mummy says go and pack your bag, we will go together. Papa asks whats this. Mummy says I will ask Anand to book tickets.

Kittu comes to Shraddha and Shraddha says I m afraid to talk to Kunal in my room. Kittu asks did he call. Shraddha says not yet, I m waiting for his call. Kittu says Anand is booking tickets, I wish he does not get the tickets. Kittu says we will wait for his call. Kunal calls and tells them his plan. He says be at the mandir with Kittu at 1pm. He says I will send you the details. He says we got the marriage booking, we will be married till the evening. Kittu says are you sure, will there be any problem. Kunal says don’t worry, everything is fine, come with Shraddha there at 10pm. Kittu says we will be there on time.

Kunal says Shraddha say something to me, I m tensed. Anand comes and Shraddha hugs him saying you always take care of me. Anand says you are my only sister. Anand says I have booked the tickets, its at 1pm. Kittu and Shraddha are tensed.

Anand says I will go and tell this to Papa now. Shraddha says Kittu, 1pm, how will we manage now, Kunal would be waiting for us. Kittu says yes, what will we do and how. Shraddha says shall we tell this to Kunal. Kittu says no, you don’t worry, I will think something. She says I m sure there would be some way. She says we have to go to mandir at 1pm, so we have to leave on time. She says when everyone are busy, we will leave silently. Shraddha says how. Kittu says we have to.

Kittu says I m tensed. Shraddha says maybe we are doing this in hurry. Kittu says what we have to do tomorrow, we are doing today. Shraddha says yes, I m also thinking that. Kittu says trust the Lord, yourself and your love. She says see how Kunal is ready to fight the world for you. Kittu smiles. jaya and Ashish are also packing their bags. Ashish says so many beauty products. jaya says yes, I have to be careful about my skin. He says we will get all this there. She says what if we don’t get, pack all this. He says where will I keep my clothes. jaya says adjust somewhere.

Ishaan comes and asks so much luggage, are you shifting there permanently. Dhruv plays with Shraddha and is excited about the trip. Shraddha is tensed. Dhruv says will you ask Kunal to come with us. He says he will agree if you ask. Shraddha says he is busy. Dhruv says lets make a wish and the Lord will fulfill it. He looks at the sky and sees a breaking star and they make a wish. Shraddha looks at Dhruv. Dhruv asks what did you wish. She says what did you wish. Dhruv says I wished to keep my mum always happy. Shraddha smiles and kisses him. She says I want to see you happy.

Dhruv says if you are happy, then I m also happy. Shraddha says I m thinking to do something that will make you happy forever, but I m thinking is it right or not. Dhruv says my mum is never wrong, if you are afraid, don’t be. Shraddha says but id everyone gets annoyed. Dhruv says let them be, I m with you, don’t be afraid. Shraddha hugs him.

Kunal is waiting at the mandir. Kittu and Shraddha are still at home and try to leave. Anand stops them and asks where were you going. Kittu and Shraddha are tensed..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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