Balika Vadhu 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nurse bandaging Pasha’s feet. Jagya asks, where he was going? Pasha says he thought to go to the garden but slipped on the stairs. Jagya says you didn’t have a fracture and it is just a cramp. Pasha asks, can’t I go tomorrow. Jagya says no, until you get fine. Nurse comes and tells Jagya that Bhairov and Basant came. Jagya leaves. Pasha thinks he have to do something to stay in the hospital. Jagya asks Basant and Bhairov after their purpose of visit. Bhairov asks for Ganga, Jagya says she is attending the childrens in childrens ward. Bhairov starts the conversation and asks Basant to proceed. Basant says there might be a solution for your happiness like you found a solution for Gehna’s problems. Jagya appreciates them and says Ganga’s uterus is very

weak and they can’t think of IVF. He says there is a way but we can’t proceed with it and tells about the surrogacy with which he and Ganga can become parents. He explains about the surrogate mother who will carry the child of the couple. He says, people are going for surrogacy. Bhairov says we shall talk to maa saa. Basant also thinks to talk to Dadisaa.

Anandi comes and asks Ira to have dinner. Saachi asks Anandi not to worry about her as she will take care of her mother. Anandi leaves. Ira feels pity on Anandi and says she is trying to unite us but my heart is not allowing me to meet anyone. Saachi blames Anandi and says she is responsible for breaking the house. She is more close to Choti maa than you since her arrival. She asks Ira to have food. Saachi asks her not to give chance to others to snatch her rights. She provokes her against Anandi. She says, Anandi is trying to show her good image to others. She says everyone are praising choti maa and talking about her sacrifise. But she is the one responsible for her baby’s dealth. She asks her to have a hold on the house being elder bahu of the house and show anger to everyone.

The goon comes to the hospital insearch of Pasha. He peeps through the door and sees Ganga. He tells her that Vishnu sent him for the post of ward boy. Ganga hesitantly agrees and asks him to get water for the patient. He succeeds in finding Pasha. He calls his boss that he has found Pasha. Boss asks him to kill Pasha.

Daddu asks about Ira. Anandi says she refused to come and says she will serve food in her room. Ira and Saachi come and sit for dinner. Saachi takes the dish from Anandi and serves to Ira. Alok and Meenu look at Ira. Daddu tries to make Ira smile and cracks a joke. He reminiscences of the cook in his army who was used to prepare baigan’s dish. Everyone smiles except Ira and Shiv. Daddu laughs.

The goon wearing ward boy uniform comes to Pasha and targets the pistol or rifle on him while Pasha is sleeping. He is about to pull the trigger but stops on the arrival of the nurse who asks him, what are you doing her as he is supposed to get water as asked by Ganga. He makes an excuse. Nurse asks him to give water to that patient and she will take care of Pasha. Saachi signs Ira to eat food. Ira shakes the salt bottle but salt is not there. Anandi says she will get it. Meenu says she will get it. Ira says she don’t want her favour and says she can’t bear her other favour. Ira leaves after taunting Meenu. Meenu gets teary eyed. Alok apologizes to Meenu on Ira’s behalf. Everyone looks tensed.


The goon try to kill Pasha by administering poisonous injection. Pasha wakes up on time and fights with him like a soldier. Jagya comes after hearing the noise. Bhairov tells Dadisaa that there is a way to get Jagya and Ganga’s baby and explains the surrogacy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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