Madhubala 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK requests a constable to call his wife… n says.. she will identify me..

The constable shows tattoo of Madhuri on his arm n says.. if i have tattoo doesnt mean m her hubby! RK splashes water on the constable and jailor comes n chides him .. for misbehaving with constable..! He stops RKs food and water..!

Madhu tells the cops to ensure that KRK never re-enters in our lives..! Cop says.. KRK is a sweet we locked him up in isolated cell..! KRK thanks him n says.. now its.. Keval Madhu aur RK..!

Upon return to mansion .. RK is nervous ..and makes excuse to stay away from Madhu but she refuses to let him off the hook ..! Radha calls Madhu aside and inquires of the updates! Sikky tells Dips that she cant leave without his permission … ! Dips warns him to talk less ! Dips spots RK n RK tries to run .. but.. when Dips closes in .. RK throws water on her saree n runs off..!

Later in their room .. RK splashes drinks on his face n shirt.. n when Madhu comes …RK shows off drinks to Madhu … n she fumes! RK says … ghum ho to hath me bottle… khushi ho to sath me bottle..! RK walks off n Madhu is angry..!

The constable gives food to RK n he asks why care so much? Constable says just helping …! RK says.. can intro u to celebs.. help me.. but they tease him..! RK gets violent n the constables hit him..!

Bittu comes n says.. RK din come for story narration ..! Madhu tells Radha .. RK wanted to drink so ..i told him angrily to leave..! She tries RKs cell but its not reachable.! Madhu worries n Radha asks her to take it easy..!

Radha asks for milk .for Madhu n servant says over.. ! Radha wonders why so..! Madhu keeps trying RKs moby but it doesnt reach! Bhujang is worried about KRKs whereabouts!

Madhu asks Bittu to locate RK at all costs..! He reassures her..!

Part 2

RK is in tears in the cell n hopes Madhu is ok ..! Flashbacks of Rishbala romantic moments – BG – Ishq tu hi hai mera! RK lies on the cell floor n is sad..! Madhu is waiting for RK .. n is sad too.!

Part 3

Nurse calls Madhu n informs about accident n that a passenger had her number! Madhu asks about RK n is told.. that few passengers are dead and few injured..! Madhu is shell shocked!

Pabho tells Radha that RK is fed up of Madhu n has left home! Madhu comes and Radha asks where she is heading to? Madhu stammers..! Pabho taunts her.. for forcing RK to leave home!

Madhu tells Radha she is going out for some work n will tell all upon return! Madhu is carrying Bappa’s idol n prays for all to be ok!

Precap — Pabho taunts Madhu for not caring about her in laws and bringing her mom there… where she is living in luxury! Paddo shown.. with bandages on her eyes..and hand.. n she overhears the convo n is shocked! Madhu glares at Pabho ..who alleges that Madhu-Paddo make excuses to stay at the place!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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