Balika Vadhu 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th January 2014 Written Update

BH :-

Gehna massaging DS’s legs , DS asks her whether Ganga had milk or not ? She replies she drank some of it and said she will finish it later , DS tells how can she just obey her like that ? You should have convinced her .

Basant says he is going for work but before going he says we always obey you , don’t we ? Please obey us this time and stop sleeping on the floor , DS says she don’t want to argue in this matter.

Basant goes outside BH , DS sees that he forgot something , she calls Makan but Basant is gone .Gehna asks her not to worry as he will be back soon .

KB :-

Band Baja Barat environment is on , Sanchi and her friends are watching this from a distance,her friends encourage her to go and meet them to spoil the atmosphere , Sanchi

agrees .

Sumitra tells Anandi about Ganga’s condition , Ira & a lady are talking , the lady is eager to know about the curtains , Ira senses that something is wrong , she excuses herself .

Sanchi reaches behind Sumitra’s chair and greets her by calling ma , then she taunts can i still call you ma ? She greets Bhairon too who greets her back . She continues you must be getting daily news about me from Anandi bhabhi and starts pointing out if anyone has to learn something from Anandi bhabhi then they have to bear lectures and dos and dos-not .

Ira comes and stops her from speaking more , suddenly Shiv receives a urgent call , he excuses himself for a while then he returns and closes the chapter off .

Mahi enters and says now we will refresh the jai mala moment again by making them put garlands like that special day .

BH :-

The nurse hurriedly comes downstairs and informs DS that G is having breathing problems
DS and G panic then DS immediately calls Jagya but he is not available .

KB :-

Ansh perform the jai mala ritual , everyone are dancing gleefully , Sumitra tells Anandi to join them too , Anandi says she doesn’t want to dance , Sumitra says why not ? After all it’s for her .

Then the orphanage children enter with pomp , they wish Ansh happy anniversary and say that they have brought a gift for her , Anandi refuses that elders don’t receive gifts from kiddos . They insist her to see it as she wont be able to reject it then .


KB :-

The kids move aside and the boy is shown sitting on the wheel chair handled by Sonali , Anandi becomes Happy+Shocked , but Anup, Ira & Sanchi aren’t pleased by the gift .

Sonali informs here is your son Amol Shekar . Shiv says A i told you everything will be well and so it will be in future too . Anandi adores Amol and hugs him , she gives a big smile .

BH :-

DS , nurse and Gehna are trying to handle Ganga , DS worriedly exclaims oh devi ma ! What kind of test is this ? Neither Bhairon nor Basant are present , Jagya isn’t available and even ambulance won’t arrive .

DS and Gehna ask Ganga not to take stress , the nurse says they cant wait more , they will have to take her hospital by hook or crook .DS with determination declares she will take Ganga to hospital .

KB :-

All are staring with question faces , Shiv says i know all are curious to know about it , we are adopting him , he is our son .

2 ladies talk that either Shiv or Anandi are infertile , that’s why they chose to adopt , Ira and Anup hear it and feels disgusted.

One of them congratulates Ira for becoming a granny and asks why Ansh chose to adopt ?
Ira says they are sane enough to take their own decisions .


KB :-

Sumitra says Bhairon that i don’t doubt Anandi’s decision but it wont be easy for them to look after the child .Bhairon says yes i know it will be hard for them but Anandi has passed every challenge in her life and even Shiv is standing beside her , she has heart of gold .
Sumitra agrees indeed Anandi’s mindset is unique .

BH :-

The trio are pushing Ganga’s stretcher , they are near the steps of the door , Gehna says we have to lift the stretcher , pushing wont work . They agree and try their hands on it , the stretcher goes through many rough ups & downs .

G screams in pain and DS yells chori and *Face palms* .

Voice over :-

The elders are more prone to be afraid of mistakes which can give them a shock .

Precap :-
KB :-
Sanchi says Anup that he would be the grand dad as Shiv is his son , Anup is totally shocked. Ansh are dancing with the children with Amol watching them .Anup comes and there and turns Shiv to face him , Shiv is worried and Sanchi grins evil .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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