Madhubala 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Rajbala are at the fantasyworld and RK is very excited and says this is so nice! Madhu motivates him! She asks him which ride he wants to try ..he says car..! Madhu asks the helper there to teach RK how to play the game..!

Others there start telling RK to hurry up! Madhu gives him confidence and says do as u want.. no need to listen to anyone..! All start playing but RK is not able to move it…! Madhu teaches him and he starts to play ..! RK keeps tailing the guy who kept hurrying him ..! Madhu asks RK to get up and RK says no wanna play! The helper says.. remove ur kid from here..!

Rajbala get on the other ride..and RK is enjoying freely …and Madhu is worried but starts to smile seeing RK happy .. BG-itni si khushi .. ! They enjoy golas (flavored ice rolls) ..!

Sweetie asks Lela why she is sitting so peacefully when Bittu is on his way? Lela talks of a finance company that ran off with peoples money …! She makes Sweetie jot down office address n says.. will tell Bittu how Madhus boss ran off with Madhu …!

Madhu asks RK if he wants ballon n he says i will get it for u..! Madhu offers to get herself but he insists .. n she gives him money ..! He goes to get balloon … Madhu is playing with a kid ..! She turns n sees RK is missing..

She searches for him and he screams am here and she sees RK is on the giant wheel .. and he says will jump from here! Madhu asks him to come down.. n asks security to help ..! RK is ready to jump ..and Madhu says come down … ! He refuses… Madhu tells RK smile and clicks his pic.. and says come down so i can click… the giant wheel operator slowly moves it down …! RK realizes n asks them to stop ..!

Part 2

RK says close ur eyes and i will jump..! Madhu keeps telling RK not to but he almost is about to jump and Madhu faints..! RK asks to take ride down…! He rushes to Madhus side and keeps Mopu in her hand and prays for her to be better! Someone suggests to get water!

Part 3

RK gets a bottle of water… and rushes to Madhu … and splashes water on her face..

Madhu wakes up and is relieved to see him …! She sees mopu n RK says kept in ur hand n u got well .. Kanha is super super hero!

RK says wont climb to heights… till ur not ok with it! RK gets up and extends hand to help Madhu get up!

Precap —- At their room .. Madhu resolves to return RK safely to where he was brought from but wonders where he came from?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. Strange story… Madhu’s bf AK ( 20 years older to her ) has now become her father-in-law by adopting RK… Madhu married RK who looks like her dad ! Yaar who marries a guy who looks like his own dad..
    Channel ppl common sense use karte !

  2. I mean ” her dad”

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