Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani and Nishi enjoying ice cream. Maya comes and asks Shivani to click her pics from her camera. Shivani agrees and they both go near the mountain edge to click pic. Sumitra adds white powder in juice. Baburam and his family are enjoying food. Sumitra gives juice to Raghu. He asks her to drink it. She asks him to drink for her sake. He takes the glass. She thinks after Raghu drinks the juice he will forget Shivani. He is about to drink the juice, but Shivani slips from the mountain while taking Maya’s pics. Raghu throws the glass and goes to rescue Shivani. He also slides down the mountain to save Shivani. Bela asks Roopesh to help Raghu and Shivani. Sumitra sees that and gives evil smile.. She thinks she asked Maya to take Shivani away from Raghu, but she made her fall from the mountain, looks like god is helping her. Raghu saves Shivani. She hugs her and cries vigorously. Vivek throws rope towards Shivani/Raghu to get them up. Whole family pulls rope and rescues Shivani and Raghu. Shivani and Raghu come up. Shivani says she was very afraid and thought she would not be saved. Raghu says unitl he is there, nothing will happen to her. Bela asks babyji not to worry and says until Raghu is there, he will not let her happen anything. Latha scolds Maya for taking Shvivani near the mountain to take pics. Even Raghu scolds Maya. Sumitra says Maya did that unconsciously. Raghu scolds even Sumitra and says he will not listen to her and it is Maya’s fault. He sees that Shivani’s hand is injured and says he will apply Band-Aid. Latha asks everyone to pack up and leave for house.

Boss is still in the office. His assistant comes and asks why is he still in the office. He asks if he stays with his mom. Boss says he fought with his mom, so he stays alone. He asks assistant why is he in the office till now and to go and enjoy with his family. He asks him to get the file. He remembers someone.

Sumitr says Maya that she will help her in packing things up. Maya gets angry and scolds her that because of her, everyone scolded her. Latha comes. Sumitra says her that she arranged picnic for everyone, but Shivani ruined it. Latha says it is not Shivani’s fault and what if something happened to her bahu/Shivani. Sumitra gets angry hearing Latha addressing Shivani as her bahu. Latha then changes her word and says she means babyji is injured and they should not think about picnic now.

Baburam asks everyone to get in the tempo and leave before rain starts. Shivani and Raghu comes. Nishi asks Shivani if she is alright. Shivani says she is fine. Raghu says Latha and Baburam to leave and he bring Shivani via taxi. Sumitra says there is a lot of place in tempo. Latha says Raghu is right, let them come in taxi. Sumitra gets sad hearing that.

Shivani and Raghu travel in a car. Shivani writhes in pain. Raghu asks her to take care. She says she is feeling pain, but why is he feeling bad. He asks her to take care. He thinks he was worried about her. Shivani thinks she knows how much Raghu loves her, she was hurt, but he was feeling the pain. Car stops. Driver and says car won’t start and it has to be taken to garage. Raghu asks if there any garage nearby. He says there is no garage and they would have to walk all the way. Raghu gives 100 rs to the taxi driver and leaves from there with Shivani. Rain starts. Shivani starts playing in the rain. Raghu asks her not to get wet.

Precap: Raghu and Shivani spend a romantic night. Abhi abhi to tum mile ho… song plays in the background.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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