Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th April 2014 Written Update

Bauji had stopped shayl. He tells her that Pihu shall now return her home, we are her parents and we must be very careful. Shayl says she will talk to her in the morning and goes in the kitchen.
Dadi serves them food. Rachna resisted but she says she has been working for a long time, must eat full. She gets a call, she instructs about the hair-dresser, makeup and models. KT thinks how committed she is to her work, can’t he stop him. But why should he. She looks at him. His throat irritates. She gets worried and serves him dessert.

Sonal watches this. She thinks whatever you do Rachna, tomorrow will be your last day. She calls someone to keep all the preparations for tomorrow. It is the final decision day for both him and her.

Shayl thinks about what her husband had just said to her. She was crying when Sangeeta and Seema enters and asks was she alright. She asks Yes, why? Seema tells her she had re-washed the already washed dishes. Shayl was disturbed and leaves. Seema says that she knew Shayl was worried about Pihu, they must go and talk to her themselves.

Rachna asks the details about the dresses. She asks what the length of this blouse shall be. He tells her only 10 inches. She says she got it, in his word ‘only comfortable and stylish’ he turns around asking she still remembers? She says she remembers each and everything he said. He stares. She clarifies… ‘regarding designing’. Sonal says she will now see how they work together and cuts off the lights. KT was worried, Rachna lights candles all around the workplace. She catches him staring at herself. Sonal comes forward happily but was taken aback seeing them still working in the candle light. She feels disappointed and turns on the lights again. Rachna says they still have time, Kt says ‘but little’. They set for work again.Seema and Sangeeta come to Pihu. Seema asks why she didn’t come downstairs for dinner. Sangeeta scolds her saying she has no idea how much her mother is disturbed because of her. Pihu turns around thinking she was afraid of this only; Gunjan or Mayank must have told mummy all about Vicky. She tells them she will talk to her mother herself. Seema tells Sangeeta to leave her; it’s useless to talk to her. Pihu was saddened thinking she cannot let her mother stay worried because of her.

Gunjan asks Mayank why she was disturbed. He tells her he was worried about Shayl. Gunjan says that shayl is really disturbed about Pihu but they must also talk to Pihu. Mayank thanks her for always being there. She says it’s okay. Mayank says that he has learned it from the incident that one should take extra care of his wife.

Pihu gets a call. It was Vicky asking did she see how he changed everybody’s mood today. She thinks she is so worried, and he is only concerned about himself. She tells her she is sleep, will talk to him tomorrow and hangs on. She thinks he didn’t even bother about how she was?

It is morning. KT enters the workshop calling Rachna’s name. No one was there. He finds her, wonders where she has gone, and finds a letter in the table. It says it was her last day in office, since she has completed all the work, so I am leaving now. All the best for your show, and thanks for teaching me so much. He throws the letter on the floor calling ‘Damn it!’

He wakes up with a jerk. He was asleep on the table. He says how he could sleep now; he had to complete his show stopper dress. She says it’s ready. She asks if he had a might mare. He denies saying he was only a worried about his dress. He looks at her.

Rachna asks him if it’s okay. He says yes. She then says all her work is done now and now she will see him directly in the show. He’s lost. She asks him if she shall leave. He nods. Rachna gets emotional as she leaves looking around in the workshop. KT also looks at her, but turns his face when she looks at him. Rachna cries and then walks. Sonal comes in her way and she smiles at her. Rachna takes her purse and leaves.

Sonal goes to KT and hugs him. She wishes him all the best. Only one day left. After that all his worries will be gone. KT just says hmm and looks at the model. He says Ms. Garg did everything perfect. If I put pin there, then it will be better. Sonal smiles and leaves. He checks Rachna’s drawer and sees fashion show’s designs. He wonders what designs are doing in her drawer. What’s going on. Sonal is hiding and smiling.

Precap: In the fashion show, someone else is displaying KT’s designs. Sonal asks him how they got his designs. KT remembers seeing Rachna with Vikram Kapoor. He goes to her in anger. Rachna cries that she didn’t leak the designs. KT shouts at her.

Update Credit to:Sona

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