Madhosh Dil Ki Dhadkan…(A RIKARA SS)

Dost’s Birthday Celebration

Mrs.Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi is angry with her Omkara Ji.Let’s find out why.

Oberoi Mansion
Rikara’s Room
Morning Sun is wishing Good Morning.Gauri is seen sleeping on her bed.Om is already up.He is looking at her with all the love of the world.That famous,passionate shayar inside him says looking at his beautiful wife-

“Meri Subha Tum Ban Ke Aate Ho
Suraj Ki Tum Roshni Ban Ke Aate Ho
Hota Hai Ek Pyaara Sa Ehsass
Lagta Hai Jese Meri Khushi
Tum Ban Ke Aate Ho……..”

Gauri opens her eyes and finds Om is smiling at her.But watching her awake Om turns to another side,all of a sudden.Gauri gets surprised though in the hangover of sleep.She says-

Gauri:Were you telling something Omkara Ji?
Om fakes a yawn and says without turning-

Om:No,nothing.Go to sleep Gauri! But Gauri gets down the bed instead of sleeping on Om’s insists! The moment she enters into washroom,Om springs up on the bed removing the duvet.He says-

Om:Here you go Omkara.Could not even tell what you wanted to.What you said?”Go to sleep Gauri”
Unbelievable! He starts brooding over something sitting on the bed,swinging himself back and forth.

Gauri comes out of the washroom after getting ready.Watching Om swinging back and forth she says-

Gauri:What are you doing Omkara Ji? Om does not listen what Gauri said.She asks again-Omkara Ji?
Om:Huh?No Nothing! Excuse me! He gets down the bed and straight enters into the washroom,closing the door with much noise.
Gauri:Only Shankar Ji knows what is going on in his mind.Jo bhi ho,mujhe kya?

She starts performing morning aarti.There Om opens the door of washroom a little and brings his head out to find what Gauri is doing.He says-

Om:Wah! Her daily routine started perfectly.She seems least bothered.Then why should I?He locks the door with noise,once again.Gauri looks at that direction then says in her mind-

“Has that door need fixing or Omkara Ji is doing it all intentionally?Unki marzi.Hume kya?”
She finishes her aarti and goes out of the room.Om opens the door and looks around the room.He takes a deep breath of relief then locks the door,this time normally.

Gauri comes to the house temple where Dadi is doing puja.She joins Dadi and takes her blessing touching her feet.Dadi blesses her saying-“Sada suhagan roho”
All the Oberoi ladies gather one by one-Jhanvi,Anika,Pinky,Soumya.They all gift Gauri and wishes her on her third marriage anniversary.Dadi gifts her ancestral bangles and Shiv-Parvati murti.She says-

Dadi:May God bless you and Om and the love you two have.Tum dono ki Ishqbaazi hamesha salamat rahe.Dadi kisses her forehead.

Dining Table
Everyone gathers to have breakfast.All the Oberoi males-Tej,Shakti,Shivaay,Rudra wish Gauri.Later Om joins them.Shivaay says-

Shivaay:I have made today’s breakfast as today is a very special day for my brother Om and Gauri,my sister.Om and Gauri thank him.They all sit to have breakfast and praise the food.While eating Junior Oberois notice Om and Gauri are looking disturbed.Anika asks Shivaay in a whispering voice-

Anika:Shivaay.have you seen Om and Gauri?
Shivaay:You are right Anika.Perhaps they have not sorted it out yet.
Rudra:Bechari Chulbul bhabi.She is upset on her anniversary.
Soumya:What should we do bade bhaiya?
Shivaay:Let’s meet after the breakfast.All nods.

Around 11:00 pm
Gauri enters into her room with baby Shivika(Shivaay and Anika’s 1 year old daughter)in her arms.She is playing with Gauri’s earrings.Om was painting something but covers the canvas watching Gauri is coming.Shivika gets excited seeing Om and forwards her little chubby hands to him.Om takes her from Gauri.Giving her a cute peck he says-

Om:You know Shivika dear,you are very lucky.In this house,everyone listens to you.They never dare refusing you anything(He steal glances with Gauri who is arranging cloths in the cupboard)
Grow up soon dear and start talking.Then your Om uncle will talk a lot with you.And I am sure you are going to understand my every word.Not like few people who claim they understand but that does not the case(He steals glance once again).Gauri comes to Omkara-

Gauri:Omkara Ji,kya kuch bhi bole ja rahe aap Shivika ke samne?Choti si Chiraiya par kya asaar padega?She takes away Shivika from Om.
Om:I am saying the truth only.One second,why are you getting angry?Right Shivika?Baby Shivika looks at Gauri.

Gauri:I know you very well Omkara Ji.You were taunting me only,taking my Shivika’s name.Kitna besharam hai aap.
Om:Kya kaha tumne?Main besharam hoon?
Gauri:Aur nahi toh ka?When one can’t remember such a special date of his life then how come he will teach anything to anyone?Our Shivika won’t learn anything from you.Hai na Shivika?Om takes away Shivika from Gauri.

Om:You know what Gauri,you are behaving like a typical wife who roast her husband over a simple matter of forgetting a date.And for your kind information,I did not forget anything.I wanted to give you surprise that’s why I faked that I forgot.But you took it to be real.May be you are a typical wife but I am not a typical husband.
Gauri:Jhoot maat boliye aap Omkara Ji.I know everything………….Omkara and Gauri get engaged into fight.Baby Shivika is looking at her enraged Uncle and Aunt with her curious blue eyes.
There continues the fight.At one point Shivika starts giggling.Watching her giggling Om and Gauri stops their Mahabharat for the time being.Shivika is very familiar with such fights because of her parents.She seems enjoying their fight.Om and Gauri look at Shivika then at themselves.Shivaay and Anika were hearing everything standing outside.They enters into the room.Om and Gauri get shocked.Anika takes away Shivika from Om.She points at Om and Gauri with her little finger smiling.Looks like she is saying-“See Mom,Uncle and Aunt are fighting like you and Dad!”

Shivaay:Come with me Om.They leave.Anika says to Gauri.
Anika:Aur tu,chal mere saath,chal.

Night Time
Around 8:30 pm
Anika and Soumya are making Gauri ready in front of a big mirror.
Gauri:Bahujai,yeh kuch jyada nahi ho raha?
Anika:Chup kar tu.Karne de hume.

Soumya asks baby Shivika who is sitting on the bed playing with her favourite toy.
Soumya:Look Shivika,is this get-up okay?Shivika looks at Gauri then shakes her right hand which means “Yes,okay”
Anika and Soumya hug Gauri.They put kala teeka to avoid nazar.Anika says-Ho gaya sab.Let me call Shivaay.

Rikara’s Room
Shivaay,Omkara and Rudra are standing outside.
Om:For God’s sake,will you guys tell me what is going on?
Rudra:I can tell harharike but bhaiya warned me.
Anika and Soumya come out of room.

Shivaay:Is everything okay inside?We are waiting since long.
Soumya:Yes bade bhaiya.Perfectly okay.
Rudra:Ja O Ja,Jile Aapni Zindagi.Mere bhai aaj phirse paraya dhan hone ja rahe hain.Everyone looks at him.
Shivaay:Okay enough.Om,this is for you.
Om:Plane tickets?
Shivaay:For you and Gauri.You two are going for world tour.My best wishes are with you two.Smiling Om hugs him.Rudra too joins.
Anika:Okay okay.Obro moment bad mein kar lena.Now go.Don’t make my devrani wait much.They all push Om inside then hi-five saying-Mission accomplished.

Getting inside the room Om looks around which is fully decorated with different colour’s flowers like a bridal chamber for first night.Scented candles,fragrance of flowers are making the ambiance quite romantic.There in the middle of the bed Gauri is seen sitting,dressed up like a bride,covering her face with long veil.Taking slow pace,Om walks towards the bed.Pushing the flowery decoration,he sits on the bed.Gauri stirs a little.All her ornaments make soothing ringing sound.Looking closely,Om lifts the veil.Their eyes meet.Om says-

“Taare Aasman Me Hi Chankte Hai
Baadal Itne Dur Hai
Phir Bhi Barasta Hai
Him Bhi Kitna Ajeeb Hai
Tum Dil Mein Rehte Ho
Aur Hum Tumse
Milne Ko Taraste Hai…..”

Om takes Gauri’s mehandi adorned hands in his hands and kisses those.Gauri looks away.Om makes her face him holding her chin-
Om:Are you still angry with me?
Gauri:What do you think?
Om:Want to hear from you.
Om kisses Gauri’s forehead then says near her ear in a whispering voice-“I Love You Gauri”
Gauri jumps into Om’s arms.She says in a trembling voice-“I Love You Too Omkara Ji”

Om recites once again-

“Tujhe Rakh Liya
In Yaadon Ne
Phool Sa Kitab Mein
Iss Dil Mein Tum
Rahoge Sada
Aur Mehkogi In
Saanso Mein…….”

Om entangles their hands and kisses.Gauri shivers a little.Om says-Wait,I am coming.He returns with a trolley covered in red sheet.He makes Gauri get down the bed.She asks getting surprised-What’s in it Omkara Ji?
Om removes the red sheet.There is a cake placed in the middle of the trolley.He lights the candle.
“Happy Anniversary My Beautiful Wife” is written in it.Together they cut the cake and feed each other.Om asks-Can I have a dance with my wife?He forwards his hand.Gauri puts her hand in Om’s hand.They start dancing.

Song Plays
“Jo Na Keh Sake Hum
Jo Na Keh Sake Tum
Kehne Laagi Dono Se Woh,Khamoshiyaan
Woh Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya Saathiya Saathiya

Baadlon Mein Ghul Na Yaayein
Hain Jo Naghme Thehre Thehre
Do Dilon Mein Jazba Karle
Saree Jazbe Gehre Gehre
Kal Kya Pata Mile Na Mile,Nazdikiyan
Oh Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya Saathiya Saathiya

Milke Tumse Khush Hoon Lekin
Dil Hai Phir Bhi Uljha Uljha
Dur Karle Pass Aa Kar
Kal Humein Ma Koi Lamhe
Pad Jaye Na,Dil Pe Kahin
Gham Ke Nishan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya Saathia Saathiya………”

At one point of dancing,Gauri hugs Om.He holds her in his protective arm,kissing her head.Later Om says-I have something for you.He blindfold Gauri.Fe seconds later he removes the fold.Opening eyes Gauri finds a portrait of hers which Om has made.Om wishes-Happy Anniversary my love.
Gauri:You made it Omkara Ji?For me?So beautiful.
Om:Yes,I have to work really hard to bring out the beauty of my beautiful wife in my art.I tried to portray my inspiration,love in a canvas,with colours.Tears well up in Gauri’s eyes.
Om:No tears only happiness.Today is very,very special.Most special day of our life.Let’s make it more memorable,never-to-forget experience.

Saying this Om lifts Gauri in his arms and heads for beautifully decorated bed where they are going to celebrate love,togetherness and passion,with each other………………..THE END

#Happy Birthday Dost.I have written this special piece for you,to celebrate your birthday.Hope you will like it.Wishing you a very happy birthday.Love you.
Your Dost

  1. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing episode darlos.. Loved it alot ..specially baby Shivika is just so adorable…

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sweetheart,
      How are you?
      That part is my favourite too.I had written a long sequence but had to cut it short.But I am very happy knowing that you loved it.Thank you soooooooooooooo…very much for your love.Love you Sweetheart.

  2. Astmasiddika

    Hi lu
    Nice SS I loved it a lot ?? Baby Shivika Awww cute baby doll ??? .. OmRi fight ??? ofcourse like Shivika keep updating ss, os like this dear love u ❤️??

    1. Luthfa

      I will try my level best dear.Sooooooooo…happy that you liked the SS.Thank you sooooooooooooooooo…..very much for your love.Love you too.

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    1. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      I had posted this SS in the morning,on your birthday.But it did not get posted that day.When I wrote to TU administrator,he informed me that SS had excessive use of Hindi words so it was held in pending for review.After reviewing fully,they approved it.We all know Om is a shayar so I had to write shayri and they thought those were songs,Hindi songs!
      But Dost,I could not write this SS properly as I planned.I had a very bad headache and for that I had to cut it short,left many points and sequences.Even I could not revise it because I was unable to look at screen for long.SS has many errors and I could not correct those.I know it is not a proper SS as I failed to type it the way I had manuscript.Still you loved it and I am really,really happy on your feedback.I will give you more surprises in future,hoping so.Thank you sooooooooooooooo….very much for your love.Loads of love to you too.

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