Karn Sangini 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn To Ascend Pukheya’s Throne

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Uruvi walks with medicine box to her parent’s room. Shubhra and king Vahusha hear her voice, and Vahusha acts as falling on floor. Shubhra cries to help her and says he never used to sit in one place and now cannot even move. Uruvi asks her not to worry, she will treat father. Shubhra gets tensed thinking if she checks pulse, she will find out that he is well, so she stops Uruvi and says she cannot treat her father as his condition is because of her and if he sees her in suth’s clothes, he will be in more shock, let royal doc/raj vaidya treat him, Karn has insulted them a lot anyways. Karn enters and asks if she checked her father’s pulse, when will he get ready. Uruvi thinks she cannot trouble her parents more because of them.

Radha walks towards Uruvi’s father’s room reminiscing Shubra’s challenge that Karn himself will drop Uruvi in Pukheya in 2 days. Royal guards don’t let her into king’s room. She sees herbal paste imprints on king’s shoes and thinks when he cannot walk, how can imprints be in shoes, a bit conspiracy is going on for sure.

Ministers meet Shubra, Uruvi, and Karn and plead to give them interim king in king’s absence, else other kingdom’s may attack them. Uruvi says she will ascend her father’s throne. They say only son or son-in-law can ascend throne. Uruvi says it is wrong. They say this is the rule. Uruvi says Karn will ascend throne then. Shubhra smirks and requests Karn to save her kingdom’s dignity and walks aweay saying she will arrange for his rajyabhishek.

Karn walks to Radha and informs Radha that Uruvi and Shubhra want him to ascend Pukeya’s throne and this way he can mend his relationship with Uruvi’s family. Radha thinks she should not speak at this time and asks what about Ang desh. Karn says Purshottam will take care of Pukheya like before. Uruvi gets Karn ready with king’s jewelry and says he will be king today, she had accepted his lifestyle earlier and now he will have to accept her lifestyle. Shubhra walks to Radha and taunts her that her son will ascend Pukheya’s throne and will be her ghar jamai, ghar jamai is equal tro servant who accepts whatever she says, now Radha lost her son and is badly defeated. She orders guards to keep Radha hostage till Karn’s Rajyabhishek is finished. Guards surround her. Karn’s rajyabhishek starts. Radha thinks she has to do something and throwing kumkum powder on guard’s faces runs out holding sword.

Precap: Shubhra is about to fix king’s throne on Karn’s head when Radha enters holding sword on Vahusha’s neck and says Shubhra conspired to make Karn as her ghar jamai.

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