Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Engagement day

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agarwal Family welcomes the guests. People gossip about the alliance. Some are even unhappy for fixing Naina’s alliance with a Maheshwari. Rakesh taunts Anand. Say this to him. He is our leader these days. Anand assures the lady that she will not complain after seeing the groom.

Anand walks up to his eldest brother. Is everything fine? Tau ji nods. Why did you bring chairs when you asked for mattresses? Rakesh calls it overspending but Anand reasons that the arrangements are done basis the number of guests from both the sides. Rakesh starts talking sarcastically. Tau ji remarks that Anand can go to another level too if it was up to him. Rakesh excuses himself.

Bela gets emotional seeing Naina and hugs her. Preeti tells her not to hug her too tightly. Her saree pleats will be messed up. Bela hits her playfully. Preeti is excited to see Sameer. Naina shares that he will be wearing suit today. Bela suggests her not to call Sameer by his name. Preeti nods. Call him Sameer ji. Swati teases her more. Say Ae ji, have tea. They all smile. Bela tells Naina to put a black teeka. You are looking very beautiful today. Everyone smiles.

Sameer enters with his family. Both the families greet each other. Sameer touches everyone’s feet. Mama ji and Mami ji keep looking unhappily. Sameer touches Rakesh’s feet calling him Papa ji. Rakesh raises his hand to bless him when Sameer gets startled recalling the slap.

Voiceover – Sameer:
My hand goes by default on my cheek whenever I think of that day even today. If it was happening now then I would have met Rakesh Sir in style – Thappad se nahi, Aashirwad se darr lagta hai.

Sameer hugs Arjun. Munna and Pundit also congratulate Rakesh. Smile today atleast. We are from the groom’s side.

Swati tells Naina that they are here. Swati, Preeti and Kamya look down from the balcony. Naina tries to look too but the girls don’t give her space.

Sameer hears inside with the families. Dekha Hai Pehli Baar plays. He looks up towards the balcony. His friends take him inside. Naina finally manages to look down but Sameer has his back to her now.

Bobby and Mama ji talk about the royal treatment of Agarwals. They are glad that they dint invite their guests here. We would have been insulted then. Ek ladki ko dekha plays as Naina enters with the girls. Sameer is unable to take his eyes off her. He asks Vishakha if Naina is looking good. She nods in awe but then covers it up saying she should be good to you. Mami ji says she will look good in the evening in 25k worth saree. She too covers it up saying the saree that you chose for her.

Preeti and Swati tease Naina on Sameer. He is looking just like Salman Khan. Anand looks on proudly / sweetly at Naina. Munna and Pundit take Sameer with them. You don’t have to just look. Sit next to her. Sameer does thumbs up at her. She does the same. Mami ji passes a remark to Vishakha.

Pundit sits next to Sameer as soon as Naina is about to sit. Swati asks him if he does not know Naina. Munna too tells him to get up. Naina Bhabhi will otherwise become Naina Devi. Pundit gets up finally.

Naina sits next to Sameer. Mami ji tells Vishakha that she does not like them together.

Pundit and Munna keep teasing each other. Pooja compliments them too. She asks Sameer if he has put kala teeka. Preeti applies a kala teeka to him.

Anand asks Tau ji and Tai ji to come. Tai ji asks him about the number of guests. You said there were too many but only a very few have turned up. Tau ji replies that not everyone is like them. Some people are also concerned about the society. Anand is sure they will come soon. He asks Bobby and Mama ji about their guests. Mama ji says they will come in the evening function. Anand takes Rakesh aside so he cannot taunt them. Rakesh says they called their guests in the evening as they think that our function is not up to their mark. We have everything here. We don’t lack anything! Anand stops him. We are only concerned about the kids. Atleast the elders are here. Rakesh says they could have told us before. We wouldn’t have arranged all this then. The food will go waste. I am telling you clearly. I fear that I might do something if they will continue throwing tantrums like this. Saying so he walks away in a huff. Anand stands there tensed.

Romantic song plays. Naina and Sameer keep stealing glances at each other. He holds her hand. She keeps her pallu over it so that people don’t stare. They share a long cute eye lock. Mami ji complains it is too hat. Anand asks Arjun to turn the fan in their direction. Mami ji calls it another middle class antic. He also asks Bela to make Preeti bring sherbet for them. Mama ji murmurs that they will be served Nimbu Pani now. Mami ji points out that Sameer told them against it so it might be something else. It might be something good.

Preeti brings Frooti like drink for everyone. Bobby jokes if it is an engagement or a birthday party. Bela gives them straws (she calls them pipe). Mami ji and Vishakha are pretty much surprised. Bobby is having trouble hiding his smile. Mama ji calls Agarwals different.

Naina takes a sip and then exchanges her drink with Sameer. Mami ji finds it disgusting.

Mama ji advises Pralay to fill the tetra pack with air once the drink is over and stomp over it. Bela sends him away to play with his friends. Mami ji and Mama ji joke about the preps.

Sameer happily sips from Naina’s drink and smiles broadly. Munna and Pundit ask Kamya and Swati to come for the dance. All friends perform on Wah Wah Ram ji. They also pull Sameer and Naina for the dance as well. Naina and Sameer are pushed toward each other during the dance. They share an eye lock. Preeti breaks their reverie. She also pulls Bela for the dance. Bela keeps the ring on the corner of a chair. A lady sits on it and the chair tilts a little. The ring falls in the water jug kept next to the chair.

Precap: Preeti, Bela and Anand are looking for the ring. Preeti is holding that jug in her hand all this while.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Sweta2005

    loved the episode it was too good ,and lovelyy update

  2. Today’s episode was lovely. Chachaji and Chachiji are so nice and and Naina is very lucky to have them. But i feel sorry for Chachaji is he such a humble and sweet person and everyone says so much to him. What is Tauji And Taijis problem. They have spent no money towards the engagement but still keep having a go at Chachaji. Mamaji and Mamiji really annoyed me today with their behaviour ?. Vishakha was trying to be nice but everytime mamiji kept on saying something rude. Two people I really missed today one was Shefali, as she knew about Samaina from the start and sameers Nanaji, I am sure if he was alive things would of been a lot different!

    1. Agree with u Memi that Vishakha’s behavior was good today but this Mami is just too much even on the open ground ceremony there will be only fans no ACs like she was saying “kitni garmi h and then thand h” ??. Literally shefali should be there in their wedding and if Nana Ji was alive then situation would be lot more different Vishakha would have not misunderstood Naina, Bobby would not be able to uter a word and Sameer’s family would be happy. As I mentioned on my last episode comment that frootily will not work and the funny part is Indian weddings always have a ‘Rutha Hua Mama’, Sameer & Naina’s Marriage have 6 ‘Rutha Hua Mamas’ ?? (not counting Vishakha as she was not behaving like Rutha Hua Mama)

    2. Thanks Vidhu.
      I felt so sorry for Preeti when she brought the frootily out. I was shouting at my TV ‘NO TAKE IT BACK!!!’ ? I knew sameers family were going to say something.

  3. First Thing first , did you see new promo(cover page) of ye unn dino ki baat hai , it was indeed so cute ,

    2nd ) sameer met new arjun for the first time
    3rd ) booby wears his watch over right hand ,maybe he is lefty ,that why he wears watch over right ,please if any one have any suggestion about this ,please tell.

    now coming to happiness part

    When preeti tells that she wants to see jijaji , naina tells sameer will wear suit, bela chachi tells stop calls your to be husband by name ,preeti jokes naina will call sameer ji ,then swati tells ” ae ji, chai lijiye na ”

    now coming to welcoming of groom, pandit and munna jokes with rakesh sir ,be happy ,we are from ladko walon ke side se aye hain

    Swati comes inside tells “wo log aa gye ”
    Kamya ,preeti ,Swati goes to see sameer ,naina also wants to see sameer ,but 3 girls don’t give her space ,bechari naina kitne cutely bolti rehti hai mujhe bi dekhna hai

    the song “dekha hai pehli baar” put this scene to upper limits

    now sameer is on matress ,naina comes down with sister and friends .”Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga plays “,sameer can’t take out of his eyes of naina ,sameer asks his mom “achi lag rhi haina ” ,sameer mom has also been starstruck by naina beauty and she also tells achi lag rhi hai

    3rd scene) sameer and naina are sitting on chauki. sameers grabs naina palm ,”sambhala hai maine Song play ” .Naina hides it under her pallu

    4th scene ) when preeti hands over frooti to sameer and naina ,naina takes a quick sip and hands over her frooti to sameer , they both share a eyelock

    Kudos to makers of this show 4-4 ganne wo bi ek episode main
    ,aur ek ganna precap main

    kya timing hai makers ki ring aur jug perfect ,perfect hide out for ring

    makers i want to ask you ,how do you find such good songs ,that will match with perfect scene

    and atleast all family members of naina and sameer are there for engangement ,all kudos to anand aggrawal ,choti moti burai chalti wedding season main ,ek dusre ke family ke bare main

    guys do you agree that it was anand agarwal that trusted naina and sameer love ,despite knowing agarwal and maheswari ke beech rista nai ho sakta

  4. I forgot one moment when sameer sees naina ,he shows ring ok sign ,naina does the same , that when mamiji says “dekha didi ,isine bola hoga sameer ko suit pehene ”
    bobby quick wit humour i found amazing ” aisa lag rha hai birthday party main aye hain ” when preeti brought a tray a frooties . mamiji is too funny when she ” by god thandi lag rhi hai ”

    and that lady who tells maheshwari main rista nai karna chayiye tha ,in fact she pmu college principal
    if you see college ka pehle din episode ,she slaps rakesh ,and rakesh tells her “agar college ki principal aisi hogi to kaise chalega , that when naina admission went to vjn that too on same day

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Finally the engagement day! As usual sweet-cute episode! As, usual, I loved Anand and hate Rakesh, Mami ji and Mama ji!

  6. Now it looks like Sameers mama and mamiki are the real villains….

  7. Naina is more beautiful in off makeup

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