Made for each other..(Part-24) #IMMJ2

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So let’s start.

Riddhima was shocked to know this.She was thinking about how easily Vansh lies to her every time and she believes him like a fool.She had now decided to teach him a good lesson.She told everything to Pranati and also asked for her help.

Pranati: Riddhima,don’t worry.We’ll teach him a good lesson.And you know,I’m really excited for the execution of our plan.

They were waiting for Vansh.Until then,they talked about some random stuff.Then as soon as they heard his footsteps,they started their plan.And according to it,Pranati hid behind the couch,from where she could clearly see everything,but no one could see her.Riddhima took out her phone and started scrolling her.

Vansh entered the room and saw Riddhima,who was busy on her phone.He went towards her and sat beside her.Riddhima noticed him.

Riddhima: Oo Vansh..finally you came back..I thought that you’ll not return back.

Vansh: And what made you think so?

Riddhima: were tired.And secondly,you don’t like dancing…if I am not wrong.

Vansh: Umm..and how did you know that I don’t like dancing?

Riddhima: It’s really simple Vansh…A person who is interested in something,puts all his efforts in learning it…But you…huhh..let’s not even talk about it…Anyways,shall we start?

They started their practice.And as expected,Vansh was again doing the wrong steps.Pranati was hiding there and enjoying his crazy dance.

Pranati(thinking): Bhai naachlo ..jitna ulta-seedha naachna hai,naachlo..kyun ki iske baad to aap hamaare ishaaron par naachenge(bhai,whatever crazy dance you want to now..because after this,you will be dancing on our fingertips)

On the other side,on seeing him doing the steps in wrong way,Riddhima was fuming with anger.But she tried to remain as calm as possible.Because she knew that if Vansh sees her angry face,he’ll immediately understand everything.

Riddhima tried to teach him many times,but after many unsuccessful attempts,she spoke,

Riddhima: Vansh…let’s just stop here.

Vansh(panting): Haa..even I’m tired.

Riddhima: Umm Vansh..I actually meant that we should drop the plan of participating in the dance competition.

Vansh(surprised): Riddhima..but why.You yourself were excited to take part…what happened suddenly?

Riddhima: Vansh..I..I still want to take part.But for me,my friend is far more important than this competition…And even if I have to take back my name,I’ll happily do this.

Vansh: Riddhima,what are you saying?..and which friend are you talking about?

Riddhima: Vansh,I’m talking about you.

Vansh(shocked): Me!!…but..but why?..I didn’t even say anything.

Riddhima(upset): That’s the problem Vansh.You didn’t say anything…Although you know that you cannot don’t like dancing..but still you are struggling…struggling for me.And I…I cannot be so selfish that…I just think about that stupid competition and neglect you.

Vansh: Riddhima,it’s not like this.

Riddhima: See yourself can see….You are trying to cheer me up,although you yourself know that you don’t wanna participate…And as a friend,the least I can do is…to take back our names.I cannot see you sacrificing yourself for me….Vansh,I always wish to see you happy.But,if for my happiness you are doing this,then,as a friend,I also have some duties towards you…..Although I wished to take part..take part with you,but it’s okay..You are far more precious to me… So don’t worry,we’ll take back our names tomorrow.

Vansh was feeling guilty,really guilty for his prank and this stupid lie.

Vansh(thinking): What have I done?I really own a special skill of ruining everything.It was all so perfect.Riddhima was so excited for it…Just imagine the smile on her face after our victory…she’d look so happy…but now..shit man shit…I’ve killed our happiness by my own hands….But..what if she comes to know about this stupid lie..she’ll be broken…no no will I handle her.Already I had lied about my identity..but after this…will she ever trust me…never… something.

He came out of his thoughts.He saw Riddhima looking at him.But before he could speak,

Riddhima: Vansh..I’ll take a leave now.

But before she could step out of the room,Vansh closed the door in spur of moment.And then,he immediately played the music and did his steps perfectly.Though Riddhima was impressed,she did not let her feelings reflect on her face.

After Vansh was done,he looked at Riddhima.But as soon as he saw her,he got scared from her scary looks.

Vansh(thinking): Why is she giving me these scary looks..As far as I remember,these were the only steps she taught me…but..wait..what the hell..I did the steps in front of
her….She must have known that I’ve been pretending the whole day…god..her looks are really scary….yaar kahin ye mujhe kaccha hi naa khaa jaaye(I think she’ll eat me
raw)…but what I fear the most is that what if she knew this from before..I think I myself should confess.

But before he could speak,

Riddhima(clapping): Woww Vansh woww..what a performance…well..I wish I could say this for your dance performance…but unfortunately..this is for your act…(glaring) Vansh,this is the second time that you’ve lied to me..and if I catch one more lie of yours,then I don’t think that I’ll be able to trust you again….(turning around)Vansh …do you really enjoy playing with my emotions…Actually I am the fool here.Because it’s me..who give you the chance to play with me.

Vansh: Riddhima,please don’t say all this..please try..

Riddhima(interrupted): What try Vansh…Try to understand you?….Vansh..this is nothing but a stupid prank of yours.And I literally hate such kind of pranks..So mind you..don’t you dare do this to me again.I love pranks,but not of this kind.

Vansh: Riddhu..please calm down…I am really sorry..I don’t know why I did this..but..I’m really sorry…you can punish me,you can…do anything,but please don’t talk about taking back our names.I know that it really means a lot to you.I cannot see you upset Riddhu..Please.

Riddhima: Okay!We’ll take part.But.. you’ll get punishment.

Vansh: Anything you want!

Riddhima: So Mr.Vansh Raisinghania…your punishment is that you’ll have to take us to shopping…movie…dinner and and and…we’ll decide later.

Vansh: Us??

Riddhima: Yess!! someone)Come out.

And she came out.Vansh was surprised to see her.

Vansh: Pranati…you!!

Pranati: Yes bhai…me.

Vansh was looking at them in confusion.Then Riddhima told him everything.Listening to this,he glared at Pranati.But Pranati had support of Riddhima.She was no more feared of Vansh.

Pranati: Bhai…stop glaring at me..I’ve Riddhima by my support..Am I right or am I right,Riddhima?

Riddhima: Absolutely right.

Pranati: So’ll have to take us out…and not only this….you will give me your pocket money for 3 months.

Vansh: What!!..Have you lost your mind…I think yes,you’ve really lost it…Come,we’ll find it together.

Pranati: funny(sarcastically)….it’s not my brain that’s lost…but it’s your keys that are going to get lost.

Vansh: Matlab(means)?

Pranati: means…I need your car…and your cupboard keys as well.

Vansh was about to reply back,but on seeing that Riddhima was glaring at him,he silently gave his keys to her.Pranati took the cupboard keys and opened it.She then took out the box from it.After locking it,she returned back the keys to him.

Vansh(angry): dare you touch this box…return it to me…now.

Pranati(carefree): Huhh…never!!

She then opened the box and took out the chocolate…She then started to eat it,in front of him.

Pranati(licking the chocolate):’s so yumm!!..and I love the way it melts on my tongue…and the chips in it..woww…..what a pleasure…yumm!!

Vansh,who was trying hard to control himself from last,lost his control and snatched the box from her.

Riddhima(stern): Vansh,give it back to her.

Vansh: But..

Riddhima: No buts..give back.

Vansh: But she can buy it from the shop as well…I can give her the money.

But on seeing that Riddhima was not gonna give up,he returned back the chocolates.

Pranati: Bhai…even I can buy the chocolates…but the happiness and satisfaction I get,after eating your chocolates…I swear…I cannot get it after eating any other chocolate.

Vansh(innocently): Are you done with your punishment?..I promise I’ll not repeat it.

Riddhima: One last punishment is left.

Vansh(tensed): What now?

Riddhima: After the fest will be over,I’ll sit with Sufia for one week…I’m not gonna sit with to you for one whole week.

This was a complete shock for him.

Vansh: Riddhima…..what is this yaar!!

Riddhima: A sweet dear BFF.

Riddhima and Pranati gave each other a hi five and went out of the room.

Guys,this is it for today.
I hope you liked the episode.
Stay happy,healthy and safe.

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    1. Iyena

      You are right Riansh Lover…..Vansh deserved this punishment…. let’s see what happens ahead.πŸ˜…

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  13. Wish we get some jealousy scenes as a new student will come come in that week and sit with riddhu and vansh will be jealous and riddhu will take advantage of the jealousy hope so🀞🏻🀞🏻

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