Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – LEAP AND GOOD NEWS (EP 51)

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Keerthi and Naksh are in the backyard garden.
Naksh: Keerthi..whats getting you nervous

Keerthi: Naksh woh..woh…..

Naksh: Woh…

Keerthi: I…I ……I love you so much

Naksh is shocked

Naksh: What? You love me?

Keerthi: Haan…

Naksh: But I…I love someone else

Keerthi is shattered

Naksh: You must ask who is it

Keerthi: Who is it?

Naksh: I love my childhood and school friend .
Keerthi is confused.

Naksh: If she had proposed me I would have said yes but this is my behen’s nanand infront of me proposing me yet I love my friend

Keerthi just now realises that he is referring to her and her eyes well up with tears. Naksh hugs her

Naksh: Arrey I was just kidding you. Keerthi do you know something I loved you from school like Naira loved Kartik. But both brother and sister gave us sister and brother a huge shock by loving someone else. I was overprotective for Naira during her wedding as I was in same pain as her. When heard your story I realised that what Naira felt when she knew that Kartik broke with Urvashi. I have been waiting to hear these words from my school crush Keerthi and not Naira’s nanand. Sorry for troubling you for a second even.
Keerthi: Naksh woh…

Naksh: I know what thoughts came to you in that moment…sorry…I actually wanted to pull your leg a bit but these tears tell me it was wrong

Keerthi: Will you let me speak?

Naksh stops

Keerthi: I kind of liked this, if you had just said ok we would have got awkward and then this hug would not have happened na

Naksh: Arrey …wait..did you just…?

Keerthi: After all Im Kartik’s sister na

Naksh and Keerthi laugh out loud.

Few Months Later : Kaira’s new home in Mumbai

Kartik is in walking here and there in his room

Kartik: Naira..hogaya kya?

Naira : Shut up Kartik..it will take some time

Kartik : How long

Moments later Naira comes out with a pregnancy test kit and shows it to Kartik

Kartik sees the two lines and tears drip down his eyes.
He lifts Naira in his arms

Kartik: Thank you Naira..Thank you so much for giving this wonderful happiness. We are becoming parents.

He swirls her around

Naira: Kartik we need to tell the families

Kartik: But let us confirm with hospital first

Naira: Haan

Kartik: Let us not go there you must not strain so Ill call them here

Naira : As you say my baby’s dad

Bhalla house

Adi: Ishimaaaaaaa

Ishitha: Haan

Adi: When are we going to Aliya’s house for engagement?

Ishitha: Tomorrow morning 10 am. Why?

Ruhi: Maa bhaiya is counting hours

Shagun: What else will he do Ruhi beta?  Dulha and Dulhan have only this work while others have tons to do. When is Naira coming

Ruhi: Evening flight Shagun muma

Goenka house

Swarna gets Kartik’s call

Kartik to Naira : You tell

Naira: No you

Swarna: Arrey someone tell na

Kartik: Maa woh..you will become grandma soon

Hearing it Swarna is shocked and surprised and what not. She runs to the living room and calls everyone there . She connects the call on speaker

Swarna: Is it true Naira?

Naira: Haan maa you will become Dadi soon

All get excited

Dadi: Kittu…kabardar if you let out this on social media before the end of 3 months.

Kartik: What I must wait for one more month to share this news?

Dadi: Haan. No one else except family must know. Anyway you will be here for Adi Aliya’s wedding so we can take care of Naira. Now inform her maika too

Kartik: Ji Dadi

Singhanias and Bhallas are excited to know it

As the calls disconnect Kartik pulls Naira into his arms.

Kartik: Naira thank you for marrying me and entering my life. From the day you entered my life has become beautiful. This career , this happiness is all because of you. I dont know if I deserve this much . I am such a fool and…

Naira: Yee how dare you call my husband a fool? Do you know how much he loves me? He has made me a part of himself not by words but by deeds.
Kartik: But he is a mendak na

Naira: In this wide world the only person having the right to call you mendak is me. No one else

Kartik kisses her cheeks in the most loving and gentle way possible. His hands hover around her belly trying to feel their baby the symbol of their love waiting to to see this world.  Naira turns to go while Kartik stops her. Both of them fall on the bed

Kartik pulls her close and Naira rests her head on his chest

Kartik: My daughter will be the next lucky charm in my life

Naira: Daughter?

Kartik: Haan…what else. I need a daughter. Msd has Ziva and Kartik will have Kaira

Naira: What if it is Kairav?

Kartik: Huh..

Naira: Son rey

Kartik: No chance. First child is a daughter undoubtedly. If you want a son then we can give our daughter a chotu brother years later

Naira punches his chest with her fist

Naira: First let our child be born.

There is a knock on the door and Naira moves away. Its their Sudha Mausi

Sudha: Kartik baba juice

Kartik gets it from her

Kartik: From now you should have juice and fruits after every few hours. No running and no dancing. Complete rest.
Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: I know its Adi’s wedding yet full time my attention will be on you. Okay?

Naira: Okay…


  1. Kavya_P

    Loved it
    Hope pregnancy goes smoothly
    Interesting precap

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya So happy that you loved it ❤️❤️It will definitely be smooth😍😍

  2. Jasminerahul

    Keesh confession n dialogues were lovely.Surprising that naksh used to love her since childhood.surprising that naira is pregnant.very sweet scene.waiting 4 adilya engagement func.kaira conversation was so sweet.I am eager to know whether it will be a girl or a boy or both.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hey Jasmine Happy that you liked Keesh confession. Thank you so much 😊.its on the way ❤️❤️😇. You will know it soon dear 🤗🤗. Thank you so much

  3. Woww Amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
    Surprised to know that kaira is becoming parents. Pls don’t show leap. Keesh Confession was great👌👌💖💖

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya Thank you so much dear ❤️❤️. Definitely no leap now dear. 😊😊So happy that you liked Keesh confession

  4. Lovely😍 waiting for the next episode…..

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️❤️

  5. Plz update next ep of kaira ek ehsaas fast

    1. Sai07

      It has been uploaded now Dear

  6. Radhakrishn

    Kaira scenes were lovely. Ruhi and Shagun teasing Adi was funny. Happy that Naksh accepted Keerthi’s proposal.

    1. Sai07

      Hey Radhakrishn Happy that you liked Kaira scenes and Ruhi and Shagun teasing Adi . ❤️❤️

  7. Such a cute episode..sweet one…I loved it so much….impatient kartik was cute but mised his meditation scene…kaira revealing it to family was sweet an simple but nice…I think kartik has to wait for 3 months and not one….all the scenes were lovely.. kaira kiss was romantic….excited to see kartik’s overprotectiveness….pls include all the pictures of those scenes in akshu’s times too…try not to give a leap as in serial..pls….whole pregnancy track..upload soon..waiting for the next!!

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kaira Thank you so much dear ❤️❤️Very happy that you loved it 😍😍😍. Sorry for missing it 😀Yeah he has to wait for 3 months but as you know impatient Kartik will blabber 😇. Sure dear and I wont give a leap for sure. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. When will u upload next one?

    1. Sai07

      Working on it dear. I’ll upload in 15 minutes max

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