Luv Kush 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sita protects her sons

Luv Kush 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dheera asking Lav and Kush to apologize to Hanuman. He says I m not with anyone of you, I m in a dilemma. Lav says we are ready to fight. Hanuman says its good that my love for you has ended. Kush says sorry to make you regret. Lav says we hope we fight won’t make you regret. Hanuman steps on the ground and shakes it. Lav and Kush get shocked. A storm occurs. Hanuman runs to them. The arrows build a wall before Hanuman. Dheera says no, what am I seeing. Rishi says Lav and Kush are going to have a fight with Hanuman. Valmiki smiles and says its just the beginning, that thought that kept Ram and Sita away will end now. Hanuman breaks the wall. Dheera asks him to calm down, Lav and Kush are fools, they don’t know what they are doing.

Sita opens her eyes and senses the battle going on. She prays for her sons. Valmiki comes and says this test is tough, but when did you lose to situation, you didn’t ask Hanuman for your sons’ life. Sita says I know Hanuman can never lose, he is blessed by Mahadev, Lav and Kush are bearing their fate, I can’t do anything in this. He bears her and says your patient has much strength as Hanuman’s power. Hanuman takes the giant form. The fight goes on. Lav and Kush scream when Hanuman catches them by his tail. They jump aside. Hanuman looks for them. They say we are here…. Hanuman sees them on some treetop. Lav says we enjoyed the ride on your tail, but we got tired. Kush says so we thought to take some rest and come back to our position.

Hanuman gets back to normal self. Lav and Kush pray that Sita and Valmiki have always protected them by their blessing. Sita and Valmiki pry. Hanuman throws his gada at Lav and Kush. Lav and Kush shoot arrows to stop it. They fail to stop the gada. Kush says no one can save them now. Valmiki opens eyes. He controls the gada. Lav and Kush get saved. Hanuman says impossible, this never happened before. He gets his gada to attack them again. Lav and Kush get saved. Dheera looks on. Kush says how long can we get saved. Lav says lets catch the gada without delaying further. They catch the gada. Dheera asks how are they capable to catch the gada. Hanuman says so you both are challenging me. He lifts them in air. The ladies come to Sita and asks her to see.

Sita sees her sons hanging to Hanuman’s gada. Lav and Kush struggle to hold the gada. They sit over the gada. Hanuman makes them roam in the sky. Lav and Kush smile enjoying the ride in the sky. Hanuman says they have managed to bear the attack and enjoying it, what is the power of their tolerance, I didn’t see such a thing before, what’s happening, I have to make the last mighty attack so see these boys’ strength. He prays to Suryadev and says I have to test these boys, I m sending them to you, lets see if they can tolerate your heat. Lav and Kush get shocked and worry. Sita prays to Valmiki to protect Lav and Kush. Bharat stops the chariot. He sees Lav and Kush. Sugreev says Hanuman is fighting them, these boys can’t tolerate this, their ego and bodies will burn down to ashes now. Sita worries. The lady says we told you to stop Hanuman, you didn’t listen, Lav and Kush are going to burn by sun’s heat. Sita cries.

She says they are Suryavanshi and they are sent to get burnt by Suryadev. Kush says I m hurt. Lav asks him to think of their mum’s pain, they have to bear the pain if they want their answers. Sita cries. Her tear falls down on the ground. The gada stops. Hanumana sks what did this happen. The lady asks Sita to see. Kush says this gada isn’t moving towards the sun. Lav says its mum’s blessings, lets take the gada home. They smile and have the ride back. They land back on the ground. Everyone gets shocked. Ram gets shocked looking out of the window. Hanuman sees Lav and Kush coming to him. Dheera smiles.

Lav and Kush ask Hanuman to stop their attack if he can. Sita says I will lose, whoever wins.

Update Credit to: Amena

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