Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Ganesh is searching to kill evil mahishasoor.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a woman calls bhandasoor to have water & as he comes to take water she vanishes & again his son calls him so he goes into souls calling him from everywhere while bhandasoor is becoming unstable shouting on himself. Kartik sees this & explains paravati mata & mahadev how bhandasoor has become unstable while he also says where ganesh is & seeing him he says he loks in confusion of how devi’s will fight with the evil animals sent by bhandasoor & ganesh is thinking how much mata will fight with these & can’t think of any solution so he asks powers from mata to immediately give thinking power for this solution & mata chants mantra while Vishnu also explains why mata has given blessings to be calm to ganesh as he can think fast.
Ganesh gives details of powers & tells mata that he is none other than evil mahishasoor & he describes of mata durga who can destroy all these evil animals with her powerful attacks.
As evil animals are attacking then mata durga comes on lion to kill them all by her powerful weapon.
She is retaliating their attack by throwing them & killing them breaking into pieces. Bhandasoor falls in confusion how come this attacks of mine is getting destroyed so he thinks he can’t be unsuccessful & talks about they will get hit but again they will get up with full powers to attack. He sees blood & gets shocked who has drooped this while his son‘s soul calls him saying I am there for your safety so he shouts that i will wipe out all this blood & do not want anybody nor my son & my daughter too & not also ganeshji. Ganesh is saying why mata’s attacks can’t kill mahishasoor.
Mata is fighting with those evil animals continuously & she kills & throws them away from the mountains. All goddesses are seeing this & feeling happy about it.
Kartik is saying this is first time happening that they are getting hit but again they are getting up to attack. Ganesh is also thinking what is this happening so there must be some secret behind this & explains what mata has to do in various forms to attack this mahishasoor & ganesh understands how can this happen is by calling her daughter. Kartik says where ganesh has gone from battlefield?
A saint is praying while ganesh comes to him praying so he asks what is it then ganesh tells him I need to ask you something & he asks what so ganesh tells him to call mata katraini & saint is confused & tells ganesh I can’t but if you wish I can sacrifice my life but not this as she has suffered a lot in past so I can’t make her my daughter again as she had to go from lot of testing times suffering very much so no & absolutely not as I can’t see her in trouble again but ganesh is requesting & explaining him again & again due to mata can’t immerge to kill mahishasoor evil from this world. So as ganesh is leaving thinking how can this happen now without saint’s help & mata will be unable to immerge in that form while saint is thinking why I should do such a deed where mata will be affected & he is called by prabhu ganeshji explaining him to not to think too much about you doing wrong as you are very big saint & ganesh himself is son through you daughter so do not depress him & saint’s eyes are opened thinking whom I was returning without my help & he stops prabhu ganesh while mata is fighting with the evil animals continuously. Saint is praying mata saying you are ultimate & he calls her to come for help if at all I am late but to forgive me & come form me again in form of my daughter katraini.

Precap: Bhandasoor does big evil plan & ganesh calls powerful support to finish bhandasoor

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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