Shakti 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan accepts Heer’s kinnar truth and swears to protect her

Shakti 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Gita to greet aunty (Soumya) and says she is sleeping. Gita looks at Soumya. Heer asks Preeto why everyone was swearing keeping hand on her head. Preeto says they said that they will search Soumya and Harak Singh. Heer asks if she is hiding somewhere? Preeto says no, but she is missing. Rohan comes to Saya’s house. Kinnars are shocked. Saya asks are here. Rohan asks he wants to know if Soumya Mami was a kinnar. Saya asks do you know what kinnar is? Rohan says people like you are kinnars. Saya asks do you think Soumya looks like us. She says she was your Mami. Rohan says she was my Mami, Soham and Heer’s mother, but she was a kinnar too. Chameli asks who told you this? Rohan says I was there in Panchayat and heard everything. A fb is shown, Rohan hears Preeto’s lie. Fb ends. He asks if Soumya was a kinnar and was kidnapping Heer, and that’s why Nanu shot her. Saya says no and tells that Soumya can never kidnap anyone, she had come here to give happiness to others and tells that Preeto cooked up a fake story to tell the villagers. Rohan asks Saya if Soumya Mami was a kinnar or not. Saya says I will not lie with you and will leave on you to decide if you want to love or hate her. She says it is truth that your Soumya mami was a kinnar. Rohan gets shocked and leaves from there.

Shanno asks Veeran, why he didn’t do anything when she sent Heer to Panchayat. Veeran asks what I can do? Preeto says I know that you have sent her there. She asks Veeran to call Lawyer and tells that she will name half of her property on her name if she signs on the papers that she will not tell Heer’s truth to anyone. Veeran says it is not needed. Preeto says but your wife needs this and asks her to sign. Shanno signs on the papers. Preeto asks Veeran to call lawyer. Shanno says once I get this land and wealth then this paper can’t stop me and tells that she will tell truth to everyone. Sindhu comes and hears her and says then get ready to see my dead face. She says if you tell anything to anyone about Heer then I will commit suicide. Shanno asks Veeran to make her understand. Veeran tells her that Heer’s truth and Sindhu’s life are related and asks her to think before doing anything.

Preeto looks at Soumya’s pic and thinks of moments with her, Soumya’s promise and then lying about her. She feels apologetic to her and tells that she couldn’t find any other way to make everything fine. Rohan comes there and tells that Soumya Mami was good, used to take care of everyone and love them. He says I didn’t know that she was a kinnar. Preeto asks what are you saying? Rohan says Soumya Mami was a kinnar. I asked those kinnars and they said that she is a kinnar. Preeto asks do you get affected by the truth. Rohan says I do and tells that I have more respect for her now and tells that she was a best Mami and best mother. He says Soumya was more than God for him now and will miss her more than my Mamma. Preeto gets glad and emotional and asks when did you grow so big and tells that she is sure that he will accept the other truth also. Rohan asks her to tell and says I want to know. Preeto says your sister Heer is a kinnar like Soumya. Sindhu and Raavi come there. Preeto says your sister is a kinnar. Your Nanu came to know about Heer’s truth and your Soumya Mami died while fighting with him.

Raavi says just like you didn’t get affected by Soumya’s truth, you shall not be affected by Heer’s truth. Sindhu says we all love her and tells that we are fighting for her. She says if the people know about her truth then Heer has to go to kinnar’s house and then she can’t come back. Preeto asks him to say something. Rohan looks at Soumya’s photoframe and tells Preeto that he thinks of Soumya as his God and swears on Soumya that he won’t let his sister Heer go to kinnar’s house and will fight for her. Preeto says Soham shall never know about it, he will not understand. Rohan says I understood and will not let Soham know about it. He tells that he will fight for Heer. He comes to room. Soham tells that he called Maa, but she is not picking the call. He goes to give phone to Sindhu.

Rohan keeps Soumya’s photo frame in the room and thinks of Preeto’s words that their Heer is a kinnar like Soumya. He looks at Heer, holds her hand and thinks of Soumya’s words that they three, Rohan, Soham and Heer are one life and they shall never leave each other’s hands. Rohan tells Heer that he will never leave her hand even if whatever happens, now he understood why Mami asked him to hold her hand always.

Precap: Harak Singh sneaks into his house late in the night and shoots at someone sleeping on the bed thinking her to be Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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