Luv Kush 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Lav and Kush defeat Angad

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Luv Kush 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat saying they can’t defeat Hanuman, its impossible. Hanuman praises Lav and Kush. He says I got defeated to the young boys, they have Divya powers. Bharat asks what Divya powers do they have. Hanuman thinks they are Ram and Sita’s children. He says its useless to fight them, it will be better to send message to Ram, he should come to meet them. Bharat says impossible, this can’t happen, if Ram comes here for them, what about Ayodhya’s respect, they will meet Ram when I capture them and take them to Ram, alive or dead. Lav says we accept your challenge, we heard your brave stories, you have worshipped Ram’s slippers and managed Ayodhya for 14 years, you have defeated big competitors, you are a great warrior, accept our greetings.

Sugreev says its good, you know Bharat’s strengths, it will be good if you leave your adamancy and weapons, Bharat can’t be defeated, you better surrender, come Hanuman to Ayodhya. He asks Bharat to get the horse. Kush stops them and asks who are you. Angad asks how can you ask Sugreev about his identity, he is Vanar Raj, he ruined Raavan’s Lanka and assisted Ram. Lav says we are lucky to meet you. Kush asks Angad to give his introduction too, then they can start the battle. Lav says Valmiki asked us to greet the enemies in battle. Angad keeps his foot on the ground and says I m Bali’s son, I m Vanar Sena minister, Angad, no one could move my leg, if you think you are a warrior, move my leg and show, I will accept my defeat. Hanuman asks Angad to listen. Angad says no, they captured you and challenged Ram. Lav says three warriors have come to fight us, fine, we will fight, its our Dharm, we will do as you say if we fail to move your leg. Kush says you don’t know whom you are challenging, if you are powerful, everyone knows Lav’s strength. Angad jokes. Lav says Kush, prove yourself by deeds, not words. Kush says lets go and defeat him. Angad says come ahead, I m ready to see your strength. Lav and Kush go to him. Lav holds Angad’s leg to move him. Angad laughs. Kush worries. Lav tries hard. Bharat and Sugreev smile. Lav falls away. Hanuman looks on.

Angad says Lav has no strength. Lav and Kush try together to move Angad. They fall back. Angad laughs. Lav and Kush try to pull his leg by a rope. Angad says its fun, try harder. Lav and Kush fall down. Angad laughs and says you thought I m an ordinary vanar, I m mighty Bali’s son Angad, you can’t defeat me, Hanuman is soft hearted, he surrendered to you both boys, but I have a heart of a warrior. Lav and Kush say he has much ego, we will move off his leg, he had devotion for Ram, but he got this ego. They get some idea. They shoot at Angad’s legs. The arrows emit water. Angad’s foot on ground gets drenched.

Angad laughs and says you want to do my Abhishek, get milk and chandan as well to mix in water. Hanuman says don’t underestimate them, they will shock you suddenly. Angad says sorry, you are trapped in their illusion, they are just stubborn boys. Lav signs Kush. He holds an arrow and prays. Hanuman asks what is he doing. He shoots in the air. Angad says look at their new Leela, they are shooting at the sky. It starts thundering. Lav recalls Valmiki saying the thundering can break any huge mountain, this arrow will store the thunder and make it a powerful weapon. Angad sees the arrow coming down. The arrow hits the wet ground. Angad gets the current. He falls back. Sugreev shouts Angad.

Lav and Kush smile. Sugreev asks are you fine Angad. Angad says they used cheat, now no one can save you from me. Kush says one uses their resources as weapon, you used your strength, we used our knowledge, your ego has cheated you. Angad faints. Sugreev scolds Lav and Kush. Lav says you have seen the battle consequence, who will come next. Sugreev gets ready to battle.

Sugreev says you are challenging me. Lav says just go back to Ayodhya and ask Ram to meet us. Vanar sena attacks Lav and Kush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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