Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh’s relatives come to stay at Pandey House

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira gifts a couple’s watch to Akhilesh. They both help each other wear it. Akhilesh calls it very cute. He hugs her. You can hug me now and be a little naughty. You must be tired after all the hard work. I will sing a lullaby for you so you can sleep quickly. Ira prays that her Akhilesh remains the way he is. Don’t punish him for my mistake. She falls asleep in his arms.

Ira wakes up because of the tracker. The alarm rings only when! She looks around but Akhilesh is not in the room. What woke him up at this hour? Her watch isn’t working. She cusses Bajrangi. I must find Akhilesh somehow. Hope Akhilesh wont do anything. It is my mistake! He is paying for my mistake. Doorbell rings. Ira wonders who it could be. It must be some girl whom Akhilesh would have teased. I will sort the matter at the door itself. She opens the door and finds a woman at the door. He dint spare a married woman? The lady’s husband steps forward. Ira thinks he has come here to beat Akhilesh. The guy asks for the man of the house. Ira requests him to forgive Akhilesh. He isn’t at fault. He is a very simple man. The guy tells her to call Akhilesh. Ira does not let him talk. Akhilesh is not a villain. His hormones are at fault. Please listen to me. Akhilesh might be looking at the girls with weirdly but it isn’t his real intention.

Pushpa asks her why she is blabbering. Who is here? she recognizes the guy (Bishan). They greet each other. Devina stops the girl from touching her feet. Bishan says I asked bhabhi ji about Akhilesh bhaiya but Bhabhi ji said a lot about him. Is he fine? Pushpa asks Ira why she was saying all those things to Bishan. Ira says he has become out of control now. He has become tharki. Devina and Pushpa don’t buy her explanation of tharki to be a nice guy but Ira convinces them. Bishan notices Akhilesh and calls him tharki. Pushpa calls out to Akhilesh. What’s in your hands? Akhilesh says my book was torn a little. I was fixing it. Akhilesh meets Bishan and his wife. Bishan apologizes for coming late. Pushpa says it is okay. She tells Akhilesh that Bishan was coming over for a wrestling match so I invited him over. Devina asks her how they are related. Pushpa says he is very close (though he is a very distant relative). Take care of them. Devina says I have a lot to do but Pushpa calls her useless. Akhilesh welcomes Bishan and his wife. Ira hopes Akhilesh wont change into his naughty self after seeing Bishan’s wife. Please save us, Ambe Ma.

Next morning, Pushpa is in the kitchen. She is trying to call the crows. Devina taunts her if she couldn’t find a better friend. Pushpa says I was calling a particular crow. It is Akhilesh’s father. Devina laughs. Do you think he will come back as a crow? Pushpa says a crow comes every morning and eats my food. It is the same thing which my husband loved. I am sure it’s him. He also speaks very lovingly to me. Devina cannot stop laughing. You have completely lost it. Who did you sell your mind to? I pity that person. Pushpa insists that the crow aka her husband comes every morning at 8 to eat food from my hands. She stops Devina from eating anything till that happens. They end up arguing again.

Ira thinks of taking an off but many doctors are on leave. She agrees to come. It is risky to leave Akhilesh but what can I do.

Akhilesh notices a magazine and leans closer. Ira thinks his other side is active again. He isn’t ready to spare the magazine! Akhilesh sits down to clean it when Ira pats at him from behind. What are you doing to the magazine? He shows the dust. I was cleaning the dust and shows the cloth to her. What did you think I was doing? She offers to do it instead. What’s your plan today? He replies that he has a meeting in factory. She confirms if it will be all men there. He nods. She tells him to drop her to office but he shares that Amma has kept a shanty puja. Amma feeds food to a black crow daily. She thinks it is my Bapu. She has kept puja for the crow thinking it isn’t fine. I wont be able to drop you today. Please take out my clothes. He goes to bathe. Ira decides to drop Mishri to school and then join Akhilesh for the puja.

Devina and Pushpa continue arguing over food and weight.

Akhilesh has changed into a dhoti when Bishan greets him. His wife follows them inside. Akhilesh quickly covers himself with a shawl. Bishan tells him not to cover himself. Your body inspires me. Teach me some tricks. Akhilesh says I have heard everyone praising you. Bishan says you would have achieved great heights if you hadn’t left it in between. Teach me some tricks so I can win the match. Akhilesh smiles. You reminded me of old days. He starts teaching a few tricks / postures to Bishan. Bishan’s wife ogles at Akhilesh. I wish I had married a smart guy like Akhilesh ji. I would have been roaming openly with my husband on the Mumbai streets then.

Precap: Bishan’s wife notices Akhilesh struggling with his kurta and goes to help him. They slip on the bed in the process. Akhilesh handcuffs her. Ira notices them thus. The new Akhilesh is back! She covers him when Bishan enters but the truth comes out. Bishan stares at them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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