Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Mata kills Evil mahishasoor

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh thinking mata getting blessings from himalaya mountain so he prays Himalaya to immerge for help & as himalaya god comes & mata readies her weapon to fight with evil mahishasoor while mata chooses lion as her supptortive weapon & kartik is explaining about lion & also asking parvati mata why she chose lion so she explains him about lion being ultimate weapon for utilization for such powerful fight.
Mata is ready sitting on lion to face evil while bhandasoor is roaming around his palace finding everything is destroyed but sees only some utensils & tries finding food items in it but gets bugged not getting anything in it & he finds grains, milk & jaggery so feels contended.
All devi’s are praising mata vidavasini as she is ready to fight with the mahishasoor’s evil & as evil attacks then she retaliates & sends lion to attack him & lion gets hit but again lion attacks the evil hurting him while kartik tells mata paravati that mata’s choice was correct to choose lion & paravati mata explains him who has the will power is always a great fighter. Lion kills the evil while mahishasoor thinks this is happening of the past again.
Ganesh says this will lead to destruction of your community & nobody can save bhandasoor.
Bhandasoor says I won’t wait to eat this food as I know mahishasoor will win while he hears a sound getting confused so he is seeing while mahishasoor is telling mata that you are over-confident about your lion so I will kill him & he changes his form in huge lion & attacks her lion hurting him so mata hits back to mahishasoor by hurting him badly & bhandasoor says mahishasoor can’t die & he wakes him by telling him this is your second chance & mahishasoor gets up challenging mata again so he changes his form in elephant while ganesh says he has become arrogant to get himself destroyed & as he attacks then mata holds him as all gods are happy seeing him & mata throws him thrashing & bhandasoor is shocked. Bhandasoor provides him his weapon powers telling him to win with this devi & he again challenges her so tries attacking her while ganesh blesses her with powers of durgastov & she gets power of durga mata while all gods & goddesses are happy seeing & prays her.
As mahishasoor attacks her she hits him retaliating & she tells him that now an evil will get killed by my weapon getting wet with your blood & she attacks mahishasoor with her weapon & as he is killed then bhandasoor is shocked seeing this. All devi’s are prasing mata mahishasoor mardini.
Bhandasoor becomes wild throwing all kinds of thinks in his hands & blaming himself saying why I am getting defeated always & saying how mahishasoor got killed? His image comes out from his body saying now I am hungry too inspite of winning. Ganesh comes telling him selfish person also becomes hungry.
Ganesh is explaining bhandasoor that to sacrifice all your evils & also wish to return your modak given to me if you remember & he reminds of that & ganesh explains him selfishness never ends from that person & seeing the utensil also empty so he becomes more selfish & bhandasoor thinks otherwise that is ganeshji going to end me by putting modak in front of me.
Mata sees mahadev & says I have to take mahadev out of bhandasoor’s clutches.

Precap: Mata tells ganesh that whom bhandasoor will send you have to tell me & also give me solution to kill him. Bhandasoor tells ganesh that how much you think but you won’t be able to realize what i am doing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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