Loving again part 23 (twinj ff)

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Loving again part 23

“i never meant you to be jobless and you know that,” she said calmly.

Though at that moment his text has brought a smile on her face but they needed to talk about it and no when he has reached Dublin she thought it was the right moment to do that.

“i don’t know what conspired me at that moment, I was just joking.” he lied tossing on the bed.

“are you lying to me?” she questioned him lowly.

There was no point in lying to her when she was already aware of it.

“actually I have already submitted my papers for the resignation and did not apply for the visa renewal so…

“but we had a talk about it so why all this pressure?” she reminded him of the talk on the terrace.

“yeah, I just thought it would be easy to start afresh somewhere else,” he replied.

“i have my savings and could have managed to stay in Banglore in that old apartment of mine for two or three months before my Visa is renewed,” he spoke about his plans.

“we can’t run away from memories Kunj, they would keep chasing us all our life,” she spoke remorsefully.

“yeah… but we will create new memories Twinkle,” he whispered to himself.

“then i have been offered a job in Delhi and I am planning to join the company,” he said after a while.

“that’s good,” she replied taking a sigh of relief.

If God was blessed with a good life then no one had a right to stop doing work and neglect his blessing.

“where is Kavya?” he asked about the girl already missing her cute tactics and her soft caresses on his cheeks.

“she is sleeping after her breakfast.” twinkle replied as she resumed the dusting of the kitchen.

“I’ll call in morning Twinkle, I have to sleep now.” he was very tired after the two flights and a total 20 hours of journey.

“Oh, okay…” she replied hastily.

“Twinkle, I have got a call from the bank there are some documents which need both our signatures so… Uma said entering the kitchen.

“okay Ma, I ‘ll just take a bath and come,” she answered watering the little money plant on the kitchen window.

“ by the way Twinkle, dont know how the fireflies-plant was wet suddenly, we don’t water the plant na!!” her mother in law asked her.

Now this question poured a bucket of cold water on her, she turned away and did she notice the way her cheeks turned pink on this question

“actually… Bebe, ummm…” she hesitated remembering the reason.

“it was my fault that day, I didn’t see the plant,” she replied and left the kitchen saying perhaps Kavya was awake.

Here Uma wondered what happened to her actually.




Closing the doors of her room she pressed her palms to her heart to calm herself.

That hug was not anything intentional but a brief gesture of consoling and comforting her but that hug was not letting her sleep comfortably after he was gone.

She felt guilty to feel this way but this feeling of safety was way too addictive and she wanted to feel that for both of them. She wanted to see him happy and not the ruthless man he has become from last few years.

She remembered there was no moment he has talked nicely with her after her marriage with Yuvi to the two-three times he was home.

it seemed that time was dragged back to the time they had been introduced for the first time and though he was already softer towards her after the accident now things were…

In her thoughts, she didn’t see when her daughter tossed and then turned and fell on the floor until her sharp cries echoed through the house.

“Kavya… my girl.’ she panicked seeing her on the floor and ran to her.

“what happened Twinkle?” Uma asked climbing the stairs.

“shhhhh, nothing happened my baby..it is alright .” she rubbed her whole body to soothe her but she kept crying.

“what happened Twinkle?” asked Uma entering the room.

“she fell from the bed Bebe, I had put the pillows but don’t know how…” she trailed away rubbing her body.

“here give her to me and bring some of her baby oil and that herbal oil…” Uma said sitting on the bed.

“I am sorry Bebe, I didn’t know when did she…” she spoke still in her guilt.

“kids keep falling Twinkle, it is nothing big, now give her to me,” Uma assured her.

Finally, Twinkle stood from the floor and gave the baby to her granny and ran downstairs to fetch the herbal oil.

“hey , my princess…you have already started your curious moves..haan? Following your Dad!! “ Uma talked with her as she remembered how her Yuvi was always a naughty kid and kept getting injured due to such incidents.

This bought a smile on the old lady’s face as her grandkid was a beautiful reminder of her deceased son.

“ you are getting naughty day by day …haan,” she talked with her massaging her little waist to lessen the fear of any injury.

The baby’s cries started decreasing seeing the lady talking to her so calmly.

“well, your Kunj daddy was also no less, it was more difficult with him cause he used to get silent on his injuries and we would not get to know about it unless I spotted the dark spots on his body,” she told her grandkid about the childhood incidents of her fathers.

“Bebe, here is the oiiiil…. she was surprised seeing the baby so calm. ‘wasn’t just a moment back she was in so much pain.’ she wondered to herself.

“it keeps happening daughter, nothing big.” come and take her she needs you,” Uma said seeing Twinkle standing dumbstruck.

“no Bebe, you hold her…I think I scared her with my nervousness.” Twinkle murmured smiling to her daughter who was now busy with her granny’s saree.

“you know what Twinkle, maintaining the duty of a wife is the toughest when the kids are small…I remember myself running behind these two kids back then and Kunj’s father getting angry for his shocks were invisible to him…for his files would not be there.” she laughed in between her talks.

“he would seek moments for me to have time for him after all an army man used to get only limited vacations to see his family.” she continued.

“but my kids also needed me, especially Yuvi, he would start crying if there was a moment of delay and me not ready with his plate of food.” Uma smiled with tears forming in her eyes.

“bebe …it’s okay.” Twinkle took it as she was missing her son.

“No Twinkle, today I feel in my alone moments that perhaps I could have spent more time with Kunj’s father…this guilt of not being with him when he wanted, kill me but kids were also important…

She took a moment and then continued, “ he went away without even a piece of information about him, then I saw my elder son going away…and no, don’t think I am blaming you,I have never blamed you. I am telling you today cause soon you would be a wife along with a mother, Kavya is your daughter as well as would be his but if my son makes a mistake like his dad then don’t shut him down…Men are not as sensible as we woman, they feel ignorant and express in the form of lame anger…” her mother in law laughed on this.

“yeah, totally lame excuses for the anger but all they need a moment of comfort with wives.” Uma completed.

“i’ll try Bebe.” Twinkle whispered focusing her gaze on the intricate design on her dupatta.

Her always smiling Mother in law was strong but she didn’t she was this strong.

“here Take Kavya and now rest for a while, we will visit the Bank tomorrow.” Uma smiled at her.

“yeah.’ she murmured as she held her in her arms.


She had been busy correcting the copies of the girls from Savitri’s NGO she has resumed going once a week for the girls to teach English like earlier.

And her phone ringed and seeing the caller she took a deep breath and then she swiped the screen.

“how is Kavya, and why didn’t you take her to the hospital?’ he asked her in a strict tone.

“but she is fine… she answered calmly capping the pen.

“Bebe is so calm and you too seem calm, from when did you two become doctors..haan?” he seemed angry now. “she could get some internal injury or something… shit.”

“will you calm down first?” she is fine, kids keep falling and she is playing right before my eyes,” she assured him.

“wow Twinkle, gosh! A man needs to be there.’ he muttered the last few words under his breath.

The call was cut and she smiled on the overreaction but it was not his fault, he was away so even a small thing was big from his point of view.

Here she was defending himself when her phone ringed one more time but this time the man was with his eyes.

“A WhatsApp video cal1!!!”

“Uff this man… Bebe, your son is really a patient guy.” she smiled on her mother in law’s words

“well I want to see my girl…” he uttered with the back camera on and the beautiful view of Dublin visible on the screen, she muffled her laugh on his childishness.

“okay.” and she went to the corner where the girl was playing with her toys.

She showed the screen to her daughter fully knowing he would turn the front camera On and in a moment she heard…

‘hey Princess,” from the other side.

The little girl looked up from her toys and laughed seeing him on the screen, “Paah” she whispered and then in the next moment said it aloud trying to take the phone in her little hands.

“okay come here, otherwise you’ll drop it.’ she said taking her in her lap and facing the camera so both of them were visible in the camera.

“she is fine,” she said hiding a smile.

“yeah, I am seeing.” he replied trying to talk with her girl who was only laughing and saying “Paah” at moments to him.

“so you got relief,” she asked after he was done saying a bye to the little girl.

“hmm… I think I overreacted,” he replied switching to the back camera, and now staring her without the terror of being caught.

“you did.” and she also switched to back camera spoiling his plans.

“this swag of yours, twinkle,” he muttered with a smile spreading the dimples alive.


Hey everyone, How are all of you? there are two things which i truly dislike about most of the Indian shows, 1)- they scrap a show without a proper ending and 2) – for the popularity they show some really twisted and weird kind of things which i won’t name but i just don’t agree with and somewhere because of these reasons i have given up on them,

still  i start watching a new show in a hope that this time I won’t be disappointed only to regret later, but this does not break my trust in stories, there are a lot of things that can be done about a story and i try imagining them when i am alone.

by the way just today i remembered a telly hero who now plays father in a leading show whom me and my mom used to watch in a show at least 12 or 13 years back… and this reminds me again how fast the time is running… i shiver with the thought that someday it might be the case that i am busy and i am unable to give my imaginations the form of a story but then my calm mind tells me to enjoy it till i can.

Now, most of the moments in my story i steal from the real-life events… like today the moment when bebe is telling Twinkle about her husband being angry on her when she did not give him time, this was from the story of an army man i have seen.

well, leave my endless talks i hope you guys liked the chapter, do share your views.

with love Morusya.♥

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  1. Meharin

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  4. Awesome episode dear ?
    Twinj chats were cute
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    Twinj scenes were so nicely presented
    Your writing style is unique I feel like I am spellbound..
    So post soon please

    1. Morusya51

      hey Drishti, thank you so much being a real sweetheart Love, your analysis always makes me smile a bit more… and Possessiveness is an impor trait for fathers for their baby girl 😉
      i am happy i manage to give you guys a moment of switch OFF from this world…keep the love coming and i’ll speed up the chapters♥♥♥

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    I’m loving this seriously ??? The idea of staring her without being caught made me laugh like a maniac??and it got doubled when twinkle too turned it off? Kavya is so cuteeeee….Do write soon the next part.

    1. Morusya51

      that idea was a really amusing one for even me, i am happy you too felt that *winks*, love you so much dear for letting me feel this feeling of BEING OVERLY SOAKED IN GRATITUDE, thanks a ton..coming soon☻♥

      1. Sumi2323

        Pleasure is all mine. THANKYOU for giving us these wonderful pieces of writing.

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    Kunj and Kavya are so cute and adorable ❤
    Twinkle and Bebe’s conversation was so natural and perfectly timed ❤
    I loved this story more each passing day ❤
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    1. Morusya51

      wow Varsha!! thank you for such a detailed analysis…i really love when you guys put effort to express what you liked in the story, the phone moment was something i have seen with kids doing like everytime when they see someone they know in their phone so thought to use that here.
      and yeah that Twinkle and bebe talk was an important element.
      thank you so much for liking this story, i am trying my best to give you guys something worth a read. love you ♥

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      thank you so much dear ♥ i’ll keep putting the elements so you keep liking it ☻

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