Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat stands by Zaroon

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Miyajaan asking Zaroon why didn’t he refuse before. Mamoon and Nadim argue over their children. Rubina says Zaroon has trapped Saltanat in love. Mamoon says he was marrying Kainat, Saltanat broke his marriage. Nadim asks him to stop it. They argue and shout. Saltanat asks them to calm down. Miyajaan shouts enough. Dadi asks what will happen now. Miyajaan says I have decided to give my precious throne, Zaroon won’t be the heir now. Dadi smiles. Everyone gets shocked.

Miyajaan says the guy who can’t value relations and respect family, I don’t think he can manage my throne. Mamoon says this is injustice. Miyajaan says Zaroon will not stay in this house. They all get shocked. Mamoon says this is our insult, why don’t you throw out Saltanat. Zainab asks Miyajaan not to punish Zaroon and Saltanat. Zaroon smiles seeing Saltanat. Dadi asks them to see Zaroon’s dare, he is smiling like a shameless person. Zaroon says fine Miyajaan, I respect your decision, I will go from this house. Mamoon stops him. Ghazala asks Miyajaan not to do this with her son. Miyajaan drags him out. Zaroon says I m glad to get love from you all, I don’t deserve to be here in this house, I don’t deserve this throne, I was smiling as I got my Kohinoor, Saltanat’s love confession, when love gets acceptance by two hearts, it gets Lord’s worship, I don’t care for anything now, what matters is, Saltanat loves me. Kainat gets angry. Zaroon says I have right on Saltanat’s love, that’s much for me. He bids them bye. Saltanat cries and asks Miyajaan to stop him. Miyajaan asks her to leave if she has any objection.

Saltanat says I will go with Zaroon, I have vowed to support him. Rubina says you won’t go. Saltanat says let me go, please. Miyajaan says I didn’t stop you, don’t come back, think you have died for me. Saltanat says Zaroon is part of my soul, I can’t live without him. Zaroon looks at her. Zaroon meets their parents. Zaroon says I didn’t know what is love, you came in front of me and I fell in love with you, maybe this was the outcome of this story, we will stop this story here, I promise you, love is beautiful if its incomplete, its fine our love has succeeded, I regret that we couldn’t marry, but I can live with your love confession and spend my life. Saltanat asks Zaroon to stop. Rubina holds Saltanat’s hand. Nadim sees Saltanat crying. Rubina leaves Saltanat’s hand. Saltanat runs to Zaroon. Miyajaan says we thought you will care for your family and respect, but I was wrong.

Saltanat says no, elders can never make any mistake. Nadim says its our duty to rectify the misunderstandings. He stops Saltanat and asks her to be quiet. He says we will always pray for you, I wish you get all the happiness, I wish you are proud of your decision. He says Zaroon, Saltanat can’t get a more loving person than you. He asks them to complete their love, he can’t see the pain of incomplete love in their eyes. Saltanat hugs Nadim. Nadim unites them.

Ghazala says Miyajaan you decided to make Zaroon out, I m his mum, I have a right to talk to him once. She takes Zaroon with her. She says you are inviting a big problem, Saltanat is the princess of this house, you also had a lavish life, what will you have now. He says I have my love, I will face the world, I want to be independent, I will stumble and walk, I will move ahead in life and learn things. She hugs him and says I wanted to hear this, I m proud of you, I got sure that my upbringing isn’t wrong, you are going without any preparations. She gets a taweez to him and blesses him to have a new life. She asks him to have understanding in his relation. He hugs her. Saltanat says I promise Miyajaan, you will accept me and Zaroon one day.

Saltanat says blood relations don’t die just like that, I hope you won’t find my relation wrong. Zaroon and Saltanat leave the house. Everyone cries. Kainat looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thats the power of love no matter how many hurdles comes your way you have to believe in yourself and your love. i see zaroon’s character in my husband he stood by my side the sameway today zaroon did for saltanat even though he will never accept that and he will lay all the credit on me as he always do.
    saltanat stood for her love thats soo pure love and no demands just a faith on your allah and love thanks telly updates for very very nice update after watching the episode i found it more attaching

  2. Superb episode
    Zaroon & Saltanat totally killed it

    If any man love like this she was one of the most luckiest girl in the planet
    good Saltanat you are with Zaroon

    I wonder Helly was doing superb performance in both roles

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