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Recap: Anika’s idea about the party and Avni’s secret..

Let’s peeps into today’s episode ,

In Oberoi mansion all were busy in decorating the house. Already anika arrived there and busy in seeing the last minute preparation. Shivaay is busy in conference and omru were helping anika. While Avni and Gauri went to college.

In a corner of the city, Neil is bargains with a shopkeeper.

“ herey bhai at first you said 50% off for this book now you are not reducing the amount during billing, this is not fare, I’m going to complain about it to the consumer court. “ He fumed.

“ sir but it’s not for this book , it’s only for foreign authors” the billing person said.

“ but you should said it first itself na?, this is very should have said that..” he murmured something and paid the full amount and went out.

Evening at Oberoi mansion:

The theme of the the party is black , because it’s Avni’s favourite colour . Shivaay was dressed in a perfect three piece suit. While Om in kurta and Rudy in black shirt. While all the girls ware perfect attire which suits their partners.

Most of their clients and business partners arrived for the party. All were waiting for the main heroine of the party. Avni is still in her room.

Anika went to her room and knocked the door.

“ Avni, it’s getting late can you please come down” She asked but not reply from inside.

“ Avni are you there?” She asked again no reply.

“ Avni…Avni…” this time she banged the door..

She tried to open the door but all her effort went utter failure one..
Suddenly an idea strikes her mind.she went inside through the large French window in her room..
Anika thinks “oho god I didn’t know this windows use until a few seconds ago..if the door is not opening we can go by this way… anika really you are a genius. “ she said to herself and went inside.

To her surprise no one was in that room . She searched in washroom too but no one was there too.

“ herrey what is this , no one is here and then why and how the room is locked inside..” she thought.
Suddenly she saw a black figure coming from one corner and it’s speaking to someone in phone.

“Who is that?” She asked.

The figure turned. The face revealed , after seeing the face she relaxed.
“ Shivaay what are you doing here?, every one is in downstairs “ she said

“ wo..wo I just came to attend a call here..” he said without meeting her eyes.

“ ok come let’s go down” she said

“ you go , I’ll join you after attending a call” he said

“ but shivaay “ cut by him

“ I said you go, can’t you understand what I said..” he said rudely..Anika scared seeing his new rude avatar..

“ bagadbilla, kadoos “ she murmured and went out of Avni’s room.

She called Avni, lucky she picked the phone

“ anika di where are you ?” She asked.

“ I’m in your room ,where are you ?” She asked back..

“ In my room, what are you doing there?, here all were waiting for you” Avni said.

“ ya I’m coming “ she said and cut the call.

Avni cuts the Cake and fed shivaay first and next to omru followed by anika , Neil , bhaviya and gauri.

Neil gives her the gift which he bought for her .

“ thank you Neil “she said and starts to unwrap the rapper.she exited after seeing the gift inside it. It’s her favourite authors book . But she already had that book .

“Thank you Neil it’s really amazing, ,my favourite authors book ,I thought to buy this, but you gifted me. Really thank you “ she lied to him.

Neil smiled at her..

“Bahviya ask that bagadbilla whether all of his clients and partners were present here” Anika said.

“ why ani you can ask na?” Bahviya said.

“ please ask na dr” anika said.

“ ok ok “ she said And asked to shivaay And he replied yes.

“ Shivaay is there is any problem between you and anika?” Bahviya asked him

“ no Bahviya , actually I didn’t see her properly, where is she?” He asked

“ she is in the lawn “ Bahviya said and went out.

Shivaay went in search of her. Finally saw her and went to her.

“ hi anika “ he said . For a second she looked into his eyes.. he was mesmerised by her look. Both had a cute eyelook.

O jaana plays..

Tanha adhoora sa
Khaamosh lamha sa
Tehra hua hai dil yahaan
Mehsoos kar le tu
Jazbaat ki khushbu
Khud se karun kya mai bayaan

Dard hai jo halka sa
Khaab khaab chalka sa
Tu muskuraaye har jagah
O jaana..

After sometimes both came to real world..

She turned her face, and replied “ don’t want your hi , kadoos “ she said.

“ anika what is that .. ka..kaadooz “ Shivaay said.

“ Mr. it’s kadoos “ she said again turned her face.

“ ok whatever, you look beautiful today “ he said.

“ don’t want your compliments, keep your compliments with you itself “ She said.

“Anika what happen ? Why are you angry on me?” Shivaay asked her by holding her both palms.

“ acha you don’t know what happened a few hours ago, are you a memory loss patient?” She asked and released her hand from his hold.

“Anika please say clearly,I’m not suffering from any memory loss “ he said.

“ few hours ago , you scolded me now acting like nothing happens “ she said ..

“ anika what are you saying?, I didn’t see you from the morning , even not seen properly in the birthday party, and you are saying like this” he said with an confused expression.

“What you didn’t come to avni’s room?” She asked .

“ yes “ Shivaay said.

“ then whom did I saw there?” Anika asked .

“ how do I know ani?, at least please say clearly everything to me, what did you saw there in Avni’s room?” He said.

She explained everything to him.

“ shiv.. it’s not you means.. then who is that?” She questioned him..

“Then it’s him..”both said in unison and both rushed outside. And saw Avni speaking with someone.. but they can’t see his/her face clearly..

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  1. Very nice,but short one

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr. .will try to give long one.❤

  2. TSY

    Nice episode dear
    Something is jhol about shivaay
    Is there another shivaay
    And neil’s barganing with shopkeper was funny but cute
    And yes that was so adorable when avni appriciates neil it was so adorabe
    Okay when are you going to revel the truth
    Waiting for it
    And yes come soon with another interesting part
    Till then bye bye keep smiling

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr…hope u like this episode. ..surely I’ll reveal the truth dr..take care..

  3. ItsmePrabha do shivaay’s..interesting..loved neil’s attempt to bargain,which actually failed miserably..loved shivika’s small eyelock..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Sufija

      Thank u didi for ur lovely comment..take care ..

  4. Jasminerahul

    avneil scene was sweet
    shivay mesmerized by anika’s look n shivika eye lock were romantic. that means it was shivay’s imposter.with whom is avni talking?

    1. Sufija

      Thank u for your comment didi..let’s wait and see to whom Avni is talking..

  5. Anokhi21

    Hey.. super episode d.. sorry for late comment .. one is Shivaay.. the other is Mahi or what?? Waiting for the next

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