Loving again… a short story (twinj ff)

Loving again…

“he had told her he was coming in an hour and so she had not much time left to freshen her up, do fast Twinkle!” Talking with herself she buttoned her kurta and patted the baby in her arms.

The baby wasn’t happy with the new sleeping place and wiggled for the homely warmth of her mother’s lap.

She always boasted in her circle she was never going to have a kid, soon after her wedding but here she was already with a baby on the second anniversary of their marriage.

“Babaji, I am never going to boast about anything… ever.” Making her mind she left the cot.

“What new resolution you took twinkle?” and the always mocking brother in law was back from the foreign trip.

“Why should I tell you?” she fired back.

“because once you were about to marry me but then at the very last point of me saying “YES,” you said “No” …. I think you have taken a resolution of Thinking by a mind.” The bitter words coated in sarcastic tone left his lips.

“You should go, bebe is waiting for you.” referring his mother she tried ignoring the truth he just said. “If you don’t remember it’s your brother’s marriage anniversary and i am the mother of his child.” She pointed out lowly.

“Oh sorry… a very happy married life ahead.” The words sounded like a curse and with that he left the doorway of her room.

And thumping on their bed she wandered into the past one more time.

She was immature that time, she didn’t understand that certain marriage proposal was something to change her life… she didn’t know how it was his younger brother who took her heart and how without thinking for a moment she said “YES” to Yuvraj when it was “KUNJ’s” proposal came to their door.

It was not her fault that she fell for Yuvi but there was a saying and it always haunted her in such moments… “Whatever you do, you say or think is being counted in a supreme court over clouds and the supreme judge is not going to ignore your words or your deeds.”

“Baba jee, you know na…i never wanted to hurt anyone, please do something so Kunj is happy and my guilt lessens.” She prayed the little idol of Lord Shiv kept on the glass shelf.

Don’t make wishes in haste you never know what is going to be next.


He didn’t want to live here but his mother was adamant and never wanted him to live in a hotel when he was in India for the little holidays he got.

The sight of this girl who was now his sister in law was horrible to him, he had lied in past that she was too ordinary for him, not of her taste but no one knew he fell for this bubbly girl the moment he talked with her.

“if you like green, i can wear green when you come to see me.” he still recalled the mischief hidden in her voice when they were talking for the first time before a meeting.

How he didn’t turn our her perfect man and she ended up with his brother… perhaps she loved the sun and he with the calmness of moon wasn’t her ride.

He lied all these years that he didn’t want to get married, he lied that he had to shift to Dublin for an MNC has accepted his proposal… he kept faking smiles all these years for the sake of his brother whom he didn’t want to lose for a GIRL.

The little gifts for his niece smiled on him as he opened his bag for a towel. “Time for a move on Kunj… her daughter is going to call you uncle in a few months.” And though something broke inside him he stood up with a determination.

But in the next second the wails of his mother from the hall confused him and next, he heard a cry…

“Kunj, help me…Twinkle is not responding.”


A week had passed after the night; she used to come in senses only to be fallen back into unconsciousness as she used to recall everything.… Doctors told she was in a state of trauma, she needed time to be fine and she had been taking her time.

Draped in red she was looking as beautiful as she had been at her wedding. On the hospital bed, with face deprived of any ornaments and any sign of marriage, she looked angelic and he hated himself for looking at her in that way.

In just a few hours everything has changed… the speeding bike of his brother had fell prey to an unbalanced drunk truck driver. On their second marriage anniversary, he had left her forever.

She was not in her senses from the time she had received the news and without her consent, they had sent off her husband to a place never to return.


“Yeah, bebe…

“Are you alright son?” it was Twinkle’s mother entering the hospital room.

“Oh, it was you, sorry… how is she?” without looking back he asked her mother.

“She needs her mother… the lady mumbled followed by a grasp.

“Here, give her to me… taking the girl in his arms he helped the lady to sit by her daughter.

All his odd thoughts, the grief for his brother, the loss his family had gone into evaporated as he looked in the mischievous eyes of the girl and without wasting a moment the girl clutched his extended finger.

A connection was already formed.


Hello everyone, so this ff is a result of my wish to write something on any of telly/film couple you pick out… this was the first couple(in terms of the messages i received) this lovely person @amethyst wanted to be written down. i  just hope it turned out well .also i have left it on a blind end so if you guys wish there might be more to this shot.

i am happy for your cooperation.

with love Morusya.


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