~Healing Her With Love~ |Epilogue|

Shivaay places her on the bed and rubs her hands. Slowly, she opened her eyes. He asks, “Are you fine? Doctor will come now. He will check you.”

She says, “I am fine, Shivaay. It’s okay, no need of the doctor. It’s nothing.”

He says, “But, let the doctor come. Let him check whether you are fine or not.”

She replies, “It’s okay, Shivaay. There is no need of calling doctor for each and everything.”

He didn’t agree to it and says, “Okay, I will tell him not to come.”

He goes out of the room to call the doctor to inform that he need not come. Then he goes to their room and sits beside her. She looks at him and says, “I am really sorry. I really didn’t mean to say that you know. But…”

He cuts her off by saying, “It’s okay, I understand. Just take rest.”

She says, “I don’t want to take rest. I want to go with Gauri for shopping.”

He says, “Okay, go but make sure you don’t annoy Gauri by not allowing her to take any dress.”

She glares at him and says, “Anyway, today I have a good mood to go for shopping. So, you will have to hope that I don’t finish off your money in the account.”

He smiles. He knows that he is lucky as compared to others as he got one of the rare species as his wife. Have you ever heard of a girl who hates shopping? Rare, right? She hates shopping. She feels it as a waste of time. So, a new dress will be added to her wardrobe only when there is function.

Annika and Gauri were literally having their jolly time as they brought a lot of dresses for everyone as New Year is coming. But before entering the mansion, Annika gave a packet to Gauri and says, “Keep it in your room, while I show the dresses to everyone.”


The Oberoi Mansion is completely filled with decorations and everyone is in their jolly mood. They silenced their phones waiting for the right moment. So, this new year will be with their family.

 So, this new year will be with their family

As the time strikes 11.55 p.m., Annika called Shivaay and said, “Shivaay, I need to say something important to you.”

Shivaay, who was between Om and Rudra says, “Annika, what is it? Tell me here.”

Annika says, “Shivaay, please. We can tell them after I tell this to you, okay?”

Shivaay says, “Om, Ru, I will be back.”

They both goes to their room and Shivaay was surprised to the decorations inside. He was surprised when he saw the decorations, but what surprised him more was when he saw the balloon in the shape of “Hello Baby”.

[A/N: By now, you all will understand what was the thing which Annika told to Gauri keep in her room and others should not know!]

[A/N: By now, you all will understand what was the thing which Annika told to Gauri keep in her room and others should not know!]

He smiled and suddenly he lifted her up and twirled her. He stopped it when he heard her saying, “Shivaay, stop, I will feel dizzy if you twirl me like this.”

But how did Annika get to know that she is pregnant? For that, let’s move little backward. I meant little, so let’s move back to the time when Annika and Gauri goes out of the Oberoi Mansion.

They get inside the car and Annika says, “Gauri, I am missing my periods nowadays and last day, I went to the hospital to take a pregnancy test. So, the results are coming today. So, we will get the results first and then can we go for shopping?”

Gauri agrees to it and they go to the hospital. And the rest is history…..


Suddenly, he hears Jhanvi saying, “Shivaay, Annika, where are you both? It’s 11.59. Come down fast.”

They both ran down fast and he says, “I know it is going to be New Year within few second. Before that, I want to tell you all something.”

Dadi says, “What do you want to say?”

Jhanvi and Pinky says, “What is it?”

Then everyone started bombarding them with questions!

Shivaay says, “Will you all allow us to speak?” They nods.

At the correct strike of 12, they say, “We are pregnant.”

Pinky says, “What! Jethaniji, I am going to be Dadi.”

Every one started hugging each other and in happiness forgetting that it is New Year! Anyway, then they all talked and cut the cakes. This new year is the best for them!


Life is not the way you think. We may think the happily married ones are always happy, but they are not. When will a story of love be a happily ever after?

It will be when the loved ones face the problems using the elements of life – love, trust, forgiveness, understanding and last, but not least, money. Don’t argue with me when I say this, as this is the truth which we ignore. We can’t live properly without any one of these.

So, my role has ended here. This is not the end of their life, it is the beginning of their life.

By wishing them a life in which they have the strength to face their hardships and smile from their hearts, I end this book with a happy note,

“Living for love is better than Love for Living…”



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  1. ItsmePrabha

    arrey achu main hoon na shopping ko hate karne waalon mein se ..i literally hate shopping..bohot tiring hota hai…BTW very sweet episode..Loved it..

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      Even me!!! I hate it!!! *same pinch* Thank you, di!!!

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    It is lovely dear

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    Happy ending is always good…. ?

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      Thank you so much, dear!!!

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!

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    It’s a very nice book and as much as rating.is concerned its definitely 10 out of 10

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