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Recap:Karan is kidnapped.. naina faints…

Karan :pls tell me why u kidnapped me…What have l done to u?
Voice :tumne kuch nahi kiya…
Karan :then why am l here? What do u want???
A man slowly steps in front of him..(guys u could imagine anyone )
Man :ha ha…. What do l want??! Shall l tell u what l want..! l want to KILL U. BAAP KE GALTHI KA SAZA BETE KO BHUGATHNA HI PADEGA!! I WILL KILL U….

Nk took naina in his arms to her room. Kunal called the Dr. He came and checked her.
Dr:nothing to worry about. She just fell because of tiredness. It happens.
Meghna :thanks Dr.
Doctor left.Just then bundi family arrived there to see naina.
Nirmala :what happened beta? Tell the truth…Why are u looking worried?
Nk and kunal explains the whole thing to them. They all got shocked hearing that karan is missing.
Abhay,kunal and vishal once again went to search the whole hospital. Meanwhile naina woke up.
Shardha :cheeku
Naina :mumma.. Karan!!
Sshe hugs her mother.
Shardha :cheeku,we all are searching for him.
Naina :l will also go in search of him.
Meghna :no cheeku,u are really weak..!
Naina :no di,l am not that much weak to strt crying and not doing any thing to find my husband.. I am strong enough to search and find out my karan…And l will find him out..
Meghna :but..
Shardha :don’t stop her gudiya,today she is not only ur sister nd my daughter but also a wife.. She has the right and SHE IS RIGHT!! But cheeku,be careful..
Kunal vishal and abhay re enters.
Kunal:maa,still no sign of him.
Vishal :l have informed the police,they will be here..
Naina :jeeju,l am also joining u..
Shardha :don’t stop her kunal..
Kunal :l won’t maa,l know the strength of her love…AND IT WILL HELP A LOT!!
Nk was still in the hospital. Suddenly his phone rings nd he immediately answers it.
Man:how are u Mr. Nk chauhan??
Nk couldn’t realize the voice.
Nk:who are u?
Man:oh god! Looks like u are in some tension…kuch kho gaya kya!!?
Nk:who the hell are u Mr.?
Man:hm.. Kuch keemthi cheez khoya hei,jaise ki apne bete karan ko!!
Hearing karan’s name Nk’s face lit up.
Nk:karan!!! Pls tell me if u know where he is…Pls tell me..
Man:feeling so sorry that l can’t help u.. Huh.. Kash if l could answer u.. But how could l amswer if l yself kidnapped ur son..
Nk was hell shocked…Words were stuck in his throat.. Finally he summed up his words.
Nk:kidnap!! Ps let my boy go.. I will give u anything u want.. If u want money u can take the whole l have.. Ps don’t hurt my son..
Hearing this the man laughs loudly.
Man:seriously,u are asking me not to hurt ur son whom u hadn’t even saw once for five years only bcoz of an allergy,haha,don’t joke Mr. Nk chauhan.. And l don’t need any money,but l need ur son’s life…Don’t u remember that day bfor 20years,oh u forgot to look the date,Don’t worry,l will say..
Man:oh! U remember him…I thought that u forgot it in ur happiness,…So it’s my duty to remember u…with UR SON’S BLOOD..
He slowly scars on karan’s arm slowly with a sharp knife…Blood set it’s way through the cut..
Karan :ahhhh..
Nk:no…. Leave my son…Leave him.. Pls,he is innocent.. I am the culprit…You can punish me,but not my son.. Pls..
Man :ok,l will give u a chance.. Come here and sent him.. And don’t try to be oversmart.. Cme alone.. I know that u are wise.. U won’t do anything that will harm ur son’s life.. Come here soon.. I am WAITING FOR U!!!
Karan’s ears were banging those words.COME HERE AND SENT HIM!! Means his dad won’t be coming back.. Means..” DAD!!!”he called out loudly…
Nk heard it and closed his eyes.. He was thriving to hear Karan callig him dad..
Nk:I am coming..

Mean while,naina,abhay,kunal,&meghna went out to the parking lot. They were all looking for some clue.
Vishal:nothing is here cheeku.. We are wasting time.
Naina:bhaiyyu,pls let me.. I want to be sure that l never left anything else.
Meghna :she is right vishal…
Suddenly naina saw something. Her eyes lit up.
Kunal looked up and saw the camera.
Kunal :oh god!,how could l forget this. Naina,lets check out.
Vishal:but.. The authorities..!
Abhay:vishal,yeh hamara hospital hei.. U forgot that??
Vishal:l am sorry. I just…
Abhay suddenly remembers something.
Abhay :bhai,where is chachu?
Kunal:dad toh yaha..
He thought that nk was also with him and turns to point at himand find out that nk wasn’t there..
Meghna:papa kaha hei…. Kunal, we just forgot him!!!
Kunal :but,l thought that he is with us.. I need to find him first…
He was about to go but vishal stops him.
Vishal:guys,pls understand,we don’t have much time…So you all go check the footage…He will somewhere here…. I wil go and find him out.. cheeku.. Go and check the footage..
Naina nods..
Meghna :lets check the footage.
Karan :NOOOO…who re u? why do u want my dad’s life? What have he done to u???
Man:hhhm.. Looks like ur questions are to be answered now.. I am shekhar and l need ur dad’s life because…He KILLED MY BROTHER ,MY MADHAV!!
Karan couldn’t believe what this man said…
Man:don’tu remember the 7th bday of ur brother abhay??
Karan looked more alert and suspicious “was he leading to tauji…”
Man:ur tauji got arrested that day.and don’tu remember the day on which he came back to ur home as a dead body..(he laughs wickedly)
Karan:you!!!you killed my tauji..why???
Shekhar:bcoz l thought that he killed my madhav..
Karan:it was an accident, u mad…but wait a minute..what did u said…you”THOUGHT”that he killed ur brother…what do u mean..
Shekhar:l meant that ur FATHER KILLED MY MADHAV…!!!!
Karan :no….But tauji was arrested..!!!
Shekhar: becoz ,ur tauji loved his brother a he took the accusation over him.l came to know about this only after l killed ur tauji and l got really happy that l haven’t killed the real culprit in a hurry…coz,l wanted to kill him inch by inch..every year on this date l gave ur father gifts…which he won’tbe ever able to forget..and one of the gift..may u also remember-YOUR DISEASE!!!
Karan gets shocked…he was barely able to utter a word..
Karan: what??
Shekhar laughs wickedly. Karan could see,syringes and drug bottles every was clear that this man was a drug addict.
Shekhar: yes…its me who made u I’ll ..and after that ur father started hating u..and more than that..he started to be hated by his own son..l could feel the happiness when l saw him losing his own son..That pleasure,neither any drugs could give nor some money…My revenge fulfilling in each sec u were suffering, u were hating your father…but suddenly, u started recovering…l became mad when l heard that u completely recovered from that disease..l couldn’thandle it…l became afraid whether nk’s happiness will be restored.. I was then completely under the control of drugs….so l …l thought TO DESTROY U…I THOUGHT TO KILL U…!!!!.l was on my way on that day when l saw ur car..l smiled and just…you remember it well ..when ur WIFE LOST HER MEMORY…alas…but u were not in it..l was angry for making such a mistake….but it was a perfect mistake because it gave more pleasure than killing u…seing u suffer again.. Haha…Every thing was on my side….Coz that god also wanted to support me….haha..but l admire that u are a true lover…You waited for her …even u know that she may never come back..yes..Your destiny again made u two meet ,but AS TWO STRANGERS!! AT LEAST FOR HER…IWAS ENJOYING THE WAY U SUFFERED SEEING HER BEHAVING AS A STRANGER….HOW WAS IT KARAN…?HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ACTED AS A STRANGER IN FRONT OF YOUR LOVE!!!..haha…but how could l let u both live together…So l again played in your destiny…GET READY KARAN…SHAAYAD TUMHE APNE LOVE STORY ADHURA CHODKAR JAANA PADEGA….NAHI..SHAAYAD NAHI….ZAROOR TUMHE JAANA PADEGA!!!

To be continued…

How was it guys…l know l am a lot late…sorry….

  1. Fab update loved it .After a long time u came up a big and interesting chapter
    Post asap

  2. Aafiya

    Superb update.. I loved it.. Post regularly please.. Waiting for the next update impatiently.. Post it as soon as possible.. Take care.. Thank you…

  3. Hey Di!! It was so good!!
    Loved that naina went in search for karan wid others instead of crying..brave naina!!?
    And this shekhar he did the accident of Naina bcoz of that naina lost her memory and now bcoz of him nairan r separated..I won’t leave him..
    Lobed it to the core..
    Post soon..
    Loads of love???

  4. Resh

    Uff! Chechi! This is typically crazy!
    This one is amazing!
    Love can fight against everything!
    You wrote it perfectly! The love and heart NK has… is shown here beautifully.. I loved that part where he said dad! Nothing can be greater than this!
    Loved that scene to the core! ?❤️
    Loads of love Chechi
    Post soon! ???

  5. Jiya09

    Hi Seyal!! So sorry for this late comment! But I loved it a lot… This was amazingly good yaar.. Loved the way NK went to save his son!! And Naina is not well still she has gone to search Karan!! That was so sweet!!
    And all this is done by Shekhar! I hate this man to the core. From his allergy to Nairan separation.. I wanna kill this man..
    Anyways I loved it to the core!
    Post soon!
    Loads of love.❤❤

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