There’s a Well-known new boy in London and he has everybody talking. Stunningly Hot muscular and devastatingly Tall, all the girls want him. However, Sanskar Raichand has a secret – that he’s a Dangerous vampire.

Swara Boss is a SILENT, Scared girl because she was the one attacked by fate. She is suffering from cancer. She becomes fascinated by Sanskar who can do anything. She doesn’t understand why he’s so standoffish.

Her best friend, a Loving Girl called Alice, helps Swara begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon – the red ,blue paper gun, pistol.

When bodies start turning up all over London, Swara begins to fear the worst. The Girl urges her to report Sanskar to the police and she knows she should, so what’s stopping her?

She may resist Sanskar’s bite, but can she resist his charms?

The moonlight were falling in the river making it shine like a river of diamond. Swara was so lost in the environment that she didn’t notice that clock has crossed the boundary of 10

.. she has to go to hospital because yesterday her professor had taken the classes but she couldn’t attend as she had to go for check up but now Alice is gonna show her and they both will study together. But she is also scared because she lives with her father in woods in A small house and the forest looks scary at night but she some how manage herself and started walking off from the woods..

she was moving she feels someone walking behind her she turned around but find no one… She again started walking she knows that it is not her imagination because she was clearly getting sounds of footsteps. It was happening with her since few days..

” Ooohoooo” suddenly she hears A werewolf shouting

She become scared and started to run….

After running a long time she come out of the forest… Now she doesn’t feel someone following her… She take a taxi and went to Medical



Alice was showing her everything inside the body… But she feels some pain in her stomach.

” You go on Swara… I’ll join you after some time”

Swara become agreed and Alice went up from there…. As soon as Alice left the door get shut behind her. She got A little scared but thought maybe Alice shut the door… She tried to concentrate on the body but the next moment lights went off… Swara become more scared she tried to search her mobile, But failed. Her breathing was getting havy. A fearless man will also feel uncomfortable between death bodies being locked. She started to scream… She screamed her heart out ” Help… Help.. Alice.. ” she started to bang on the door but she felt on one was listening her… Some hot airs were blowing inside the room… But during this hot atmosphere she felt A cold touch on her shoulder she turned and found A pair of blue lights … Something she did felt cold was crashing her now… Her eyes got Shut feeling the cold on her body….


Following next day she got up on hospital bed…. She looks around and got that she was on hospital bed…

” How are you feeling Ms. Bose?” Doctor asked seeing her moving

” How I’m here and where is Alice ” she asked her senior Dr.

” Ms. Boss Ms. Edward went home last night as she was feeling sick she tried to inform you but your number was out of reachable” dr. Said and she checked her phone

” And how I’m here ?” She asked

But the doctor didn’t felt to answer her or rather threaten to stay shut so her tried to ignore this question ” Ms boss your next chemotherapy date is coming ”

” Who bought me here doctor?” She asked him again rising her brow

” Sanskar sir”

” But why ” she asked again ” who’s he?”

” Ms Swara take some rest I’ll talk to you later”

” But sir what about my viva”

” Later come to me.. I’ll take it” saying this he went away..

” Why he bought me here” she asked to herself

A nurse was beside her adjusting her medicine ” he was with you whole night ” she said

” But who was he ” Swara asked to the nurse ” you don’t know” Swara nodded she laughed a bit and said ” He is the founder of this hospital and maybe not for you he is the most eligible bachelor of the city ” she winked at her

Swara shake her head A little ” oh no it means I can get punishment as I broken the rule of hospital… And went to the morgue” she said to herself ” maybe he was waiting for to punish you ” nurse said and walked off from their laughing


After some days

Swara was lying down on hospital bed.. Thinking deeply

Swara’s point of view

I know I’ve left very few days in the world… I also want to live… Their my father’s only hope is me.. I have to work still for him… Until I die I don’t want anything goes wrong with my father over me.. I know he loves me … I also love him so much but I have less time left in this world.. I also want to lead A happy life… I also dream A prince charming of my life. But don’t have the right A cancer victim don’t have right to live, right to dream and right to love… My eyes caught A tattoo on my belly as the sleeves of my T-shirt moved A little. I caressed it A little My I feels A deep connection with his tattoo. ” Because it the prove you are my soulmate” I looked around but found nothing… I thought I need some rest and closed my eyes… I don’t know when I reached in the kingdom of Dreams


I looked around and found Moonlight was shining here.. falling in the pound… I hugged the man tightly in front of me… A bright light shined from his neck… I tried to check it clearly ” it is the same tattoo which I have in my belly ” before anything I could think

He parted away … We caught each others eyes… That same pair of blue lights… I wasn’t able to see his face… Suddenly he left me and started to go back… My head started to give flashes of morgue… That same blue sharp lights.. I held my head and screamed ” a hhhhh hhhhh”

Point Of view Ends

Swara looked around and found she was in the hospital bed

” Some doctors rushed to her… And there were some interns who started to laugh at her… ” Look the nerdy Auntie has now become mad ” they started to make fun of Swara ” first cancer thought to attack her and know her brain thought to end it because her brain can’t also bear this hairless Auntie… ” They gave high five and laughed… Swara’s eyes got brim out with tears

They all got shut hearing sound of boots, doctors took their places in A side and everyone’s eyes got lower…

Swara heartbeat also started increasing with the beat of boots

” What’s going on here” A tall man with g muscular body having a great combination of s*xy and handsome look along with cold deep voice asked… All got scared and the beat of girls raised feeling the man but they knows they can’t raise their eyes and look at him… But Swara’s eyes directly caught him and his Cristal blue eyes. She felt she had been knowing this pairs of eyes since long… His eyes also falls in her eyes and he went numb for while… His soulmate sitting in front of him… For the first time he was in front of her as a human…

” Get lost from here” he ordered. all were ready to leave ” except Dr. Mac ” Dr. Mac to stop in his tracks while everyone left

He shift his eyes from her and talked with dr. Mac… His expression were giving look like he was tensed… After dr. Mac went he moved towards Swara ” how are you feeling now Miss Swara” she answered him” good” Swara was a bit scared

” I am not a vampire … ” He said to her and she got little embarrassed ” if I’m too then also I will not drink your blood”

” Huhh” Swara got A little confused

” Nothing”

” Umm how long since I’m here ?”

” 7 days ” he replied her

” But my..” he didn’t let her complete and answered ” your father is fine” she leaves A breath of relief

“You should take your medicine”

” Huhh” Swara asked looking at his face

” Take your medicine” he bent little and sits on her bed. While he was searching her medicine from drawer she noticed A tattoo on his neck ” same tattoo” she thought it but didn’t said anything to Sanskar…

After giving her medicine he was about to leave but Swara held his hand ” why are you taking care of me ”

He didn’t turned but took off his hand from her hand

” You are no one to me then why” she asked again

” It’s better for you not to know anything but keep that in your mind I’m your soulmate” He went past from there

” What the f**k ”


After some time

Alice come to Swara

” Gosh now you got sense , you were unconscious till seventh day ” Alice said hugging Swara ” I was so scared ”

” It’s ok ” Swara was about to hug her back but Alice left her and started to jump ” you know Sanskar sir were here every night taking care of you…” Alice thought Swara would be happy but this news made her mood off ” but why?” She asked to Alice

” I don’t know… He didn’t even left your hand for awhile… And you know that b*t*hes were so jealousy of you. It was so fun to see” Alice said in excitement

” Are done… You are just hurting me Alice”

“Swara you’ll live… You will also lead A life.. and your prince charming is waiting for you and maybe Sanskar sir is that prince charming… ” Alice said whipping her and Swara’s tears

” Ok I’ve brought A book for you… It’s regarding supernatural stories”

” Alice I don’t like them” Swara said irritatingly

” Just read it has information of supernatural things”

” Ok” Swara took it ” now bye”

” But I want to stay here ” Alice tried to resist

” No you are also not well”

” Ok got it waiting for your prince charming” Alice said teasingly

” Get lost ” Swara throws her pillow on Alice and Alice ran away



Swara wasn’t feeling sleepy so she thought to read the book which Alice has given her today.. she opens the book and first page a vampire’s pic caught her eyes



a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night.


(in Eastern European folklore) a corpse, animated by an undeparted soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and disturbs the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.


a person who preys ruthlessly upon others; extortionist.


a small bat that feeds on the blood of mammals or birds using its two sharp incisor teeth and anticoagulant saliva, found mainly in tropical America.

Mark of A vampire

Royal vampires carries A sign such as tattoo and his soulmate consist the the same tattoo such as him.

Slayer of the vampire

If the vampire falls in love with his slayer or if that person is marked of being his soulmate that will start making that vampire weak… He may lost the ability of being vampire… That may cause life lose…


Swara shut the book and laughed ” poor vampire” then thinking A little ” but I’m feeling bad for them..” but the next moment Sanskar incident come into her mind but the next moment she laughed it off ” haha, vampire doesn’t actually exist”

She heard a click sound from the door and same sounds of boots…

” You haven’t slept yet ” he asked coming near to her

” What are you doing here ” she asked him…

It was midnight and it was not good thing a man has entered in to a lady’s room at midnight when they both were young… Out of nowhere se noticed Blood near his corner lip

” Blood” she shouted

He notices blood near his corner lip and wipes it quickly

” Did drank bloods ”

” What?” he asked her being amazed

” I read in book vampires drink blood of humans… So it’s common that blood gets strained in her lips”

” What A logic!” She gave A super shocked look ” well if I say I’m actually vampire”

” Oh my god then I’ll shout”

They both blasted I’m laughter at their stupid conversation

But both were speaking truth prom there point of view.

Sanskar’s point of view

She is my obsession, my soulmate, my passion, she is marked as my soulmate but she is my slayer also… And I don’t how the end will. She is a human and I’m a vampire.. she is a cancer victim… I don’t know will I able to save… It was my fault That I tried to suck off her blood. She is a pure soul but my That mistake trying to kill caused this cancer… That time I didn’t felt importance of any soulmate. But how can a demon kill an angle… But her blood has become poisonous now…

She again fall in sleep but this the difference is she held my hand herself… I moved her sleeves of belly and caressed the tattoo…. It’s mark it proves you are mine


Swara’s point of view

I feel cold sensation on my… Like a cold is getting into my body… He turned toward me this his face was shown… Two sharp tooths and blood coming out of them… I didn’t recognise him but his two Cristal blue eyes were making me fell I know him. He held my hand tightly and he was trying to do forcefully on my back.. I tried to push him with all my powers but he was like a ice I can’t break… I like break wall I can’t cross

” Aaahhhh” out of no I heard A sound of Shout

Oh god I was dreaming and who the hell did screamed. I wore my sandal and some how manage to run to find the reason of Shout

The next moment what I saw made my blood go cold.. there was body laying here… It’s like someone took out blood from his body as his body has become white… Her one relative said ” I was with him whole night but I didn’t heard anything ”

Doctors observed him little and said ” someone took his blood from he” pointing to two little holes near his neck he said

One of the intern said ” sir I think it’s a vampire case… From seven night it has been happening.. infact all this thing’s are happening in London from some days ” all gave her A ” really stupid” look

She didn’t care but she just saying it was all because there’s a vampire…


After some time she went to washroom got getting freshen up…. The back side of hospital is hidden by trees and Darkness. It is called London’s best hospital and also people says paranormal activities happen here… Most of the biggest hospitals has gone shut for this rumour so she knows it’s a rumour to shut this hospital also…

After washing her face she was washing her feet turning opposite to mirror… Suddenly the light went off… She again got scared how much she wants to show that she is fearless but she is not… That time a bang started to happen in the door ” Swara, open the the door” she felt the familiar voice of Sanskar.. she tried to unbolt the door but it was stuck at its place…” I’m trying but it’s not getting open”

Airs were getting hot.. suddenly mirror reflects A girl… Blood was falling over from her body… She was moving towards Swara… Swara felt something her behind and found red burning lights were coming towards her… She tried to scream but her voice got stopped working… Her eyes were getting shut but before going properly unconscious she felt cold sensation touching her body she looked a little and found those same blue Cristal lights…


After some time

When she got conscious her father was beside her

” D-dad” she said with trembling voice

” You said you are with Alice then what’s this” he asked her .. today he was not able to bear the condition of his daughter

Swara leaves a big sigh and said ” now I can’t be strong anymore dad… But you have to be strong.. I’m feeling my time is getting over… I’m losing all my hope ” she cried in front of him

He hugged her tightly.. ” no dear nothing will happen to you” he said to her.. ” I also used to feel but now I’m helpless… I have lost in front of my fate”

Both the father daughter cried… They spend the night together..

Next day Swara send her father as he was not so well and we can’t take much pressure..

After some time Sanskar entered into her cabin

” What you didn’t come last night Mr. Vampire” she said and laughed

Sanskar shake his head and smiled ” let’s go ”

” Where” she asked but he remained silent

” You get ready ” he went away as she was changing her clothes

After sometime he again come there… ” Let’s go”

But she pouted ” I think I’m auntie..all says correct”

Sanskar got her meaning and said ” you look stunning” he smiled ” you’re such a drama queen”

She giggled And tried to move but she was feeling pain her legs… Sanskar picked up and started walking off from the hospital…


Swara open her eyes and she found she was sitting in her and sanskar was calling her…” Huhh” she asked him

” Get up sleeping beauty”

She got up …

For the first time ever heaven was in front of her.

A beautiful lake… Covered by green… There’s numeric numbers of candles floating in the lake… Moonlight was falling in the lake enchanting the beauty of lake more… The greens has become fully bright by the light candles and red roses were all over the place… In one word the place looked like her kingdom of Dream…

” What’s this Sir?” She asked him

” Shhh, “he put finger on her lips ” not sir but Sanskar”

Swara got astonished by his behaviour.. ” Swara I don’t know what to do and what to say I’m not cheesy at all but the truth is I love you. Will you become my soulmate. Will you become the queen of my kingdom, will you marry me ” he bent down on his knees

It was like Dream for Swara.. the handsome boy of the city has fallen for her… She felt to say yes but the next moment reality hits her… He is handsome and she doesn’t have any hair.. he is high profiled and she low class and the last not least how much day she has left on this world… She doesn’t deserve to love ” but I’m”

” I know Swara.. what are feeling but I never loved your body I love the soul in you… I love your heart which has the power to make A devil also into angle” he said looking into her eyes ” will you marry me” he forward his hand .

” And what about me… You know I’ll not last for long”

” Then I’ll wait for you to next birth to meet you” he said

She smiled and put her hand on his ” yes”

He got up hugged her ” thanks Sanskar you have given me a life… Maybe for some days but I can also lead a life like others…” She said and hugged him tight… That time both of their tattoo shined… It was like her dream she always used to dream so… He suddenly parted away and forwarded his hand on the air… A butterfly come and sit in his hand… ” Give your hand” he smiled and she got excited… He carefully put that butterfly… After some couple of seconds the butterfly flies away.. she tried to catch it but her leg got slipped and she landed on his arms… Both of their eyes caught each others…

His Cristal blue ocean of eyes made her everything forget everything..Sanskar come close her … their distance between them decreased soon his rough lip was on her soft lip… She respond him with same passion and love … Sanskar caressed her wrist with one hand and other was on her neck… Swara’s both hand went towards his hairs rubbing them and pushing them into more…

His hands went to chain of her dress and undid it… Her dress directly land on the floor… Sanskar put her on his arms and moved towards bed…


Nearly midnight

Swara looked around and didn’t found Sanskar… She covered herself with the bed shit and searched him around…

” Sanskar” there’s no reply.. her sound echoes in the isolated place… It was totally dark and cold was taking place… She was again getting scared ” Sanskar” still no reply

She then it was not the same place where she and Sanskar was… It was looking like a hunted place .. she then tried to concentrate more

… Then her mind clicked up it was graveyard..

” Sanskaaaaarrrr ” she screamed her heart out… But no there was no sign of any human…

She started to run out from their… She ran alot but the graveyard was not talking the name to end… But some how she got able to get out of it and reached the forest… The cold was now overpowering her body… If she spend some more time here then she will become frozen.. so she again started to run… Her legs started bleeding and she felt tired… Her breathing was getting stopped.. suddenly her leg dashed with something and she rolled around & falls into A unknown place… Her eyes caught up the man ahead her ” Sanskar” she got up and about to ran to her But

His blue Cristal eyes changed into dark red eyes… His teeth came out from his mouth and followed by his black fur…

Swara couldn’t believe her eyes… She felt betrayed.. he betrayed her.

She was about to step back but her feet falls in dried leaves and made ” murmur” sound

He turned there… She held her mouth being scared.. he was coming towards her… ” He was not the same man who loves her hr was a vampire”

She tried to ran there but the next moment Sanskar was on her… His body was so cold that now she has started to become freeze… She don’t know what the man was doing with her in neck… Her eyes were getting shut now..

” Sanskar what are doing? Leave me” she shouted but the beast seems to be someone else… .

” Please for shake of your love…”

Swara’s eyes went close bit before closing it she felt the grip on her was getting lose. This love word has shaken the emotion of this beast


Swara open her eyes and found herself in bed… Her father was sitting beside her… Alice come running to her hearing Swara’s father shout ” Swara” he hugged her ” my child ” he started to cry while hugging her… But her eyes were searching for someone else just only her heart knows the name ” Sanskar”

Alice come and hugged her tightly ” why you made us wait so late you stupid girl… ” She also started to cry

” What happened” swara asked

Alice and her father remained silent

” Ok you both talk” her father went off from there

” Alice… What happened?”

” First you fresh up”

She helped Swara to move in the bathroom… She stared herself in the mirror A beautiful full girl was standing in front of her… girl’s hair was so long and silky smooth… She pinched herself as she couldn’t believe the reflection was hers… ” Some flashes come in to her mind but she couldn’t able to remember them but still they made her scared some corner of her heart give a feeling of love….

She come out and Alice started to say her everything

” Swara have been sleeping in to coma since 5 years ”

“What?” Swara got shocked ” hospital?”

” It has shut close 5 years ago”

” But why it is London’s best hospital”

” Bec-because the founder of it… Means Sanskar Raichand has died 5 years ago ”

” What” she was feeling connection with Sanskar name but why ” Sanskar Raichand I think I know him ” Alice kept silent at her

” No you are making fun” Swara pushed her and checked the calendar 2017. She still didn’t belived at turned on the laptop in front of her… 31 December 2017

She put hands on her head and tried to remember everything ” why don’t I remember anything”

” Clam down” Alice help her to sit on bed

” Won’t you listen the good news… You are free from cancer” Alice smiled and went off putting comforter on her… But Swara was not feeling happy she doesn’t know but she was hurt for the unknown man Sanskar….

” You promised you are my soulmate” A voice rang in her ears she looked around but found nothing…

The sleeves of her dress moved a little for the cold breeze and her tattoo in the belly shined… A similar touch unknowingly made her emotional.

From that day she felt a pair of Cristal eyes on Her. That feel somehow being unnoticed bring water in the corner of her eyes.


The End

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