IT’S YOU… ONLY YOU!! The Prologue

Hello guys this is sat. I know most of you guys must have forgotten me but I remember you all . Leave it whatever. It’s my fate . No mobile in hostel so I can only update during holidays. Now I am having pongel vacation.
Here my brain popped out with another story.

Here i am with the prologue, i would start it now as i dont want u to waste ur precious time.

Vaddiparthi Mansion

Raven: mom, where is annika? Its her birthday today and she isnt even present over here.

Sheela: well she is getting ready, she will come out soon. I know u are really excited as ir dad held a celebration of your sister after a very very long time.

Raven: i dont know what happened to dad all of a sudden , but i am really excited as my moody and dull sissy will atleast shower smiles today.

Sheela: me too. Oh my god!!!

Raven : what happened mom

Sheela: i forgot about the stay arrangements of the special guests.

Raven: dont worry mom! I will take care of them.

Sheela: ok beta i will be leaving to annika, love you

Raven: love u too mom. Take care. Bye

He rushed to take care of the arrangements.

In girls’ room

Gauri: bhavya, i dont think this necklace will match her,

Bhavya: what about this one

Gauri: no not that one

Sheela: what are u both doing keeping my daughter in dilemma. Let her choose whatever she want. Am i right beta

Then annika came to her senses

Annika: no mom, let them decide.

Bhavya: no di, u see, we are not able to decide anything

Then annika chose one, the set perfectly suited her dress, she was perfect.

She was shining like the stars in the night, like the candle in the dark, flower in the dew.

Even she was wondering how come her dad throw a party for her birthday bit she brushed away all her tensed thoughts thinking that it was just to promote his business.

She still the message she got at 12 am when her sisters and bro were wishing. She was just trying to be calm.

Sensing annika’s nervousness of having a birthday party for the first time that too held by her dad, she thought to leave annika alone

Sheela: gauri , bhavya, enough of playing now come on we need to look after the catering arrangements over there,come now

Sensing the situation’s need, she dragged bhavya along with her.

Annika was immersed in her thoughts, she didnt feel anything fishy then, so she bid them and also gave them the promise not to be dull.

Then she got up and started walking here and there controlling her tension. She took her phone and typed the password, the name which she can never forget. Then she saw rhe messahe again.

From Unknown
Happy birthday dear, 2 years are too long. Remember my promise to return to ur life. Well coming soon. Keep waiting for the storm ahead.

She was trembling with fear, then there was knock on the door. She is struck by fright. Her conscience is indicating something is really going wrong. Again there is another knock. She is like almost dead.

With the amount of courage sparsely left in her body, she started speaking.

Annika: who is that?

The person on the other side: its your dad

She took a deep breath and had a great sigh of relief

Annika: yes dad

Rakesh: are you all ready, the party might start sooner or later

She opened the door

Annika: i am all ready.

Rakesh: u r really looking good beta, be good with our guests

Annika: i know how to behave . dont forget even i am an entrepreneur.

Rakesh: ok fine, get down soon

Annika: ok dad.

The organiser was busy hosting the program, then he announced annika’ name and she came down with her rustling lehanga and everyone were awestruck by her beauty and the media were busy clicking her pics as she rarely comes infront of the camera.

Everyone were cheering for her, they were singing birthday songs making annika dance and she was trying to be really happy though the fear is tearing her from inside. She still thought” IS IT HIM”. Brushing all her thoughts, she indulged herself in the party.

Then the host all of a sudden announced that the special guedts had come.
Annika pov
The media surrounded him, i couldn’t see their faces. Then they were coming towards me, the faced are becoming clear, fear started raising with me, my toes were not straight. May be i am having a cramp over there. I am sweating. I saw him completely, it was him. Oh my god, what the heck, what the hell is happening with my life.

Rakesh: welcome shivaay singh oberoi, i am glad u have come

Shivaay: well its my pleasure.after all how can i not attend a party of ur family, where’s the birthday girl then

Rakesh: over there, she is …

Shivaay: annika, Ms Annika Vaddiparthi.

Rakesh: how come u know her.

Shivaay: well i know her very well

Annila was getting tension all over her head

Shivaay:(looking at annika) yes i know her very well, her business articles are excellent and the articles about how to develop the trade were awesome, i go through her journals everyday

He goes to her, she is completely struck
He says softly and quitely smirking
Shivaay: happy birthday dear

Annika: shi…. Shi….. Shi….

Shivaay; yeah it is shivaay singh oberoi. I remember my promise. Welcome me back to ur life

She dont know what to do. She turned her face away slowly. As she doesnt want to make a mess over there.

Rakesh: actually this is not just a celebration of my daughter’s birthday but also a great patnership between the Vaddiparthis and the oberois. I am really happey and hope we become really the best partners

Shivaay: i am too happy as we will bring our success to a higher rate

Annika was hell shocked. She didnt expect him to partner her dad which will become a tough time for her. She is trying to assess the situations ahead in her life.

Silently without anyone’s knowledge, she drifted to her room. Like a lifeless body, she fell on the floor crying at her fate

What happened to annika? What is cooking between shivaay and annika? Why is annika not so good with her dad?what will shivaay do?

To know the answers follow the ff

This was the prologue. Please vote and comment.
I badly need ur cooperation and encouragement to continue this ff
Love u all
Will come with the first epi soon

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