Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 37

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Recap : Chapter 36

The next morning, Anika was the first one to wake up, all thanks to the sunlight coming in through the window. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, also finding herself in Shivaay’s arms. She smiled and pecked his forehead while he smiled in his sleep. Anika freshened up and was standing in front of the dressing table, drying her hair. Shivaay had just woken up and was sitting upright on the bed, trying to shoo the sleep away. All his sleep had left when he saw his pretty wife standing and drying her hair. Early morning Shivaay Singh Oberoi was taad – ing  his wife. Anika felt his gaze on her so she turned to look at him. Their eyes met again and then she looked away, blushing. Shivaay mentally smacked himself for checking out his wife, right in the morning. He got up, went to her and hugged her from behind. 

Anika , ” Shivaay, what are doing early morning?  Let me get ready na ! ”
Shivaay just tightened his hold over her and placed his chin over her shoulder, admiring her in the mirror.
Shivaay , ” I am just hugging my wife. What is your problem ? ”
Anika , ” My problem is that you are not letting your wife get ready. ”
Shivaay , ” Yeah so ? That is my wife’s problem, not your problem. Moreover, she looks beautiful just the way she is now, she doesn’t need to get ready . ”
At this comment, Anika blushed. Shivaay whispered in her ear,
Shivaay, ” So my wife is blushing, haa ? ”
Anika blushed all the more.
Shivaay, ” Don’t blush like this Anika, I wont be able to control myself. ”
Hearing this , Anika was surprised and she looked up and found him smiling. As a reflex, she also smiled. Then it struck her that she was getting ready and this bagad billa wasn’t letting her do that. She frowned.  

Shivaay raised his head and loosened his grip on seeing her frown.
Shivaay , ” What happened Anika ? ”
Anika  frowned more and Shivaay got tensed now. He started checking himself if he had created a mess of himself or maybe her but found nothing.
Shivaay, ” Kya hua Anika ? Kuch gadbad hai ? ”
Anika, ” Shivaay I ain’t getting one of my bangles. The silver one. I have checked the room, it is not here. ”
Shivaay , ” Let me check the pool and come. It might have fallen down somewhere there when we were sitting there yesterday. ”
Awkward silence filled the room.
Anika, ” Uh…Okay. I will check in the bathroom once. ”
(I don’t know why many people misuse the terms bathroom and washroom. )
What Anika did in there is known only to her. And me.
Anika tried her best to control her laughter. The thing which she was going to do was giving her all ROFL vibes but she couldn’t let it out lest it should ruin her plan.
Shivaay came back after checking the poolside and not finding the bangle. Off course, poor chap how would he find it when it was with Anika only. Anika was standing outside, making him think that she had already checked the bathroom.
Shivaay, ” Anika, its not there. Maybe you dropped it somewhere else. ”
Anika, ” Yes Shivaay. It’s not in the bathroom also. I think I must have dropped it in the hall yesterday. I will check there also. You freshen up and come then we will go down together. ”
Shivaay just nodded and went ahead.
The door of the bathroom was half closed, and poor Shivaay didn’t notice the trick in it. He pushed open the door and…..
A whole bucket of cold water fell on him , drenching him completely. His eyes bulged out. He was in such a shock that he couldn’t react to anything. Shivaay’s shock was broken when he heard Anika laughing.  He turned back and saw her holding her stomach and laughing like a maniac. Her laugh was like the laughter of an angel and her eyes showed pure innocence. The way she put her hand on her mouth to control herself and as a result the way her curls swayed to and fro, got Shivaay mesmerized and stood, admiring her beauty.
He had for once forgotten that he was standing there like a cat drenched in rain.
Finally, Anika controlled herself and looked at him. Shivaay was still staring at her. She frowned and clicked her fingers in front of him, breaking his trance.
Anika, ” Shivaay ? ”
Shivaay, ” Uh…um…huh…um…haa ? ”
Anika, ” Are you alright ? ”
Shivaay(sarcastic ) , ” Yes yes, I am completely fine, standing drenched in the cold water from top to toe early in the morning as a result of a prank from my wife. Yes, completely fine. ”
Anika smiled sheepishly.
Anika, ” I m sorry Shivaay, I shouldn’t have done this. ”
Shivaay now looked at her.
Anika, ” I wanted to lighten your mood, I know you have been really stressed since yesterday, owing to the events which took place. ”
Shivaay ( soldier’s tone) , ” No need to apologize Madam. I was not angry. ”
Anika looked at him and they both burst out laughing. She patted his back and hugged him. After a long, tight hug, they parted.
Anika,  ” Oh nooo! ”
Shivaay, ” What ? ”
Anika, ” See because of you I need to change again. ”
Shivaay smirking, ” Then let’s change together na…”
Anika, ” Haww….cheapde, go and change and let me also change. ”
She pushed him inside and then closed the door. Nodding her head, she smiled brightly at her love, her husband’s antics.

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