Episode 14



At college in whole class Priyanka was hell nervous she just hold rudra hand tightly as much as she can.. lecturer sees new students he looked at them.

Lecturer:you both are new students.


Lecturer:okay take previous all notes from anyone get it.. after class end some of the boys looking at Priyanka get confused what happened to her.. they all went outside rudra went for loo..

Rudra: pinku you stand here I’ll come..

Priyanka:where are you going Bhaiya why?

Rudra: for pee okay..

Priyanka: But..

Rudra:don’t worry okay.He said this and went for loo Priyanka went in side and sit on side edge.. Boys group were passing from there they saw Priyanka after see her face reaction understand she is new in college they smirked and went towards her.

Boy:see she is new in college guys.she tries to avoid them. Another boy Arey we didn’t do her welcome let’s do it what’s say other’s started hooting. Without ragging no fun.. from where Are you..

Priyanka:please let me go..

Boy:Arey wait a time madam. Priyanka get up about to go boy held her hands she gets shocked.. baby why are you so nervous., come with us let’s enjoy it.. we didn’t get you bored trust me.. they all started laughing..

Twinkle class get End she come out with her friends she thinks about Priyanka let’s check her.

Twinkle:you guys go I’ll come to see Priyanka..

Naman: haa now your brother-in-law and sister-in-law in college you have to take care of them ??.,

Twinkle:very funny naman like you.. twinkle went to their class didn’t find any students there she walks little far see boys standing in group someone voices coming she please to them.. twinkle went towards them slightly her face didn’t see because of boys standing around covering her.They moved slight due to this Priyanka face show twinkle get shocked ?..she went and keep the hand on boy shoulder he turned and look at twinkle..

Twinkle: what is this..

Boy:Arey miss Amritsar baby.. she slap him..

Twinkle:baby haa don’t dare to me call your sister baby.. leave her hand.. twinkle remove his hands with jerk.ragging going on here haa next time if I saw this I’ll complain to principal do you guys forgot about ragging what next will happened to you all.. ladki dekhi nahi shuru.. they all run from there twinkle see Priyanka who sobbing quietly.. she cupped her face and wiped her tears just than Rudra come there and see Priyanka like this and get shocked..

Rudra:what happened..

Twinkle:where are you went rudra in stern voice..

Rudra:I went to washroom just.. what happened to pinku why she cry..

Twinkle:leave about this and you Priyanka don’t cry okay why you are so nervous. This happened take it in easy way.they are like this jab tak you didn’t teach them lesson they didn’t understand.come with me she takes them in canteen they towards everyone she makes Priyanka sit..

Asha:anything is serious..

Twinkle:no just ragging still dogs are same.She takes water glass to Priyanka she drinks it and feel good little bit..

Asha:this is normal Priyanka don’t get panic I think it’s first this happened to you..

Priyanka:no in low voice when I went to college first that time too happened but Bhaiya come there to save me..

Yuvi:today bhabhi save you ??..

Rudra:pinku becomes brave girl okay.
bhaiya ne kya sikhaya tha Pinku pehalwan is the strongest.Pinku pehalwan is the strongest.She nodded her head in Yes. Rudra put garlic bread in her mouth.Yuvi and raj pass the jokes for Priyanka she laughs out..

Twinkle:itna darte nahi Priyanka.
Mahi come there and sit beside chinki..

Priyanka:thanks bhabhi.. all like hmmmm.

Twinkle:your most welcome..

Rudra:now she is our bhabhi don’t thank her. ??she is our bhabhi MAA..

Twinkle:don’t call me bhabhi guys please here..


Rudra:I can’t say anything.. bhabhi..just than Rudra got kunj call..hoo Bhaiya.. he picked up the call due to bad network connection voice didn’t audible properly.Their call cut immediately shit..

Yuvi:what happened..

Rudra:Bhaiya ka call..

Chinki:which Bhaiya..

Rudra: Bhaiya is only one..

Rishi:But you have two to elders brothers na bro..

Rudra:yes but I call only one Bhaiya that was her husband and om is O..

Asha:hoo kunj is Bhaiya itni respect cant take his name.. Impressive rudra.

Rudra:haa I know uta lo mazak my mother will shoo me..

Twinkle: why??..

Rudra:that you will get know about everything after come to our house when you see your mother-in-law..

Rishi:whatever Rudra your mothers is so young when she stands beside her kids it’s very tough to believe it that she had elder kids this much..

Rudra:bhai I know this everyone saith this when they see us we are her kids look ?.. omg

Mahi:you Priyanka come with me I’ll introduce you with my friends..

Priyanka: me..

Twinkle: go..

Yuvi:yes go pinku bhabhi saying you.. twinkle hit on his head playfully.after they all went out of the canteen all boys went in garden playing cricket with Sharpener and book.. Girls were standing there in side gossiping about here and there.still Time is there for next lecturers..

Chinki:she is so innocent and become panic after all she grown up in London still.

Asha:after see her and Anjali Di they didn’t like NRI girls who showing tantrums.
Look at Priyanka she is so simple her dressing style.. after see them they proved that place didn’t teach us and change our traditional that comes from our families their values they give us.

Twinkle:true?everything depends on upbringing.

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Kunj entered in his cabin he stuck in some work he calls his pa asked her about conference.She tells everything is all set.. Kunj went to conference room.the conference on video call screen already connected other side clients sitting Kunj take his seats and sit.due to something he didn’t go to Spain so now attending conference like this on all lights all off.. Conference going on kunj Listen each and everything.all giving their point of views on about their project. .Till 1 hour conference going on soon end it. Kunj went out of the conference room and went to his cabin he tells about conference to tej. Later Akash come kunj second PA.. Kunj asked him about accounts details he didn’t say anything..

Kunj:again Same look aksha call shakti.I wanted all single details of share market
He went out of the cabin Kunj Oder his espresso coffee soon peon come with coffee place on desk.kunj call Rahul..
Hi I didn’t sure this project will come out..

Rahul:why kunj conference was good..

Kunj:yeah still I’m unsure you know na..

Rahul:yes kunj babu..

Kunj:you should negotiate to Manohar sir.

Rahul:yeah I’ll do it what’s going on there.
How’s my saale and saali..

Kunj:come and asked them your both saale and both saali is great.. rudra and Priyanka went college today their first day.

Rudra:great finally you find number one college for your siblings.

Kunj: yeah let’s see how much he will study and score good marks Priyanka can rudra you know his friends circle in London sir just going college for time pass most for his uncountable girlfriend.. Priyanka is nervousness as you know her..

Rahul:haa I we all know about her she got panic didn’t you remember when she went school first how much she cried.Teacher call you for her. And she didn’t leave your hand: and our 5year rudra get busy in little girls he is same from childhood Kunj. Girls and rudra perfect combination what he said Rudy girls running behind him..

Kunj:haaa totally mad soon girls really run behind him to beat after see his escapade. Still Priyanka is same she didn’t leave my hand when I leave. She was hell panic I always worried about her how she will do anything in her life when I see other girls of her age they are so self-confidence.

Rahul:right still my saali is the best. If Anjali will not I’ll definitely love with Priyanka ?? she is so cute.

Kunj:I’ll tell about this to your wifey..

Rahul:go ahead bro what I’ll do after your wedding with you and I know rudra is in my hand we both filled your wifey ears against you.
How much You plead to her for romance.

Kunj:today I get to know whom Rudra going on you are his role model na.. what nonsense you speak..this romance and all’s very far from me..

Rahul:omg babaji great I’m his role model, but he thinks you ???..don’t say this kunj don’t dare you become Saint after wedding what she will think about you and our all reputation ki o my maata.. What her name is he just acting..

Kunj:Twinkle is her name..

Rahul:ho twinkle in same voice tone.. nice name
Kunj what your twinkle will think about you that her husband is so boring.. he just active in business in otherthing fuss. He laughs out like a manic..

Kunj:what nonsense you speak man::

Rahul:not what hot.. ???.. I’m just waiting for your wedding Kunj that was really marvelous what will happen after wedding with you.. world wants to know who is Kunj Sarna better Half now they got answer still things is going to Starts for that I’m very much curious. Don’t worry your bestie always with you if you wanted any knowledge and tips I’m there for you he started cheap talks that above kunj.. he just cut the call and went back to his desk and sit..

Kunj:this man is totally mad. What he talks god knows.. he called to Priyanka and asked her about herself how’s she is now.

Priyanka: I’m okay Bhaiya now..

Kunj: great and where is rudra..

Priyanka: Bhaiya in garden playing..

Kunj:I knew it he does this only okay bye .
Hr get busy in his work..

Other side usha and Avantika planned for go shopping. Now it’s Aayat lunchtime she didn’t let avantika moved.. she fills her food in plate and went towards her who was watched cartoons while Lata and Prithviraj sitting beside her Anjali went out with maya.

Avantika: Aayat come have your food first.

Aayat:haa feed me she sits beside her Aayat eyes stuck on tv she open her mouth Avantika feed her food. She finished her food Avantika wiped her face.

Avantika:I’m going with choti MAA okay don’t tease dadu and dadi..

Aayat: where and why mamma I get bored here there are no friends here for me to play even everyone not in house too. Call ru bro.

Avantika:he is in college Aayat what can i do,

Aayat:in London I have so many friends
Even I didn’t like India why we come here. Want to play with snow here just heat huhu. She didn’t said anything just smile and went in her room take her clutch and come down usha was already ready..

Usha:we’ll come soon and bring toys and chocolates for you okay..

Aayat:okay..they both went outside and driver bring the car and they both sit and left for shopping.. Prithviraj and Lata sitting near to Aayat seeing what was she was watching funny scenes’ comes in cartoon they all laugh together Lata caressing her hairs she come and sit in her lap rest her head near her chest..

Soon usha and Avantika reached to mall they come out of the car and went inside. They went in many shops see many things Avantika went in Armani shop.Avantika loved to shop for kunj and tej they both hardly they went for their own shopping almost she did it. She sees many formal shirts for both father and son.She select many shirts and blazer for kunj. She pay the bill she and usha went in other shop buy clothes for om and rudra for their types.Like this they both buy something for everyone they are in Indian wears shop. Usha and Avantika searching nice Kurti for Priyanka. Just than Avantika coming in back direction she bumped with someone..

Avantika: sorry she turned and see her get surprised as well happy too aap Leela ji..

Leela:aap Avantika ji.here what a coincidence. Yes the lady was Leela..

Usha:aap akhele..

Leela:yes I want to buy something no one is there for me to come here so alone. What about you both.,

Avantika: same with us here we get bored so think let’s go for shopping kids didn’t go let us shop for them sometimes so. Good you come.,they trio seeing dress. Leela buy dress for her both daughters. While seeing dress Avantika eyes went in one dress that was really pretty.She went near and take dress in her hands. Similar three pieces was there all is fabulous.
Avantika smile and she really like it.She bought three of them their hands fills with bags they called to driver and send all bags with him keep in car they three of them went in cafeteria sit for coffee.They give coffee Oder.

Usha:aur leela ji how’s you and other family members.

Leela:everyone is fine what about you all.

Usha:we all to good ..

Avantika:Twinkle is in college..


Avantika:hmm you never come to our place why should I give you invitition than only you’ll come Leela ji that’s not good now we are family so..

Leela:nahi nahi.Nothing is like this it just I didn’t get time so..

Avantika:that’s true in kids your whole day went where you don’t know.My three is miserable.They just stay quiet with their dadu and dadi.,

Leela: haa Kabir and twinkle whole day they both of them just fighting he pulls her legs he just teasing her with kunj name and others, and she reacted..

Avantika:kunj condition is too same. His all siblings didn’t leave him.. they laugh soon their coffees comes and take sip and talking about here and there.

Leela:Twinkle is also stubborn just for engagement ring and dress she was so restless after engagement she gets happy.

Usha:good her happiness matters for us very much. When tej bhai shab come to know about twinkle he just come on kunj immediately call designer comes and my kunj select each and everything for his to be wife that’s first tone too he just shop for his dadi and Aayat for others never didn’t go for itself..

Leela:Twinkle is really lucky she got in laws like you all..

Avantika:even we are to lucky got daughter-in-law like her everyone just praising her we got so beautiful bahu. She is in my kunj destiny we see many girls. Mummy ji and daddy ji is right absolutely she is gem.

Leela:my son-in-law isn’t less he too gem.

Usha:kunj at least he fulfilled his would be wife wishes.After sometimes later they left for their house

While watching cartoon Aayat sleep on Lata lap. She places her on couch went to bring Prithviraj medicine..he got call he went in side. Aayat wake up with jerk she didn’t find anyone she is still in raw sleep.
She started crying babbling mamma mamma. Lata and Prithviraj both come.There and see her..

Lata:Aayat puttar What happens..

Aayat:my mamma.. she cupped her face and wiped her tears..

Lata: your mamma will come soon don’t cry sleep okay..

Prithviraj:she might be wake up in middle of her sleep.


Prithviraj:my princess and dadu will play okay together.He tells servant bring her all toys already Aayat all toys scattered everywhere. He come with her some toys they take and went outside in garden they didn’t went in sun slightly parasol was there, so they sit under in this.Aayat playing in side nicely Prithviraj as well.
she started talking with herself.To see this Lata and Prithviraj smile. Just than Avantika and Usha car come and stop they both come out of the car.. Driver takes all shopping bags inside they both to went inside didn’t find anyone in living room they went in their rooms to get freshen up.. Avantika went in washroom get freshen up she come out and went towards window she saw Prithviraj and Lata along with Aayat they were playing in garden..

Avantika:this Aayat na.. they come too inside they see all shopping bags..

Aayat: my mamma come back..

Lata:yes.. she run to upstairs about to falls but save..

Prithviraj: carefully Aayat.. she went in room see her mother run towards her Avantika sitting..

Aayat: mamma when did you come back..

Avantika: just now what my doll what doing in garden see your cheeks it’s become red cherry..

Aayat:haa.. she cupped her face and kissed on her both cheeks.now I feel good.
She locked her hands around her neck. Giving her pecked on her cheeks.. mamma and daughter sometimes spend together they lay down in sitting position. Aayat do face time to tej.He immediately picks up the call he knows his doll did it.

Tej: hi baby..

Aayat: hi pa.. when are you coming I get bored here..

Tej:acha my dove get bored that’s not good what I’ll do for my doll.

Aayat:you come now only..

Tej:pa had work Aayat you com I’ll send my
PA haseena okay come with her..

Avantika:Arey Tej what she will do..

Aayat: no I want to go now only..

Tej:go and get ready I’ll send her.Aayat end the video call and went towards wardrobe searching dress for herself her both hands resting on her waist.. Avantika see her..

Avantika: wait I’ll come don’t Mess anything she went towards and take out dress for her.

Aayat: no this was not good I wanted something cute mamma.She takes out blue denims short and with white sleeves less top.

Avantika take in washroom give her bath and make her ready quickly.Tej pa haseena come waiting for Aayat.Avantika hold Aayat hand and they went downstairs Avantika give haseena her bag.They both left..

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College end all students come out of their class Chirag come and see twinkle standing alone just than Rudra come and boom in her ears twinkle see him..

Rudra:bhabhi (chirag didn’t listen this..)

Twinkle:yes devar ji.

Rudra:bhabhi you are so good.he pulled her cheeks Chirag see this from far and get burned in jealousy.Twinkle too pulled his cheeks.there their all gang comes Priyanka still Same.They all went towards their car.. Kunj message om to pick up rudra and Priyanka from there college because driver is busy so.he didn’t let rudra drive..

Yuvi: mahi and Priyanka now become bestie leave that jhalli mahira.

Raj: that impossible m I right mahi she nodded her head in yes..

Mahi: let’s go di..

Twinkle:yeah Meri MAA I’ll call driver.. she calls him he said he is coming in just a minute.

Asha:and you guys..

Rudra:this Bhaiya is na.. he didn’t let me bring my car huhu.. all laugh at him..

Chinki:kunj is very careful and responsible towards his siblings hmmm..

Yuvi:don’t worry I’ll drop you This will be a great way to meet with Aayat baby.. that day I didn’t..

Rudra:you go because of pidhi hehe don’t give her this much important she started thinking herself something.. already whole family treating her like queen of world..

Twinkle:heheh rudra really you get jealous with your sab se smallest sister. She is so
Adorable feel like I take her.:

Rudra:don’t worry ? bhabhi me and she kids of Bhaiya

Naman:awesome ?this twinkle.. just than om come there he parked his car in side can’t come further he come out of the car and went ahead rudra and twinkle other’s standing in group. Priyanka see omKara.

Priyanka:Bhaiya… all turned and see him. She rushed towards him and hugged him tightly. Bhaiya…

Om:pinku What happens he hugged her back.

Priyanka:nothing good you come.. I was just waiting for you when I went home and see mummy and dadi..

Om:okay Meri pyaari behan.. they went towards all mahi just see om face and admire his pureness which flashing on his face..

Yuvi: hi bro..

Om:hi guys.. how’s your day..

Rishi:after rudra awesome..

Om:kunj is right he got his type of company here too.don’t forgot this is India not your London there you can’t do anything here not..

Raj:what he did in his college at there..

Om:wait now he with you all very soon you all come to know and understand Dumble Sarna.he sees mahi who standing in side. He gives her smile..

Priyanka: let’s go..

Twinkle:after see brother she become so energetic.Om keep his hand on Priyanka cheek..

Om:hmm kunj tell me about her.now here you have whole gang that we know this all faltu ??..

Twinkle:acha ji..you and your brother too.

Om: say this to him..

Twinkle: yeah I can I’ll too I’m not scared of him.

Om:this we all know only you have that daring speak in front of Kunj Sarna.now let’s go rudra before our Bhaiya call will come bye.they all say bye to each other’s.
They all sit in their cars and left for their places..

At office Aayat and Haseena went to tej cabin Aayat run and went inside tej and Manohar working Aayat give Voice to tej.

Aayat:pa loudly.. tej see her give smile he open his arms for her she jumped and land on his embrace..

Tej:mera bacha aagaya good..

Aayat: yes.. he kissed on her head make her sit on desk..

Manohar: good Aayat You come what you eat tell me..

Aayat:right now nothing chote pa..

Tej:okay why my baby get bored haa.

Aayat:yes I play with dadu and dadi..

Tej:okay. Kissed on her chubby cheeks..
tej take Aayat down in garden there all playing equipment is there for her back side of garden.. Aayat went on slides she sits down at the top and slides all the way down tej who standing near and catch her.Like this both father and daughter playing here..some employees see this from top of window it’s quite tough to see their tej sir like this.. whole office scared of him. After Aayat and tej playing pakdam pakdai(Caught & Escape game). Aayat laughing just for her tej walking like Zombies.

Aayat:pa caught me if you can she laugh.

Tej:I can’t baby pa get tired.. he sits in side Aayat went towards him she takes out her water bottle and make him drink with her little hands tej admire his doll she is so caring.

Aayat:pa Are you okay na..

Tej:haa my doll pa is okay absolutely.he makes her drink water wiped her face..

Aayat: let’s play inside it’s so hot here.my skin will become red than mamma will scold me you didn’t tell her anything pa why.. she makes puppy face.. tej giggles..

Tej:acha mamma scold my dove.I’ll see her okay.He lifts her and they went inside the office..
After sometime..
Om and rudra along with Priyanka they reached to Sarna Mansion Priyanka just run inside as soon as she entered in living room searching her mother and dadi.lata come from behind keep her hand on her shoulder Priyanka turn and find her she immediately hugged her..

Priyanka: dadi???…

Lata:while caressing her back Meri pinku aagi..

Priyanka:haa where is mummy.. before she say more Usha and Avantika come there..

Avantika: you come back where is your brother..

Rudra:here mother India.. om and rudra sit on couch relaxing..

Priyanka: mummy.. she rests her head on her shoulder..

Avantika: haa how’s your day..

Priyanka:nice you know I miss you all just waiting when will collage will end.. all smile to see Priyanka puerility.

Usha:go and get freshen up..

Priyanka: yeah she went in her room just than Anjali too come back..

Rudra:today I’m going to die..

Om: good.. he gives him look.. they all sit together Kunj too come there.

Kunj: what’s going on guys..

Rudra: nothing Bhaiya..

Kunj:how’s your day Priyanka and Rudra.

Priyanka: good..

Rudra: my too awesome I enjoy today lot. Yuvi bro and all’s.

Lata: from where Yuvi come..

Om: they are in same college Dadi that’s why he was happy this much..

Rudra:thanks Bhaiya for this really.. feeling I’ll kiss you he kissed on Kunj cheeks.

Kunj:hatt.. he rubbed his cheeks..

Priyanka:you Bhaiya bhabhi is so good she helps me so much..

Avantika: acha how. Priyanka narrated everything how twinkle come and save her from that boys.. all get really happy..

Prithviraj:see she is so good..

Rudra:we all know this Dadu tell this to Bhaiya..

Kunj:when did I said this ha.I’ll smash you.

Priyanka:Bhaiya Mahi give me all old notes so you take and complete.,

Rudra: tu hi karde..

Kunj:Acha why she’ll do it.complete itself Rudra. You give me Priyanka I’ll see him.

Om: you all know about Rudra why he wanted bhabhi..

All: no why..

Om:because he makes her complete his all notes that’s why Rudra didn’t you tell this to your twinkle bhabhi..

Rudra:time nahi Mila..

Kunj: where is Aayat..

Rudra: so peace in house today.. where pidhi went..

Avantika:went to pa.


Rudra:this pa just showering his all love on his daughters first di next pinku now this pidhi take all..

Kunj:why you problem with her tera uske bina chalta nahi hai na., tej and Aayat or Manohar they too come there Aayat drinking her chocolates milkshake from her baby bottle??.. tej and Manohar come and take seat beside their father..
Aayat coming lost in her herself.she come and sit beside tej.

Rudra:now toh leave this bottle Aayat..

Aayat:why do you have any problem..

Rudra:yes I have.. you aren’t anymore small little baby who didn’t know how to walk..

Aayat: now you are getting on my nerves all like omg what she said.. Kunj pulled her toward him..

Kunj:from where you learn this all haa..

Rudra:in low voice audible for siblings or their mothers.. pa..

Lata:what my doll did with pa..

Aayat:playing games dadi.little bit milk drops on her near her lips.. she did leave the bottle in side Kunj put the cap and wiped her face..

Avantika:sometime before I change your clothes again you make them dirty.eat less chocolate when again pain started in your teeth’s so..

Aayat:I eat just 2..

Avantika:acha your dress telling me how much you eat. All shopping bag keeping in side..

Anjali:who went for shopping so many bags..

Usha:me and your Badi maa..

Aayat:mamma what you bring for me..

Usha: wait I’ll show you.. she brings all bags. All men’s see bags omg..

Kunj:today they both buy whole mall.. ?.

Avantika:Maybe or not. Aayat get excited what her mothers bring for her.. Usha show her new dress and shoes and toys which they both shopped for her..

Aayat: this all is so pretty I’ll wear..

Avantika:first wear those which you shop now only..

Rudra:my god her size didn’t change..

Avantika: this is for my kunj and om..

Rudra: what about me..

Kunj: do you wear clothes..

Usha: see rudra this is for my son..

Rudra: nice choti MAA.

Om:this is very long for rudra.He just wears his shorts and vest T-shirt..


Avantika:did you like it kunj and tej..

Kunj:for me everything is fine good you shop for me,,

Tej:yeah same.your choice is the best.. they give Lata and Prithviraj too and Anjali and Priyanka as well.. all get happy.. Aayat take Priyanka dress veil and started playing with this all admiring her cuteness.

Manohar: in this veil your 5 dress can make Aayat..

Aayat:acha I’m so slim and hot give flying kiss Avantika pat her hand on her forehead.

Anjali: what inside in these bag MAA..

Avantika:wait I’ll show you both something. She takes out two dress which is same but different in colors.

Priyanka:this is so beautiful mummy..

Anjali:yes same to same we’ll twining one day.. like this Sarna brothers..

Usha: yes..

Lata:my both daughters look beautiful in this dress..

Anjali: aur bhi hai..

Avantika: yeah.. she takes out one more dress which was too same like theirs but color is different..

Lata: this too same..

Avantika:yes mummy ji I saw this dress first wanted three pieces for my daughters.

Lata: this for whom..

Avantika: for twinkle this now she to my daughter so bring same for them like daddy ji he said na everyone must be equal. Kunj look at his mother.

Aayat:why not me I’m your daughter too.

Avantika:you are pa daughter ??..

Tej:you did good Avantika

Avantika:first I like this for twinkle only than find two more.How can I leave twinkle.

Lata: I’m so happy to see love for your bahu:;

Avantika:this we learn from you mummy ji.

Anjali:haa I just love one day we trio wear okay.. See kunj did you like it..


Anjali:Arey see na MAA brings for your twinkle..last night she loves everything whatever you choose for her..

Avantika:yes Leela ji too saying today she meet us in mall.. Specially for ring..

Usha:yes from where kunj you find that ring.

Rudra: what Bhaiya get ring for bhabhi. Hmmm he is an so cleaver man didn’t let anyone know it..

Anjali: chhuparustam.. (dark horse)

Kunj: nothing is like that she just wanted that ring, and we check in all shops, but she wanted this only, so I make it in an Oder. Looking down..

Tej:good you make it for her .her wishes is yours now kunj..

Anjali:we don’t know our Kunj is caring towards his twinkle..

Kunj:kunj bhi di it’s just a normal..

Anjali:haa when did I said something more Bhai.. she started teasing him he feels shy he just get up went from there..

Avantika:this boy..

Rudra:Bhaiya is shy ☺ man..

Om:not like you shameless.. ??..

At Taneja mansion.. @

Kabir come from his office along with malika she went towards everyone takes their blessing..

Hansh:god bless you..

Malika:how’s you Bebe.

Bebe:I’m fine what about you.. twinkle and Mahi come down they all sit together.

Malika:aur Mrs. Sarna..

Twinkle:yes Mrs Taneja??..

Kabir:hehehe.. how’s your day sisters..

Twinkle:awesome like always you know Bhai now rudra and Priyanka too in our college in my class..

Kabir:hoo good now tujhe college family wali feeling aayegi devar and nanad ji is there ???.. they all laugh out..
they tell them about Priyanka nervousness.

Malika:Arey she is same from starting.

Leela:acha you know her..

Malika:yes MAA me and kunj study same when and his bestie went for their hight studies that time only we separate.our school is same and class too than college as well.Priyanka is same on her first day of school she cried so much om and Kunj Handel her.since childhood she is shy..


Kabir:mahi get like her.,

Twinkle:she is more than mahi Bhai.. when she sees om get so happy..

Mahi:didn’t let jiju went Yuvi telling me..

Kabir:hoo jija ji bhi aaye te college me in teasing manner..

Twinkle:yes do you have any problem,,

Kabir:why would I.later they all sit for dinner..doing lots of fun..

At Kunj room he changed his clothes and standing near window..om come there and stand beside him.
Om:kya soch raha hai..

Kunj:nothing om just..

Om:did you negotiate with twinkle everything.

Kunj:yes I meet with her. Tell her everything whatever in my heart and mind om.hopefully she to tell me each and everything. She just look like she is stubborn but not she is so mature she understands everything what I wanted she had inside of her. She too understand value of family and how to connect them.

Om:nice kunj.. I told you na.. now everything is shot out..

Kunj:yes absolutely.. now no doubt.. Wanted she too does’t have any allegation from me after wedding..

Om:hmm you didn’t tell me about ring.

Kunj:I didn’t got time, so she just crazy behind this ring and wants to wear that only as her engagement ring.. after so much struggle I got one designer after so much request he gets ready to make it that also in very few times..

Om:happy you think about her.. that’s why you stop at venue..

Kunj:hmm.. siyappa queen wear 15 lakhs ring.

Om:what she is too very costly.think kunj??.

Kunj: acha ji not at all.. when small things give smile on someone face money doesn’t matter..

Om:yes right don’t say someone say twinkle face.. Kunj ruffles his hair..

Kunj:you know what I did wrong to say yes for this marriage because from that day you all just behind me.later Anjali call them for dinner they all sit for dinner.. everyone quietly having their foods while Aayat and rudra Tom and jerry drama going on. After sometimes later Priyanka completing her notes Kunj see her went to rudra room there om and rudra laying down rudra in top of om.. Kunj entered in room.

Kunj:Bhaiyo me closeness is good but this much not.. Kunj sit beside them..

Rudra:we didn’t do anything Bhaiya..

Kunj:acha ji chal go and complete your notes rudra Priyanka doing it..

Rudra: I’ll do it Bhaiya later.

Kunj: no later now what didn’t you say that day Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ub now you should follow this rudra..

Rudra: haa I know what meaning of this idiom..

Kunj:Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now If the moment is lost, how will the work be done? Meaning Do the work that needs to be done now. There is no other time then now. Now understand get up do your work..

Rudra:Bhaiya knows everything maana padega.aeshe hi nahi you did top in your studies.. rudra get up take out all notes. He sits just doing his time pass om and Kunj look at than each other faces they both went to him and sit beside him.

Kunj:give us we’ll help you just today only..

Rudra: thanks Bhaiya. Om and Kunj to started completing rudra notes after sometimes later they heard someone snoring ? both look at each other face than Rudra who sleep in sitting position..

Kunj:this boy na.. Kunj take pen from him.

Om:kaam ke time he went in deep slumber.

Kunj: true Itself he didn’t do it gives mont anyone to complete his notes nahi toh Priyanka and di is here for him we completed this.. they both almost complete his all notes some of is left.. both taking nictation.. it’s midnight.. after they completed all work keep all notes back in his bag and him lay down on bed. They both too lay down next to him immediately slumber took over them..
After one week laters.Priyanka and rudra going college daily now Priyanka is fine she mingles with mahi and her other friends. Rudra sometime he and yuvi along with Rishi this bunk the class and went for outing. Kunj who get busy in his upcoming project twinkle didn’t went college today she takes holiday even Mahi too and Asha and Chinki as well..

At twinkle room.
Asha and Chinki come to Taneja they four of the at twinkle room chit chatting they getting bored so think let’s do something.

Asha:let’s get ready and click some pictures for to upload on Instagram..

Twinkle:yeah.. twinkle give them her dress her eyes went on one dress which Kunj buy for her.They change and come started doing light make up all looking stunning.. they started clicking their pictures.. twinkle keep her hairs in front let her back show she gives pose looking other side Asha click her picture in that her face as well back too coming than give front pose.they do fun and click some funny pictures kissing each other’s on cheeks. After they get tired change their dress immediately feel so hot.. Settle down on bed Leela send snacks and soft drink ? for them in room. Twinkle sitting she thinks something..

Twinkle:in heart.. I didn’t have his number that day I didn’t save his number shit.. she messaged to om asked him to give kunj Number he sends to her twinkle save his number as sadu.. ??..

Chinki:your all pictures fab this dress is nice..

Mahi: jiju give this to di..

Twinkle:ha so.. he just buy for me I choose it..Twinkle select pictures and send to kunj on WhatsApp.

Kunj was in his cabin working just than his phone beep he check and see message from unknown number.

Kunj:who message me from unknown number let’s check.he open his WhatsApp
Kunj see pictures that downloading.. he looks at other side than at phone screen he sees twinkle face twinkleee.. he sees all pictures then click on kunj mind the dress was same which he buys for her he gives smile leave work and see the picture with full of concentration.Twinkle see kunj come online she smiles cam blushing. Kunj see twinkle face expression making pouty lips kunj laugh slightly.than her back one too she look extremely gorgeous.

Kunj:great.. miss Amritsar.. Kunj send message to twinkle HI..

Twinkle: HI Immediately..

Kunj: fine pictures purposely…??.. twinkle see and make faces at him sadu..

Twinkle:okay I know I’m the best.. ???Kunj laugh to see her self obsession.

Kunj:hehehe no really looking pretty.I thought you put this dress in dustbin..

Twinkle:why would I I love this dress..

Kunj: acha where are you going to wear this dress..

Twinkle:no where just doing time pass click some pictures..

Kunj:time pass great put less makeup layers siyappa Queen ??..

Twinkle:you Sadu Sarna huhu.. she keeps her phone in side.. Kunj giggles to see twinkle..

Kunj:sorry I’m just kidding you looking ready good.. ?????..when god made you he was showing off maybe..

Twinkle phone beep she sees and read kunj message blushing smile appeared on her lips..

Twinkle: acha ji flirting ???..

Kunj:never I can’t do this very far from me
Just praising you if not you feel bad..

Twinkle: acha nothing is like that.. you should learn how to impress girls..

Kunj: I don’t needed and don’t want. I have work to do best not waste time in girls ??.. you continue your photos session.. bye..

Twinkle:bye sadu????.. twinkle smiling uncontrollably her friends and sister see and giving her curious looks..
Twinkle see them “WHAT”

Asha:why this much blessing haa..

Twinkle: aeshi hi she went in washroom look at her cheeks it’s become cheery red.

After Chinki and Asha back to their place.

At Sarna Mansion Tej and Avantika in room.

Avantika: I was thinking we should call Taneja’s for dinner at our place what’s say they didn’t come out house after this alliance.

Tej:good idea asked Papa and MAA..

Avantika: yeah ill.. let’s go they both went to down see Lata and Prithviraj sitting they went towards them..mummy ji..

Lata: yes..

Tej: woh we think that we should invite Taneja’s for dinner at our place what you both thinking..

Prithviraj: you took my words (mere muh ki baat chhin li Tej tumne) I was thinking to same idea was good call to your samdhi.

Tej: okay Papa.. tej call to rt he picked up his call..

Rt:yes Tej..

Tej: how’s you.. samdhi ji..

Rt: good what about you samdhi ji..

Tej: so I call for to invite your whole family for dinner at our place..

Rt:what’s the need of this Tej..

Tej:why not you are coming..

Rt:okay we’ll surely.. later Rt went home and he tells to his parents and wife..

Leela: okay.. what about twinkle before wedding girls didn’t go to their sasural..

Rt: is it..

Hansh: mostly.. before taking twinkle asked them.

Bebe: yes.. This would be best. Leela call to avantika she tells her avantika and all’s sitting together only..

Leela: so how we take twinkle..

Avantika: Leela firstly we didn’t trust on these rules I’ll asked daddy ji as well..

Prithviraj: nothing is like this other follow this ritual, but we didn’t because we understood twinkle as our daughter not bahu.. so take her we wanted she put her step here.. Avantika put call on speaker..

Avantika: did you listen Leela ji in which century we leave let other follow we are eagerly waiting for our twinkle take her okay..

Leela:okay ji.. they end the calls..

Bebe:they love so much from now only..

Hansh: right..

Rt:so tell their bahu get ready they all laugh.. after Kabir come from office Leela tell him get ready they are going to Sarna house for dinner..

Kabir: okay twinkle come there..

Twinkle: where we are going MAA..

Kabir: Tere sasural behana.. ??..

Twinkle: funny joke Bhai you tell me MAA.

Leela: Kabir is right twinkle we are going to your sasural for dinner..

Twinkle:acha when you all are coming back.

Kabir: let us go first don’t worry I’ll tell to your kunj he will pack and give food for you ???..

Twinkle:MAA.. ???.. Leela pulled his cheeks.

Leela:even you too going with us..

Twinkle: acha why it’s become so awkward for me with them MAA feels like what I’ll do or not they are so good.

Kabir:don’t do any siyappa. siyappa Queen.

Leela: go and get ready Twinkle and wear India clothes not your western dress..

Twinkle: okay MAA.. she went in her room searching what should she wear or not. Twinkle take out dress and place on bed and went in washroom..

Kunj come from office tej call him come soon today. He went to his father and asked him any work he called him..

Kunj: woh pa you call me anything urgent.

Tej: no kunj twinkle family is coming tonight at our place for dinner so you should here Leave your all work they will come at any time here go and get ready Okay.

Kunj:okay pa.Kunj went in his room see his mother was here and siblings too..

Rudra: lo Bhaiya come.

Avantika:good you come kunj go and get ready..

Kunj: don’t be hyper mummy I’ll get ready you all those take 2 hours..

Rudra: this bhabhi takes Bhaiya telling about her ??he and om did hifi..

Om: hehehe.. Kunj throw phone at them on catch it..

Rudra:let’s check what next in Bhaiya phone his and bhabhi message let’s see..
Kunj remains their today conversation. He went to them..

Kunj:give me my phone rudra..

Rudra:hoo see Bhaiya o he is so curious for the first time something is there really.

Kunj:nothing is there see what you wanted to see let me open the password..

Rudra:no password don’t make us fool.. Aayat take the phone and give to Kunj before om and rudra did anything..

Kunj:thanks my baby.she jumped on kunj
Arms.she peaked on kunj lips.. rudra and om making face on Aayat..

Anjali:let’s go let kunj get ready..they all went downstairs..

Kunj take his clothes went in washroom get ready and looking killer..

Rudra and Aayat sitting together rudra teaching her how to speak bhabhi.. Aayat can’t pronounce it..

Rudra: see say Bhaiya ka.. bha….first..

Aayat: open her mouth bha… okay..

Rudra: bhi..

Aayat: bhi..

Rudra: now together bhabhi..

Aayat: bhabh….she stop..

Rudra: it’s so simple Aayat. Bhabhi.say fluently bhabhi.kunj and rudra come there they see rudra bhabhi shikao classes going on ???.the went to them.bhabhi.. bol behana..

Aayat:I can’t ru bro bha bas.it’s so difficult.

Kunj:what nonsense going on here..

Rudra: woh Nothing bhabhi..

Om: Aayat tell us..

Aayat: he teaches me how to speak what you say bhaaaaa..

Om: bhabhi..

Aayat:yes..Kunj give drastic look to rudra. He scared of it and before kunj use his hand on him he run from there.

Kunj:this rudra spoil her..you Aayat don’t come in his talks okay.Usha and Avantika busy in kitchen tell chef make Twinkle favorite things which she asked Leela.And others things as well whole mansion looking so beautiful.tej get ready he and Manohar come down usha and Avantika went in their respective rooms and take their clothes, and they too get ready..!
Aayat who still left she just in her small bathrobe.. aayat went in her playing room and get busy with toys,

Twinkle come and in bathrobe she wears her clothes went towards dressing table did light minimal makeup and put round earring and make her messy pony.. looking beautiful ????.. Keep her duppta on her right-hand shoulder and went downstairs everyone already waiting her..

Kabir:family beauty shop come..

Bebe:kitni soni lag rahi hai Meri beti..

Twinkle:thanks Bebe..

Rt:let’s go they must be waiting for us. They went outside and sit in their 8 seater Mercedes car.Kabir started the car and left..

Soon they reached to Sarna Mansion. Their car stop at in front of mansion they see the outside view get spellbinding. Guards comes and open car door for them.They all come out of the car Kabir give car key and driver take car and parked in parking load..

Mahi:it’s beautiful

Leela:yes mahi.. they went ahead at door

Kabir:sister your sasural first time.. Butterflies swing on your tummy.twinkle just give smile to him. Tej and Manohar already standing at entrance to receive them.. as soon as they entered Tej and Manohar see them and get so happy..

Tej: finally you all come.I was waiting for you all. come.. they share hug.. twinkle was behind Tej and Manohar see twinkle welcome her. For the very first time you entered twinkle beta.. Prithviraj and Lata standing little bit far and see twinkle both imagine her as bride when she entered this house as bahu. She did griha pravesh let falls rice kalash with her feet.they both look at each other faces.twinkle touch Tej and Manohar feet and take their blessings good bless you my son they said. Prithviraj and Lata went and meet with each and everyone twinkle take their blessing too they both give her their love and blessing.

Lata:I’m hell happy to see here today..

Prithviraj: come Hansh ji.They all went ahead and goes to living area which was really big and lavish they see side walls filled with Sarna’s kid photos,they all sit. Usha and Avantika come from kitchen Leela and they share hug.Avantika see his daughter-in-law praise her beauty..

Kabir:you both looking really pretty aunty.

Usha: acha Thanks even you too looking hot.. we call malika where she went today..

Kabir: she gets busy in her work.tej gesturing to Avantika asking her where is kids specially Kunj.she replied him through eyes she calls them.servant come with water and served everyone.Kunj and I’m coming together from stairs they all see them.. they look down twinkle see kunj she knows his brother will tease her she changes her direction.. they come to everyone takes everyone blesses..

Leela:how’s you kunj..

Kunj:I’m fine you all..

Kabir:we too kunj.twinkle looking other side Kunj see her get lost in her beauty he didn’t see her perfectly.Anjali and Priyanka come there too.Anjali hug twinkle and gesturing to kunj at twinkle.He just gives shy smile.kunj and om sit with Kabir he chance his place while Priyanka and Anjali sit beside twinkle.om and Mahi sharing eyes locks ??..

Leela:your house is really beautiful..


Kabir:where is rudra..

Om: here only..

Usha:what happened twinkle why you so quiet..

Twinkle:nothing I’m fine..

Anjali:yes twinkle you come your sasural.

Lata:now soon you come twinkle here for permanently. She blushed. She and kunj eyes meet for seconds.

Usha:yes we too dying when our daughter-in-law come..

Prithviraj:soon.when god making her he must have been thinking about kunj..go kunj and om show our house to twinkle and Mahi or Kabir..

Om:yes just than rudar come there and see twinkle he spins twinkle..

Rudra:hoo bhabhi you come when. All laughing at rudra..

Twinkle:yes rudra Wait..

Rudra:looking hot he whistles for twinkle..


Anjali:let us show twinkle house to her.. if.

Rudra: I’ll show bhabhi..

Twinkle: okay.. rudra give his hands to tws he holds her hand from his arms (linked arms)Kunj see them.. they went ahead. First they show them downside part.

Kabir: nice everything..

Rudra:wait.. they show them pool side..

Twinkle:amazing this is..

Om:after wedding you can sit here with kunj.. ???..

Twinkle:why with him I will with you ??.

Than they went upstairs show each and everything rooms next their sibbing rooms as soon as they entered in room see beds there and it’s very big master room..

Kabir: who stay here..

Anjali: it’s our room when we wanted we all siblings sleep here together..

Mahi: nice next rudra room come it’s all messy like him.. all laugh than om his painting colors and sculptures was there.

Kabir:who doing this all..

Kunj:om artist.. he is very good in this..

Rudra:o and his poetry and painting he understood only ??..

Anjali: now next is your room twinkle she gets confused Anjali tease her by shaking her elbow with her??.. they went further finally kunj room come.so it’s your To be room twinkle.. kunj and yours ?.

They entered in room see very well organized everything on their place..

Anjali: Kabir and Mahi you all come with me let kunj show twinkle please guys.. they all immediately left and leave kunj and twinkle alone.. they both looking at each other’s don’t know what to say..

Kunj:wohhhh…come I’ll show you..

Twinkle: hmm.. Kunj show her whole room he open curtain and show twinkle sea view is coming from room window.. it’s so beautiful sea is there near your house..

Kunj: not near our house wait I’ll show.. Balcony in too. They went in balcony twinkle see everything garden beautiful view coming..

Twinkle: your room location is very beautiful kunj..

Kunj:same view coming from our brothers room.

Twinkle:nice they went to lounge like this Kunj show whole house to twinkle she loved it everything

Kunj:I’ll show you outside thing later okay everyone must be waiting for us..

Twinkle:okay.they went back to everyone till than Avantika show Leela and all’s too.

Rudra:bhabhi come with us let elders sit. They went and sit other side of couch area.

Anjali:after wedding Kunj your both brothers didn’t leave your wife..

Twinkle:where is Aayat..

Rudra:wait I’ll call her.Anjali make Kunj beside twinkle.Kunj see twinkle engagement ring it’s looking so pretty in her finger.Rudra check Aayat everywhere than he went playing room.she finds Aayat playing along with dolls talking with them.. he went towards her..

Rudra:Aayat come everyone calls..

Aayat:Acha where is mamma.. Rudra control his laugh he makes fun of her by calling from many names she gets irritated take bat and run behind him.. they both running at stairs all see them..


Aayat: wait.. Make your smash potatoes.

Aayat still in her baby pink little bathrobe.

Rudra come and stand on couch.. come ru Bhaiya.. Avantika come there..

Avantika:what happened..

Aayat:he makes fun of me mamma..

Avantika: see guest coming na.. Don’t leave this she throws it in side.. Rudra went to om.. you didn’t wear your clothes.. Aayat see everyone all get ready..

Aayat:you all get ready only I left.. she started crying.. tej come and console her.

Tej:ale mera bacha see my Aayat looking so cute in this.

Aayat:Huhu.. she went to Kunj and all’s..
Bhaiya you too get ready only I left.

Rudra:looking radish..

Aayat: see ru I’ll do something with you don’t tell me after words..

Kabir:ho ho little knows this all too..

Kunj:leave this protein powder you come to me.He tell Priyanka to bring her clothes.
She come back with Aayat dress.. Kunj make her stand on table.about to remove her bathrobe.. she stop..

Aayat: tell them closed their eyes..

Kunj: okay please closed your eyes..they all closed their eyes..make her wear her clothes while om making her wear her shoes.. twinkle and all’s admiring them..

Aayat:my hairs Bhaiya..

Kunj:wait a minute.Kunj make her nice hairs twinkle get shocked he knows this too.

Aayat:use this rubber band..

Kunj:yes.Kunj completely make her ready Aayat look at herself in side wall mirror..

Aayat:looking cute thanks Bhaiya..

Twinkle:still you looking cute in bathrobe.

Aayat:Acha.. bha…i know this much..
twinkle kissed on her cheeks Aayat give her back.. after sometimes later they all went towards dinning areas whole table decorate nicely..

Rudra:bhabhi this our seats today you sit with Bhaiya.

Twinkle:no it’s your seats na you sit I’ll sit anywhere.. Kunj see this and smile.om and Rudra or Kunj sits together twinkle beside Kunj take other chair near him. Lata and Prithviraj see this feel so good.. they all settle down whole table filled with number of dishes..

Avantika: today twinkle will servant us daddy ji dying for this when he eat food served by his daughter in law..

Twinkle:okay happily she get up take bowl and started serving she went to Prithviraj first served him.Each and everything twinkle realised many things of her favourite ones.than she to Lata like this everyone now Kunj turn comes.she filled his plate.about to more..

Kunj:bas thanks..

Rudra:now you sit bhabhi.She sits om and Rudra served twinkle they both feed her first bite all cherish these moments.Aayat sit on her small chair with small plate.they all started having food.. all liking it..

Twinkle: this all is my favourite..

Usha:we know that’s why make all you like it..

Avantika:I asked Leela ji..

Anjali: when you are going to feed us food make by your hands.:

Kabir:slightly you all can’t eat burned food youngster listen they giggling twinkle giving look to Kabir.. just than Kunj chock twinkle filled water for him give to him and rubbing his back.. Kunj and she looks and others too.. they see others looking them.
The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.. !??

Kunj:I’m fine.Thanks. In whole dinner twinkle and Kunj sharing gaze..

Kabir:Aayat eat something just playing with food..

Lata:she is like this only..

Tej:come I’ll feed you.

Aayat:no I’m done..after dinner they all back to living chit chatting with each other’s. Aayat sitting on Kunj lap she takes Twinkle hand and playing with bangles which touch Kunj hands.They see this.
Bhaiya see so many bangles it’s so pretty.

Kunj:hmm while looking at twinkle really pretty.later they all went to garden side showing Taneja outside.Aayat holding twinkle and Kunj hands. They went to sea side all mesmerising after sea side view cool breeze coming from side water waves ? coming and making beautiful rhythms.. they all sit there..

Hansh: this is really amazing part of your house..

Rt: right..

Tej:it’s private sea of ours..

Kabir: your mansion is so big..

Rudra: it’s very small in front of our London house if you see that than you don’t have words..

Twinkle: Acha.any one can lost here ??..

Rudra:when you going London with us na bhabhi than see.. Dadu bhabbi go with us na.

Prithviraj:haa.First let her become totally our bahu..when this day will come when you come here twinkle..stay with us..

Hansh:soon Don’t worry.she is yours already. ABhi se Kabir calling twinkle Mrs. Sarna ?.. Servant come with dessert they give everyone.. Kunj didn’t take it. He just feed Aayat..

Aayat: even her too. Talking about twinkle Kunj look at everyone..

Usha:Arey Kunj feed her..

Aayat: Bhaiya.. Sharing is caring..

Rudra: ulta caring is sharing ???,. Kunj take spoon take near twinkle lips both looking at each other’s she open the mouth Kunj make her feed.. they all laughing on jokes..

“FAMILY makes each other’s stronger.
By laughing together. That’s how families role and grow”.. ????..later hansh take leave.. they all get up all went ahead twinkle and Kunj together twinkle heals stuck in stones she misbalance.about to falls before Kunj hold her one time like always.twinkle catch Kunj tshrit.. both looking at each other’s face their eyes lost in each other’s eyes ocean twinkle hairs flying due to wind coming on Kunj face.they come in sense Kunj make her stand still she is unbalanced he holds her hand.

Kunj:now come.their siblings standing and see them.Kunj and twinkle knows they teased by their siblings now they caught something for to tease on reason.They went inside Avantika bring box give twinkle.

Avantika: try this okay.


Rt: let’s go thanks for amazing dinner.
They all went outside and car come before going twinkle again take her in laws blessing hugged om and Rudra and a Ali Priyanka as well expect Kunj..

Rudra:this is unfair with Bhaiya??.. twinkle pulled Aayat cheeks who is in tej arms..

Leela:okay bye.. they sit in car..

Rudra:loudly Bhabhi come soon humesha ke liye??.. twinkle smile and Kabir starts the car and they left..

Kunj:speak less Rudra..

Rudra: Dadu do Bhaiya wedding soon.. ??.

Kunj: wait.. Rudra run and Kunj behind him inside.. they all laughing at them..

Episode end on everyone family faces..

Hope episode was the good.. you all like.
Their family moments..
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Next Malika and Kabir wedding function started.
Bye love you all ???remember me in your prayers..

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