Dil Hi Toh Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Setu and Rohit get a green signal

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Manjeet is upset with Palak for running away like this. She receives Mamta’s call just then. Mamta gives her contract for Ananya and Ritvik’s wedding. They end the call. Mamta tells Palak that her mother said yes. Palak says she told me that her dates were booked. Maybe something changed. Ananya suggests making

Ritvik stops Palak. I know you must be really hurt. About what happened that night! You must be thinking about my reputation. It isn’t like that. I never had such intention, never, not for you! Ananya takes him with her and bids goodbye to Palak.

Mrs. Puri says we have to say yes to Setu to get Ritvik. Mr. Puri assures her he has a plan because of which they will get Ritvik and Setu will be out of their lives for forever. Reeva gives cake to everyone. Aman jokes that everyone should be careful with the cake. Rishabh also teases saying that Shivam was playing Frisbee with the cake she made last time. Everyone backs out one by one by making excuses. Reeva asks Aman if he too has a reason. Will you eat? Aman declines. Reeva says everyone is so mean. They could have said yes to me just for the sake of it. Aman says they aren’t mean but honest. They love you very much. Those who love you will never lie to you. Rohit calls Setu to tell her that everything has been fixed finally. Everyone has agreed. She agrees. Maybe this cake will also become Frisbee! Aman smiles.

Rohit calls Setu and tells her that mom dad agreed. She says my parents wont agree. He is positive that his parents will make it happen. Now you are smiling, good girl! She asks him how he knows. He replies that this is what love is. Get ready properly now.

Ritvik is thinking about what happened with Palak. Vijay tells him that he made him really happy today. How did you handle it? Ritvik asks him if he is happy. Vijay tells him to tell him if he is happy. Ritvik shares that he is happy to see the glow on his face. They share a hug. Vijay leaves. Both Ritvik and Palak are thinking about each other. Palak is crying. Ae Dil Hai Mushil plays in the background.

Setu’s mother (Gayatri) asks her husband (Mahendra) to come early. Mahendra ends his call with Setu. She tells him to not fall in Setu’s words. Irrespective of whatever happens, we must not give that land to Puri’s. Mahendra nods.

Mamta tells Ananya that Ritvik is different. Every girl thinks that she will be able to change
Ananya says why I would marry him if I have to change him. We are very practical. Saanchi says you both are made for each other. Mamta says men are called the head of the family. I don’t know about that but women are certainly the neck of the family. Everyone turns wherever her neck turns. Saanchi calls her MIL cool. She always supports me when I fight with Rishabh. Ananya says she will support me too. Rishabh joins them. Did you see the list of expenses for Ananya and Ritvik’s wedding? I had such a low budget wedding. Saanchi reminds him that he only wanted a destination wedding with a gathering of not more than 100 people. He nods. I remember. Saanchi jokes that this is what mom just mentioned. Ananya and Saanchi high five.

Reeva reads the name of the group. Dad is so Punju (Punjabi). She asks Aman why he added Manjeet and Palak in the family group. He says you add people in the group when your family is extended. Reeva thinks to chat to make it better (to tease Palak basically). He asks her if she means – a family that chats together is closer. She nods. She sends dress options for Ananya in the group. Ananya asks for more options. Ananya asks Palak to help her too. Palak is also reading the messages. Reeva intentionally calls Ananya and Ritvik the best couple. Ananya asks Ritvik to say something. Should I wear purple or white? Palak wipes her tears. Reeva replies that Bhai will like you in any colour. You have to pack for honeymoon too. Ananya tells Reeva to delete that message from family group. She also asks Palak to ask Manjeet aunty to get in full action. There is a lot to do. Shivam sends a weird look for Reeva. Aman smiles seeing it. This is the reason why I hate all these family groups. She tells him to exit then. Ananya asks Palak and Ritvik to say something. Palak ignores the messages. Ritvik is reading every message but not replying.

Puri’s are at Setu’s home. Mr. Puri says divorce is common in elite families. I over reacted. It was just that it was hidden from us. We dint know Rohit was aware of it. I exaggerated the matter a lot. I can apologize now. Mahendra says Setu’s happiness is our priority. Gayatri adds that they must not think that they will get the land after Setu’s wedding. Mr. Puri says we are pas that. We are happy to finally realise how good you all are. Rohit takes blame for running away with Setu. Our love is genuine. We both really don’t care if you say no to the land but please don’t say no to us. Setu’s parents say yes. Gayatri hugs her daughter. She tells Rohit that this happiness should remain on Setu’s face forever. He nods.

Rohit gets Ritvik’s call but is unable to talk due to some reason. Setu tells Rohit he is thrilled. She says I am happier than you. Rohit’s parents look at them. Rohit excuses himself on the pretext of some urgent work. Setu wonders what it could be.

Noon family is busy in dance practise. Ritvik and Ananya are getting some pics clicked. Reeva sends those photos in the ground. I will tag it is the best couple. Photographer asks Ritvik to get close to Ananya. It should look like you are kissing her. Stand close to her.

Manjeet tells Setu’s parents that she has sent the best photographer at Noon House. I made a mistake during Kabir. Mahendra says Rohit isn’t bad. Gayatri does not want Puri’s to mess up anything. Mahendra tells her to let it be.

Reeva and Ananya are looking at the pictures. Shivam walks up to Ritvik. Your age is gone. Give me some tips to make a girl fall for me. Ritvik tells him that she wont fall for him. Ananya says why not. I love him. She kisses him. Shivam smiles. See!

Manjeet ji asks Palak to call Ritvik to know the colour of turban he would be wearing. Palak calls Ritvik. Mom called to know the colour of your turban. He chooses red. Manjeet ji makes her ask more questions. She asks everything and then ends the call. She too sees the picture sent by Reeva in the group. Ananya’s wedding ring is flashed in it.

Precap: Someone asks Palak why Ritvik and Ananya are marrying in such haste. Is Ananya pregnant? Noon family is talking about Aarohi. Ananya asks everyone about her. Who is she? Saanchi takes Palak’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. First time I feel I don’t wanna watch this episode its really painful seeing palak like this…she is heart broken why rithwik is doing this I think for family and for rohith and setu….but the family doesnt seeing that rithwik is not happy even rohith also……and that group cht really irritating and who puts wedding planner num in family group yaar….palak totally heart broken today……….it is better palak go away from this mess…….

  2. Ooshi

    Now what is this Aarohi thing

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  4. Please for heaven’s sake STOP showing people doling out crores and crores in front of kidnappers. This message to society is having negative effect. It will encourage gangsters to kidnap rich kids. And also the hero has no brains, he went to the kidnappers with all his credit and debit cards and his I card. It’s really ridiculous…

  5. Please for heaven’s sake STOP showing people doling out crores and crores in front of kidnappers. This message to society is having negative effect. It will encourage gangsters to kidnap rich kids. And also the hero has no brains, he went to the kidnappers with all his credit and debit cards and his I card. It’s really ridiculous…it’s not a duplicate comment

  6. This serial is about A VERY MODERN RICH INDEPENDENT OPEN MINDED noon family but when it comes to marriage they all are acting like a typically narrow minded people who is forcing their son to get married with his childhood friend , noon parents are behaving as if hero Ritvik has turned 50yrs old . haha crazy..

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