Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 28

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Chapter 27

Rudra,” Then bhaiya, how did you know about this ? Who told you ?”
Shivaay,”Mom did.”
Pinky, ” What ??”
Anika, ” Shivaay what are you saying ? How did you get to know ? ”

Shivaay,” I played a trick with you.”
Pinky, “Trick ? What trick Shivaay ?”
Shivaay, “Anika,you know yesterday night I was fidgeting with you clothes. She did not suspect but I had attached a microphone on her dress and disguised it very carefully. So, when she went down to get me a cup of coffee, the microphone was working, was connected to my laptop and I heard all of the conversation which had happened the previous night.”

Anika and Pinky and Om tense up and Anika could now connect the dots for Shivaay’s weird behaviour.

(Anika – Bold , Om – Normal, Pinky- Italics )
Anika opened the fridge and took out the pitcher of water for warming.
“Bhabhi ?”
Om…you here ?
“Yes, actually I was sitting near the pool. I saw you coming down so I came. What are you doing ?”
Making coffee for Shivaay.”
“Ohh ! Let me help.”
Om…it’s okay. I will do it. You must be very tired. You should probably sleep.
“Bhabhi I can’t sleep. After knowing which situations you are surrounded by, thinking of it only makes my sleep vanish.”

I don’t know what I have done to get a devar like you.
“Oho bhabhi…how many times I have told you, its brother not devar.”
Okay okay, I m sorry. No devar. Only brother. But you know, devar sounds so cute on you.”
“Okay. You call me whatever you want. Accha tell me one thing, how did you change your decision ? I mean I, Rudra, Mom and even Mr. Oberoi tried to persuade you to cancel the plan but you were adamant. Then all of a sudden ?”
Mahi. He only convinced me to drop the plan and stay with Shivaay. After realising the points, I decided to cancel off the whole plan altogether, but then it was already late. Shivaay had already reached you people by that time. So , this whole thing became a mess…a big gangaram.
“Waise bhabhi….Mahi is also equally tadibaaz as Shivaay is. Like only Shivaay has the convincing power and so does Mahi.”
You are right, Om. After all they are identical twins.
“And bhabhi, when are you going to tell Shivaay the truth ?”
I don’t know Om. I cannot gather the guts to tell him after knowing the possibilities of the consequences.
“I know bhabhi, that it is going to be tough for you and Shivaay both, but I think the sooner, the better. And don’t worry, all of us have got your back, we all will be there for you both.”
I know Om, but still there…..
What’s going on at this times ? “this voice definitely wasn’t Om’s and neither was it Anika’s. It was the voice of the root of the present problem, Pinky.
AniOm, “Pinky Aunty/ Chhoti Maa !!”
Oh my Mata…what are you two doing here at this times ? Discussing about my Shivaay , corrects ? Anika why are you still here ? The given time had ended today right, so you shouldn’t be here at Oberoi Mansions. Do you want me to tell Shivaay the truth and let him shatter ? I don’t think that he will be able to digest it and stay fines because his heart is a weak one and one big blow can…..”
Anika, ”  Noooooo ! No, Aunty….please don’t tell him anything. Shivaay won’t be able to bear it. I had tried my best to leave today, but it all became mis-matched and a total mess. Please give me some more time so that I can make up a new plan and then I will leave Shivaay and go, but Aunty please, please, I beg you don’t tell him anything.”
Om, ” But bhabhi….”
Anika (whispering): “Om no….please.
Pinky smirked.
Good! You should be begging of me. That’s your real positions, on my feet. It serves you right, you roadside thrash.”
Om was very angry and was about to say something, but Anika held his hand and prevented a furthur argument.
Anika, “Aunty, please don’t tell Shivaay anything. I assure you that I will leave the house in a couple of days. You have waited so much, wait for some more time. Please Aunty, please….”
Pinky, “Just stop your melodrama. How can I trusts you with this ? And why should I?

Anika faked a smile.
Aunty, it’s upto you to trust or not. I will leave in some time because if I don’t do anything, you will tell the truth to Shivaay and if I do anything, then Shivaay will throw me out. Either way I will have to leave. ” 

Fine. I will give you just two more days. If you don’t make Shivaay throw you out of the house, then I will tells Shivaay that he is illegitimate. He is the son of Shaktiji and his mistress Kamini Khurana and also that cheap Mahi is his brother. And you know the consequences of this. Don’t forget what effects it can have on him and his already weak heart. I am sure you don’t want him to fall ills, so it’s better if you leave everyone and go. Pata nahi kis ghadi mein tu aayi ki saari manhoosiyat le aayi. Once you leave, everything will fall in place.”
Anika just wiped her tears and bowed down.
Pinky filled up her jug and went away giving a look to Om.
She went till the door and came back again.
Pinky,” And yes, Om you, don’t even think of telling anyone anything or helping this girl in staying backs, because if you do so, I will ensure that even after leaving this house, this girl’s life becomes miserables.”
Anika and Om shared a look while Pinky finally went away this time.
Om, ” Bhabhi, why did you tell her that you will leave Shivaay when it’s not the case ?”
If I would have told her that I wouldn’t listen to her, then she would have told Shivaay the truth. God only knows what not she would have added to the truth. She is capable of doing that, isn’t she ? I want Shivaay to know the clear truth, not the made up truth from Pinky Aunty. I will tell him the truth tomorrow itself that he is illegitimate, with no drama and gossip added.”
Om,” Yes bhabhi, Chhoti Maa can do anything. But I trust you. Whatever you will do will be for the good of Shivaay.”
Anika smiled and hugged Om.
Anika, “I guess we should go and sleep now. Tomorrow is a big day for us.
Flashback ends——————-

The family was shocked and enraged hearing this revelation where as the ones who knew this were silent. For a few minutes, everyone stood there , unmoved, as if trying to taje in the events of the moments gone by.


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  1. toooo goood…that evil witch pinky’s truth came out …finally..actually in ib also i dont understand that how pinky was forgiven so easily ..firstly ,i mean the truth that pinky brought nayantara to om… secondly , she going n telling mr . bajaj that anika is just a mere employ of shivaay rather his wife…thirdly pinky adding acid in the mehndi and putting the blame on anika ..fourthly , pinky getting prinku and ranveer married with the help of kamini and putting that blame also on anika ..should all come out..all this was ignored completely ..i didnt like that…actually i want the cvs to include it..

    1. Pui

      Thank you so much Dear ! I had to come out ! I hate it when the truth is just a few efforts away and the people cannot find it…..and Pinky will get the punishment for all her deeds ?

  2. Niriha

    Superb update dear…

    1. Pui

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    Waiting for the next update eagerly..
    Post it as soon as possible.
    Take care..

    1. Pui

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      The next update will be out today itself ?
      Thanks a lot….

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Mind blowing..Pinky tho kudh hi pol khol di….will be waiting for he next….

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Prabha Di ❤
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