Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 27

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Recap :
Chapter 26

Next day, after breakfast, Shivaay called down all the members in the hall. Everyone was confused. When Shivaay saw that everyone had come, he went to Pinky and said,
" Mom, why did you do this ? "
Pinky, " What are you sayings Shivaay ?"
Shivaay was irritated and angry, but was trying to keep his cool. This was noticed by everyone present.
Shivaay, " Mom, I know everything."
Pinky, " I can't understands anything."
Shivaay lost his cool and shouted," I know that it was you who blackmailed Anika to leave the house, the family, especially me and all the drama of kidnapping Omru was done in accordance with your threat."
Everyone's eyes widened in shock.
Pinky was the first one to come out of it. She knew that now there was no use pretending. So with an anger stricken face she said, " Yes, it was me who did it. And I know for sure that this girl (pointing to Anika ) tolds you about it."
Before anyone else could say anything, she went to Anika and held her arm tightly.
"I tolds you na to stay away from my son ? I also told you to leave the house without anyone knowing about me. But see what you have done. One day or the other, by hook or by crook, I would have thrown you out, but see now you have turned my family and specially my son against me. Are you happy now ? Have you got the peace by creating a rift between me and the others?"
Anika, " No Aunty, I did not…."
Pinky, " Shut up. If not you, then none could have done this…"
She jerked Anika's hand away and came to Shivaay while the latter just shed the tears down her eyes.
Pinky," Yes Shivaay, I did all that. Because….because I was scared of losing you. This girl was trying to seperate us. That's why I did this Shivaay. You are my only support here, no one else respects me the way you and Omru do, no one considers me to be important except you three and this girl wanted to take you away from me ? She wanted to break our relation, our family. Arre, how would you know what is the importance of a family. You will you know how to keep relations in a family because you are an orphan. You don't even know who are your parents, you don't know whose…"
"Enough. Just stop it. Mom, please stop."
Pinky, " Ha ha ha , see Shivaay, today for this girl you are shouting on me, your Mom. Its been just a year you have known this girl and for her you are ignoring 30 years of my love. This is why I did all this….and this shameless, undeserving girl told you everything and made atleast my life miserable. "
Shivaay, " Mom, enough. Not a word more. Enough is enough. First thing, Anika did not tell me about this thing. "
Pinky frowned in confusion and so did Anika and Omru.
Rudra, " Then bhaiya, how did you know about this ? Who told you ? "
Shivaay,  " Mom did. "
Pinky, " What ?? "
Looks like Billu has cooked up a big pot of khichdi. I request everyone to taste it atleast. ?
There maybe some delay in the next update. I thank everyone for their sincere support.

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  1. Aafiya

    What yaar ended so short..?..
    Waiting for the next update.. Post it as soon as possible…
    Take care…
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    1. Pui

      Sorry yaar…
      Couldn’t give a long one !
      Will try posting it as soon as i finish writing ?
      Bye…Good wishes ?

  2. Niriha

    Superb?….can’t wait for next part update soon

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Di !
      Will try to update asap.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Uffff pinky nahi sudharne wali….ha lagtha tho yahi hai ki billu kuch na kuch khichdi pakaya hai..will be waiting for the next…..

    1. Pui

      Haan Di…Pinky itni aasani se nahi sudhregi.
      Will try updating soon..?

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

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    Superb update

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