Kasam 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja gets married again

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Kasam 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Tanuja that Smilie was pregnant when she left home, and mom and dad got her married to a nice guy and when she delivered baby girl, he adopted her and Netra had taken care of her as a mother. Tanuja asks what you are saying and tells that Netra had said always that Tania is their daughter. Rishi asks how can you believe her. Tanuja tells Rishi that she saw him on bed with netra. Rishi is shocked and says I just love you. Tanuja cries and says I have seen with my eyes. Rishi tells that day he was drunk, and later someone told him that she is leaving house. Rishi realizes that Netra has conspired against them to separate them. Tanuja says she has committed crime and we are punished for 8 years. Rishi cries and says it is all my mistake. He says Netra has betrayed everyone of us. Netra comes there and sees them sitting together. She thinks how they can be together again. Rishi tells Tanuja that he will not leave Netra for separating them.

Tanuja says nobody can change the past, but good thing is that we can start our life afresh. Rishi says I am sitting with you with peace after 8 years and asks her to sit with him for 5 mins. Netra gets jealous and angry. Natasha and Tania talk that Rishi and Tanuja might have resolved their fight by now. Teachers ask everyone to come. Rishi and Tanuja asks them to wait. Natasha and Tania come to them and are happy with their reunion. They all hold each other hands and starts walking. Netra thinks I can’t let my 8 years ruin and decides to do something. They come back to their tents. Suddenly rain starts. Tanuja and Rishi like the place.

Tanuja says our life is beautiful. She tells Rishi that this place has given them love for all births. Chehre me tere…bearish ka pani song plays. He tells her I love you. They start dancing. Tanuja starts sneezing. Rishi gets worried and says you will get fever. He lights bonfire. They tell that they will not fight with each other again. Tanuja asks him to marry her again. Rishi is surprised and smiles. He says I want to marry you daily. Natasha and Tania come there and asks what they are doing? Rishi says they are marrying again. Natasha says I want to see your marriage and says last time you got married without me. She says she will click their pics. She takes their pics. Rishi says lets gets married now. They start taking rounds. Rishi promises to keep her happy all life and love her in all births.

Precap: Rishi and Tania are dead in the hospital. AK apologizes and says I know about her. Manpreet asks what he is talking about. AK says Netra. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. same precap why?……………

  2. Abhi to misundrstndng clear hui…n tanshi ko dead bata diya…i hope next birth me dono ko jaldi mila de…n achi luv story bataye…i want kritka n shrd as tanu n rishi…no new couple plz…

  3. So what’s gonna happen finally?

  4. It’s Gud before leap Tanuja n Rishi know truth about Netra but sad that they both die, they cannot expose Netra before saturday

  5. What the need to expose now, it’s better if they expose Netra before 8 yr leap n start new love story of tanshi so that trp of show doesn’t low waste one year with Netra

    1. I know that Tanuja was born after Tanu died but she started having flashes of Rishi and Tanu growing up. Sometimes she is posessed with Tanu spirit..after plastic surgery she looked exactly like Tanu. if she is revealed as Tanu that means..her life as Tanuja is erased
      We all saw her parents when she was born and her parents were friends of Sandy who took care of her when her parents died she was born as a promise for Rishi but as Tanuja. Explain how the life of one person can

      be erased completely and given to another. The only explanation is that they are days when she is possesed with Tanu’spirit she has two lifes and two sprits. It is confusing but interesting. Isn’t better to have two history one as Tanu than erasing her other part.Tanuja was born to full fill Tanu’s promise that she made before she died that she will come back and protect Rishi. Well I think this is a good story..no need to reason Abt it. This love story was very interesting but the writer messed up. He had two good actors who were made to look stupid by repeating the same thing over and over again.Tanuja’s charactor was the dumbest I have ever seen on television she couldn’t even ask why Rishi slept with Netra.as if it’s …and when Rishi told her about Tania.Is like she forgot about Smiley issue. All those repeats and going round in circles became a torture. Even if misunderstanding are revealed after a long wait in the end the interest in the story is gone and pple like Netra were supposed to be exposed in front of the whole family ..that is exposing evil pple but all the chances were missed. Time was wasted on Tanuja’s anger, crying.and seeking revenge.We never saw the love story it was just torture I just hope this script writer does not write for Kasam again. l can’t remember how many times I skip when Tanuja came on coz I knew she was going to shout at Rishi and say same thing over and over again and blame God..moon and fate except herself. A friend said her brother stopped watching coz he suffered in the hands of any abusive woman who was nice to everyone like Tanuja he would romance him leave him suffering and refused to share a bed with him. When he saw Tanuja doing the same to Rishi at the party,he just said that is it I m not watching this cruel woman. That is how it became bad to other pple.
      TV is intertainment but it affect our soul sometimes.
      They just failed to clear misunderstands and secrets in a way that was going to give them ratings. The longer it took the interest in the story faded away.


  6. OnFriday it will be revealed that tanuja is onl y Tami, yes much awaited moment

  7. Could Rishi ever know she is incarcerated Tanu?

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