Love Your Forever Part 1

Hello everyone as Sapna want to have something after the story of zkm so here is that actually I had posted this on IF first bt due to Sapna m posting tht here n also I m not well now so can’t write further story of other ffs so forgive me for tht here is the story.
So the story starts from the 14th August episode when Shwetlana done drama of fainting. It would end in 4 long parts. So let’s start…
Mehak glared at Shwetlana. She was still in confusion as she was not aware of the real face of her. Sarita and Swati took her in room. Aarush too was not getting whatever she was doing. Aarush called doctor. He was not at all worried for her as he knew that its all a drama that she is doing to save him from this marriage.
“Don’t know what’s happening today…first her saree burnt due to my little mistake and now this…”
“Didi…its not your fault…I too should be careful…please don’t blame yourself…”
“Yes Didi…Mehak is right don’t blame yourself…”
“Swati…its okay yrr…”
“Smriti Di I am…”
“Shhh no more words…”
Mehak hugged Swati to calm her down as she was continuously blaming herself for all that. Everytime Swati used to calm Mehak but today Mehak is doing this job. Doctor arrived and checked Shwetlana. He gave her injection and she feebly opened her eyes to check whether the situation is undercontrolled or not. She closed her eyes before anyone could see her. 
“I had injected her and she will gain consciousness in some time…took care of her…”
“Thank you so much doctor…”
Aarush went with doctor. Mehak hold Shaurya’s hand and took him in his room. He was not getting what she is doing. She closed the door.
“Shaurya…I want to say something…”
“This time??”
“Yeah this time…”
“Mehak are you made…there auntie is lying unconscious and here you want to say something…”
“Shaurya its important…do you remember we were attacked by someone in Rishikesh…”
“I tried to remove the hoodie from that person’s face but can’t and in that fight I made a scratch on the neck of that person with my nails…”
“Okay…but what’s your point??”
“I…I saw the…the same scratch on her neck…”
“Whose neck??”
“Sh…Shwet…Shwetlana auntie’s neck…”
“What??  Mehak you gone mad…”
“I am not mad Shaurya…she is the one who attacked us and she was even hiding that mark from me…”
“What the hell Mehak…see with great difficuties I gained Smriti Di’s trust and I don’t want to loss that…so please stop all this…and yeah don’t continue it in front of Smriti Di…”
“Shaurya but…”
“Enough Mehak…why would she try to harm us…its harly 15 days we met her…”
“That’s my point Shaurya…why she would try to harm us…”
“When you get answer then only come to me…”
“But listen to m…” 
He pushed and left the room abruptly. She was so broken as the person whom she faith that he will believe her is not believing her. Some tears formed in her eyes but she wiped them off before leaving the room. Shwetlana gained consciousness. Aarush went on her side and asked what had happened to her. 
“Nothing beta…just feeling weakness…nothing to worry…”
She was searching for Mehak as Shaurya was there but not Mehak. Sarita came to her.
“Bhenji are you feeling good now??”
“Yes yes I am feeling good now…but Shaurya Smriti told me that you and Mehak are too gonna engaged tonight…where is she??”
“Actually auntie she is not comfortable now so she refused to get engaged tonight…”
Sarita and Swati wondered why as she was blushing hard when they told her about engagement and now she refused. 
“But Shaurya Beta she was…”
“Maa…we will get engaged after some time…”
“Mehak you were ready for engagement…”
“Didi I am not this much grown up that I should get engaged and then marry…I need some time…”
“Swati don’t force her…she is right I too felt that I should have some time and Aarush and I were in relationship from 5-6 months…and they had just sort out everything so they need some time…”
“Thank you Smriti Di…”
Shwetlana smiled to herself as she get succeed in postponing the engagement.
“Aarush we should leave now…”
“Okay mom…”
Shaurya formally hugged Aarush and they both left. Swati sensed something wrong from Shaurya and Mehak’s face expressions but she kept quiet.
“We too should leave now…”
“Okay auntie and thank you so much for handling everything here…”
“Don’t say thank you beta…you had done so much for us and I could do this much for that…”
He smiled and bent to touch her feet. She blessed him. Swati and Smriti formally hugged each other. Smriti was bending to touch Sarita’s feet but she refused her to do that.
“Smriti beta you are like Mehak and Swati to me and daughters don’t touch feet…they hug their mother…”
She hugged her and Mehak. Mehak was looking at Shaurya with sorrowful eyes but he seemed to be uneffected. He turned his face in anger. Trio left. In the way Swati messaged Smriti about Mehrya. As soon as she got the message she went to talk to Shaurya. He was sitting on bed whole frustrated. She went to him.
“Again fought with her…”
“No Di…its her mistake…”
“It never matter whose mistake is it…the thing that matters is that it doesn’t affect the relationship…”
“But Di…”
“No buts Shaurya…you both look as if you are connected to each other from last birth…I was at fault na that I understood you like papa but still you helped me…so now not for me but for your love go to her and say sorry for whatever that had happened between you both…”
“Okay Di…and thank you for making me understand…”
“Now let’s go…” 
He nodded and they both left for Sharma Nivas. Mehak sat on bed recalling what had happened. She was so sad as he took her wrong. Just then she heard a knock on door. Swati opened the door. Shwetlana and Aarush were standing on door. Swati welcome them. Sarita too came in hall. They were confused to see them here on this hour.
“Bhenji you here at this hour??”
“Actually we came here for Mehak…I mean today’s drama postponed her engagement…”
“No auntie you don’t worry I am fine with it…”
“But still…”
“Its okay na auntie…”
“Well if you are happy then I too happy…aaa Mehak…where is washroom??”
“Its upstairs…”
“Okay thank you…”
She went upstairs. Sarita asked for any refreshment to Aarush . He refused polietly. She returned in some time and they both took leave from them and left. They were retarding to their room when they heard another knock on door. Swati went to check. This time Shaurya and Smriti were on door. Mehak had already went in her room. Swati went to room. 
“Mehak…Shaurya and Smriti are downstairs…”
Mehak chocked the water she was drinking.
“Yeah…lets go…”
Swati hold her hand and both went downstairs. Shaurya looked at her and smiled. She was shocked as he smiled. 
‘His anger cooled down I think…’
He went on his knees and pulled out a beautiful ring.
Image result for diamond rings
Mehak smiled and he proceed.
“Mehak…first of all I am sorry for my anger…you know that very well that I am not able to see anything in anger…I am really sorry for that…and if you had forgiven me then…will you marry me and become my better half for the rest of life?? You know that I love you to the core…please don’t say no otherwise I will…”
Before he could complete she put her palm on his mouth.
“Don’t say that…I will become your better half…”
He smiled and swiftly slid the beautiful ring in her middle finger. He get up and hugged her.
“I love you Mehak…”
“I love you too Shaurya…”
Swati and Smriti winked at each other and smiled. Sarita silently prayed for the happiness of her children. They broke the hug. Swati and Smriti both had took some pics in their mobile for having some memories of the most beautiful love confession. Shaurya was about to kiss her temple but Mehak managed to make him realize that their families are here. He stopped there and left her. She was bushing hard on his love confession. She felt like fainting. She took a step but lost her balance and the last thing she remember is fainting in his arms. 
She gained consciousness and found herself in hospital room. Swati was sitting beside her. Her eyes were searching for Shaurya. Swati looked at her.
“He is outside filling some forms…”
“Maa…where is maa??”
“She is with Smriti Di…”
Doctor came and checked her once again. 
“Where is her husband??”
“He is filling some forms doctor…”
Doctor left. Mehak looked at Swati in disbelief as she had said that her husband is filling some forms. 
“Don’t look at me like that…he filled the form as your husband…you are not a patient of memory loss…”
She checked her middle finger and sighed after seeing his ring in her finger. He came after some time. Swati get up and let him sit there.
“Mehak are you fine??”
“I am fine Shaurya…but what had happened to me??”
“Mehak you fainted after proposal…I think you get a shock from my romantic proposal…”
He chuckled. She looked at him with angry eyes. He supressed his laughter and hold his ears.
“Okay sorry…”
She smiled. As doctor asked for some tests Shaurya took her for test. After getting the tests done trio left for house. Sarita was worried for Mehak and Smriti was consoling her. As they reached home Sarita hugged Mehak and asked if everything is fine. Swati and Shaurya assured her that Mehak is fine. It was too late so Shaurya and Smriti decided not to leave for KM. Swati gave one of her kurti to her for getting change into it. Shaurya took Coach Sir’s clothes and get changed in them. Swati and Smriti slept while Mehak was not getting sleep. Here Shaurya too was not getting sleep. He messaged Mehak to come on terrace as he is having a surprise for her. She first refused but when Shaurya sent his puppy face selfie to her she chuckled and went on terrace. There was no one on terrace. She called for him but he was not shown up. 
“Shaurya…if you won’t come then I am going…”
She was about to turn but she felt something hard and about to fell but two familiar hands hold her waist. She knew that its Shaurya. 
“I won’t let you go this time…”
“I too don’t want that…”
“Then give me my kiss…”
“See you promised that you will give me what I will ask if I ate up the whole food…now I want my kiss…”
He was demanding his kiss as if a small cute school boy is asking his favourite candy. He pulled her more near to his chest and palmed her cheek with one hand and another was holding her. He lowered his gaze to her lips and bent to taste them. She want to oppose but its 5th time they are so close and now she can’t stop him kissing her. She gave up herself to him and on next second his lips landed on her lips. He was tasting her lips for the first time and don’t want to leave them. He traced her lower lip with his tongue. She was enjoying his sweet kiss. He want to enter her mouth but she was not letting him do that. He bite her lip and as she hissed and opened her mouth he pushed his tongue in her mouth and start tasting her mouth. She too want to taste his lips but he was so busy and not letting her fulfill her desire. It was enough for her and she pushed his tongue and entered his mouth to taste. She traced his lips and now they started playing with each other’s tongues. Both could feel each other smiling. They broke their kiss. Shaurya was smirking while she was blushing hard. He pulled her waist and pushed a strand of hairs behind her ear. He lift up her chin to see her blushing face. 
“It was more sweet than I had imagined…”
It made her blush more. She hit his chest and ran from there. He chuckled on her innocent act. She went in her room and covered her blushing face with blanket and dozed off.
  1. Hmmmm totally enjoyed it first kiss???? Wow girl memories I remembered my first kiss it was like only yesterday lol. Small cute school boy na. Keep writing hun.

  2. First thank you so much…i really love it…you full fill my wish …thanks yrrr…plz keep it up…and take care of your self..

  3. Lovely Anjali di. Just got to see this in morning is like morning treat. It made my day I just read it to n it made me smile brightly. Finally we are going to get some Mehrya moments here tht we can’t in zkm. Continue soon n enjoy ur weekend. Get well soon okay.

  4. Wow good start Anjali. Wonder why Shwetlana came to Mehak’s house n Shaurya was angry on her is it tht they r planning something or…..??? Anyways update soon n tk care of ur health.

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