Love vs Revenge : Chapter 10 {Deal and Egg}

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Arohi wakes up in the morning.She goes and changes.She goes out of the house to jog a little bit.Deep wakes up and changes.He goes out for jogging.

Arohi:This place

Deep:Our home

Arohi:Where it all started

Deep:Where we belong

A little tear comes out of both eyes.Arohi gets a call.She attends it

Karan:Mam are you free right now


Karan:Mam Mr Mehra he is backing out

Arohi:I already knew it his hesitation during the deal was  clear tell me the reason for backing out

Karan:He thinks you are not going to get profit so he thinks his money is going to be wasted

Arohi:Looks like he doesn’t know us fine we are no longer working with him call Mr Sarna and tell him the deal is his and in four days go with  a report of profits we earned only in those four days and give it to Mr Mehra

Karan:What a plan that would be a slap on his face

Arohi:What’s the schedule for today

Karan:So only 2 meetings today and then free for other two days then the big day

Arohi:That’s good I’ll meet you in office

Karan:As you wish

She cuts the call and covers her head with a hoddie.Deep is passing from a street.Arohi is also at the same street.

Deep:My heart why it is beating soo fast

Arohi:This feeling

They both are in their own thoughts when the both hit each other.



They both go in their ways.

Arohi:That voice

Deep:Sounds fimiliar



They both turn around but they find someone else.Both go to their houses and then to their work.

In the deep forests of shimla in night there is a person who is digging the ground in hopes of finding something

Person:Just a little more and then this whole city will belong to me

The person digs even deeper and a shinny light starts to appear


Suddenly the person hears police van sirens.The person immediately covers the lights and runs from there

Person:Don’t worry I will be back later

Arohi and deep are in their gyms.When they recall what happened in the evening

Arohi:I was probably dreaming how could he

Deep:Her voice it sounded like arohi but she is dead

Arohi:Or he can fake his death to get out of prison

Deep:But there isn’t any reason why would she fake her death

They both angrily starts punching the punching back.Deep remembers arohi sending her to jail and arohi remembers deep sending her to jail

Arohi:It was the biggest mistake of my life that I loved you if I ever saw you again these eyes will hate you

Deep:You took revenge from me in the name of love why didn’t you just asked me whom I loved

Both hands of arohi and deep are bleeding. They go to their room and treat their wounds

Arohi:I have moved on

Deep:I only live for myself

Arohi:I hate love

Deep:I hate family

They both sleep . Papaji passes by arohi room and sees her.He sees sleeping pills beside her

Papaji:You still take these because you can’t sleep on your own I an soo worried for you

In the morning deep and arohi gets to know that the dealers have chosen two companies

Arohi:What they have chosen two

Karan:Yes mam they wanted to take the best female and male

Deep:Interesting so there is a partnership

Arohi: Did they told you the name

Karan:No mam they said they want it to be a surprise

Deep:There is no name of the owner looks like they are going to shock me

Arohi:I have no problem it will be fun

Deep:It’s going to be the best deal of my life

Few days passes by and today is the big deal deep and arohi are exited for this deal but they don’t know that they are about to receive the biggest shock of their life.

Deep and arohi both are getting ready They both reach the place where the meeting is  going to take place.The both are sitting in different rooms.A male and female are in their rooms.After some time the deal is done and both of them are shaking hands with owners

Arohi:By the way where is my partner

Deep:Aren’t we supposed to work together

Mr Sinnah:We wanted it to be a surprise

Mrs Sinnah:We have arranged a meet up with your partner


Arohi:I am very excited to meet my partner

Mr Sinnah:We are too two of the best business figure one from india and one from USA

Deep: Oh she is from USA I am exited

Mr Sinnah:We will send you the name of hotel you go and have some rest

Both arohi and deep are in parking area they are about to see each other but a car comes in between them and both of them leave from there

The unknown person comes back to the forest.The person digs the ground and finds a black egg

Person:The egg finally

The person laughs

Person:I have to take it It has to be activated

The person sits in the car and leaves from there.Both arohi and deep are getting ready. They both get a message.There is a hotel name.

Arohi:Soo this is the place

Karan:Mam you are going alone

Arohi:Yes you take rest

Deep and arohi leave for the hotel where they are about to receive the biggest shock of their life

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