Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 38

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Arjun finished the cigarette & stubbed out the left over in the ashtray.

Arjun- Yes Rajat, the biggest mystery is till now definitely Samrat Khanna. See, we know nothing about his background. He married Piyali when she was pregnant with someone else’s child. The motive must be money & property or there may be some personal equation between them. Then, Piyali gone missing when Samaira was only four years old. I was checking the details, Piyali’s father, Aniket Chaudhary died in heart attack just after a year Piyali went missing, that mean in 1996. Now, my confusion is, why Samrat did not attempted on Samaira then?

Rajat raised his eyebrows in confusion.

Rajat- What are you saying Arjun?

Arjun- Think practically Rajat, at that time, Samaira was a child, totally dependent on Samrat. No Piyali, no Aniket. Then, why he waited till Samaira turned 25 when according to Aniket Wills, it is clear that Samaira will become the owner of Khanna Industries & all properties at that age? Okay. We are sure about the fact that now Samrat wanted his path to be clear but the question is why not then? Don’t you think it will be much more easier & less risky as that time Samaira was a vulnerable child.

Rajat- point Arjun!!!

Arjun- How the hell I missed such important point. Then, Samrat’s death. Just think the level of perfection in planning! I just have only confusion regarding Samrat’s death & that also got cleared after reading details Post Mortem Reports.

Rajat- What confusion Arjun?

Arjun- Why Samrat Khanna did not tried to escape when he was getting suffocated by the Carbon Monoxide gas that was leaking from Car’s AC? According to Post Mortem Reports, Doctors found traces of Melatonin & Alprazolam in Samrat’s body. Both are sleeping drugs & together create a deadly combination. Doctors also got undigested food in his stomach & both drugs were mixed on that food. Samrat was not in his senses when his car got collided with the truck.

Rajat- Indeed perfect Planning!!

Arjun- Hmm. But why? & most importantly by whom?

Rajat- May be because you break into the store room of Khanna Industries, the main secret of them.

Arjun- Someone convinced Samrat that he can easily escape from our country. That was possible. If he fled away in another country with which we don’t have any Extradition treaty than it would be extremely difficult for us to take Samrat in our custody. He was on the way to Airport, he has his passport with him, but no tickets. So, the promise was someone will hand over the ticket but their master plan was different. They just wanted to kill Samrat & they were successful. But why? Yes, the reason is they don’t want to take any chance or they want to distract us or may be any other reason.

Rajat- Distract us?? From what?? The reason is definitely Samrat has the answers of all our queries, that’s why Nandini planned to kill him. She is the mastermind.

Arjun- Money Laundering, attempt on Samaira, Dev Arora, Sarika, RDX Smuggling, Anil, Rajen, Ravi Desai, Rana, Jai Khanna, K.K, Killing Samrat, Linda Joseph, the mysterious packet, the shrewd plan of trapping Samaira in smuggling chain & even the escape plan of Dev. Do you really think Nandini is the mastermind?  In Fact, honestly speaking, till now, I did not exactly get their plan. We have so many pawns, knights, rooks, but my point is who is the king?

Rajat- Samrat is already dead. If not Nandini, then who?

Arjun- I think, the real mastermind, the king is still playing from behind. We don’t know him or her. Samrat Khanna had all the answers of our queries but he is no more. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reach them. I will get them at any cost.

Rajat- but how Arjun? We can’t able to trace Dev till now, not even able to find out Nandini aka Anju.

Arjun- I know. But Rajat, amidst all, we missed an important character, Aniket Chaudhary, Piyali’s father.

Rajat- What more you want to know about him?

Arjun- When his daughter Piyali suddenly gone missing what he actually did? If he really cares for her than it would be impossible to believe Samrat’s theory. Did they at that time filed any missing complaint?

Rajat- Why this matters now that then Samrat or Aniket filed any missing complaint for Piyali or not?

Arjun- Its matters. I want to know if there is no missing complaint, then how Samrat convinced Aniket about Piyali’s absence or what Aniket’s role in money laundering or in this conspiracy & if there is missing complaint than I need to know what at that time Police Investigated. In fact, then we have to doubt Aniket’s death natural heart attack or not.

Rajat- But Arjun why we are trying to find what happened in past? I mean, don’t you think we need to concentrate more on the RDX dealing, the mysterious packet & Dev.

Arjun- We don’t have any single clue to progress. We are standing on the verge of dead end. I think finding more about Samrat, Piyali, Nandini aka Anju & Aniket we will surely going to get hints about the King who is playing from behind.

Rajat- Agree with you Arjun. So, tell me what I have to do.

Arjun- First of all, tomorrow, I want all the final reports of each point we discussed before. Next, I want all the servants who used to work in Khanna Mansion, present there.

Rajat- Okay.

Arjun- Try to find out if there was any missing complaint for Piyali Khanna  or not. At that time, there was no provision for Zero FIR, so, the complaint must be filed in the local Police Station of Khanna Mansion.

They stopped their discussion hearing a knock on the door of cabin. “Come In”. Hearing Arjun’s voice Bonnie entered inside. She was looking quite angry.

Bonnie- I need to discuss something important with you Sir.

Arjun looked at Rajat who nodded head & left the cabin.

Arjun- Yes Bonnie?

Bonnie- I think Sir you are forgetting that our Higher Authority dropped down the allegation of “Irresponsible Behavior “ against me & again appointed me without demotion in my previous post. So, it is my right to attend every briefing of Yours….

Arjun- No, it is not your right. It is solely my decision as team leader how I am going to handle the mission. If you have any objection regarding any thing, you can complaint to our seniors.

Bonnie- Sir, I am not saying in that way. You are clearly misunderstanding me.

Arjun- See Bonnie, I don’t have time for useless things like understand or misunderstand you. Now, let’s talk about work.

Bonnie swallowed the insult & stood in attention.

Arjun- Nerium Oleander….. Do you have any idea Bonnie what it is?

Arjun looked at her & Bonnie felt like her heart started beating rapidly. She nodded her head in negative.

Arjun- Well, this is a poison. Doctors found traces of it from Dev’s vomit. Now, you need to find out how Dev got this Oleander when he was in our custody?

Arjun smirked looking at Bonnie.

Arjun – You are my clever, responsible Sub Inspector. Don’t disappoint me. I want your Investigation Report soon in my table. Hope, I made myself clear. Now, don’t waste time. Dismiss.

Bonnie almost rushed out from Arjun’s cabin. His cold stare & smirks are too much for her to handle. She is indeed feeling nervous. She came towards her desk & drank down a whole glass of water in one gulp.


Though the X Superintendent of the Correctional Home cannot be able to provide any information regarding the NGO where Anju aka Nandini used to work. But he reminded Arjun the most essential fact that every NGO need to be registered. Arjun felt like banging his head. He is behaving dumb, missing out crucial points. He waited till his Officer came back with necessary details.

“Sir, the NGO was registered in the name of some Dorothy Faria, but we have no information about the vision & mission of the NGO & the other members. And the most shocking fact is Dorothy is dead. She was murdered that too in the same year in which Devendra aka Dev Arora got free from that Correctional Home.” The Officer informed Arjun.

Arjun raised his eyebrows. Again, another dead end. “Say in details Officer.”

The Officer- Sir, she was shot from point blank range on the street while she was returning from morning walk.  Two Killers & their faces were covered. Local Police Investigated but result was nil. After a year, Dorothy’s parents filed a petition in Court to seek justice for their daughter. The Court gave the case charge to Crime Branch, but they too unable to solve the case. After two months, Dorothy’s father died in heart attack & their elder daughter aka Dorothy’s sister took their mother in U.S.A with her & Dorothy’s murder mystery remained unsolved as the family stopped following the case.

Arjun sighed. He leaned on his chair.

Arjun- Try to locate Dorothy’s elder sister in U.S.A & I want both the Investigation reports of Dorothy murder case.

The Officer nodded his head, saluted Arjun & left from the cabin. Arjun lit a cigarette.

Arjun ( in his mind)- If my intuition is right, then by knowing about Dorothy, I will surely going to find more about Nandini & the dark years of Dev’s life, how he became Dev from Devendra. Have so many clues, bas, need to explore all perfectly, then only I can get the clear picture.

That’s all for Today. Waiting for Responses. Sorry For the late.


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