Love me! (SwaSan OS)

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Hi guys! I am back with another os! This one’s continued from when sahil was arrested and Swara came back home

Caution: Strictly for 18+, mature content ,baccha party stay away!

After several fights and murder attempts finally the Maheswaris got hold on Sahil Sen Gupta the ex singer and future jailor or as matter of fact present jailor! Yes Sahil has been jailed under the account of numerous murder attempts he has done on Sanskar and an attempt to kidnap Swara Sanskar Maheswari! And Now Finally there is peace in Maheswari Mansion well as for now.
Just like always Anupurna has arranged shanti puja in the house at night. Swara is busy with arranging things in the main hall. Just then Sankey entered the mansion a bit tired with all the meetings he handled today.
Sanskar – Swara please meri kapde bahar nikal ki rakho! Mein fresh hone jaraha hu!
Swara smiles – Okay! Mein abhi ati hu!
Swara to Anupurna and Sujata who were busy feeding Ragini as usual – Bade Maa and Mom! Mein thodi der mein ati hu…woh Sanskar ke kapde nikalne he pooja keliya.
Sujata nodded happily as she continued feeding fake upcoming mother Ragini.
Swara after finishing the little work left and went upstairs and found no one in their room. She looked at the bathroom and saw the door open…and went inside it.
Swara thinking – Ye Sanskar kaha gya!
Suddenly she heard the door close behind her. She swiftly turned around and found Sanskar standing smirking at her as he eyed her from top to bottom.
Swara irritated – Sanskar kaha the tum?

Swara was wearing a light pink shaded net saree and her pallu was tugged near her waist exposing her creamy white tummy a bit.
Sanskar started to walk slowly towards her with a naughty smile in his lips.
Swara stared at him confused – Sanskar kya hua?
Sanskar kept on walking towards her. Swara felt spark running down herspine seeing the intense gaze of Sanskar.
Swara suddenly felt nervous and started to walk backwards but Sanskaar was too quick to catch.
Before she could go back any further, Sanskaar held her bare waist and pulled her towards him making her gasp.
Swara shocked- Wha..What! Kya kar rahe ho?
Sanskar pulled her more closely so that no air passes between them. He sensually rubs her waist with his thumb sending shivers to Swara.
Swara gulps and tries to move away from him. But Sanskaar doesn’t let her go and make the hold more tight. Their body was now touching each other. Sanskaar could feel her chest touching his hard one.
Swara nervously- What are you upto?
Sanskar with intense gaze- You know well what I am upto!
Swara not looking into his eyes- San..Sanskaar! Hume niche jana he ! Tum jaldi se fresh hojao! We have to go down!
Saying this she removed his hand and was about to go when sanskar held her hand from behind and said- Ahaaan! Abhi nahi…niche baad mein jaa sakte he!
And pulled her with jerk and she landed into his chest as her back faces him.
Swara nervously- Sanskar…ye…
Before she could complete her words Sanskaar slowly moved her hair to one side as his other hand on her stomach. Sanskaar went near her neck. Swara was already becoming breathless due to his hot breath which was touching her skin. Sanskaar slowly nuzzles there giving her sweet torture. Swara sighs making Sanskaar turned on . He slightly squeezes her tummy making her gasps. He started to kiss near her neck making her restless.
Swara whispers- San…skaar!

Sharm hata de jo shab gira le aankhon pe
Pyaas mita de.. wo nami chura le honton se

He slowly trails towards her beauty bone as he turns her around and makes her look towards him. Sanskaar slowly holds her chin and makes her look towards him.
Swara melts under his gaze. He touches her lower lip. Swara lips were dried up and she bites her lower lip in nervousness. Sanskaar slowly lowers down and touches her lower lip and sucks it slowly making her go breathless.

Main jalti raatein teri
Tu wo subah jo bujha de

Sanskaar starts to kiss her slowly and passionately. Swara starts to respond him in same way. Slowly it turned into wild intense kiss as they tried to match each other. They kept on kissing till they become breathless. After parting from her lips Sanskaar began to give wet kisses on her cheeks, nose and chin. Swara felt shy suddenly and tried to move away but Sanskaar caught her and pushed her to wall.
Swara blushes- Sanskar Hum Pooja keliye der horahe he!
Sanskaar passionately- Ssshhh! Don’t talk! Pooja toh hote rahenge! Lekin ese mauke thodi na milte he…
Swara- But…
Sanskaar- Sssh! Bohot din hogya tumhe ghar ane pe! Par tumhe toh mere fikar hi nahi! Now shut up!
Before Swara could say anything Sanskaar took her lips once again. This time kiss was more fierce. Swara hands were wandering all over Sanskaar’s back while Sanskaar was holding her from waist and held her hair tightly. Sanskaar left her lips and went to her neck and kept on nuzzling there making Swara moan.
Sanskaar started to give wet kisses near her beauty bone . Swara’s hands started to fumble with buttons of Sanskaar’s shirt. While kissing near her beauty bone, Sanskaar hand went to the pallu of her saree and he slowly removed it from her waist. Not able to take the pleasure he was creating for her, swara pulled Sanskaar face up and took his lips in her once again kissing him wildly. While her other hand went to the shirt once again and ripped it off revealing Sanskaar welt built body. During this heat of moment, Sanskaar didn’t realise where was he standing and due to force of tearing his shirt by swara.

Bheeg loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

He stumbled backwards and got hit by bathtub and lost his balance and fell into tub filled with water along with Swara.
Swara got completely wet by the water as well as Sanskaar. She s*xily looked at Sanskaar as he looked at her back. Her saree has become transparent and sticky to her body and was revealing her private parts.

Aa honton pe tu khwahish tu bun le
Baaki jo hasrat wo chun le

Her perfect shaped br*asts which were exposed through the saree were making Sanskaar turned on harder. He took her lips once again and began to suck water droplets from her mouth. Swara’s hands travelled to Sanskaar ‘s biceps as she enjoyed the taste of his lips. She slowly went to his shoulder and started to give wet kisses making Sanskaar groan.

Bikhre hain jo katre mere
Ho.. haan tan se tan uljhale zara
Phir se mann sulga le zara

She was seriously making him wild by her touches. Swara left his shoulder and went to his throat and started to nuzzle there. Sanskaar took the hold of her sarees drape and started to remove it slowly touching her sensually.

Chakhne to de tukde tere
Main jalti raatein teri
Tu wo subah jo bujha de

He slowly made her sit on his lap as he continued to do the work. He started to kiss her neck making her shiver giving a love bite there. Swara moved her neck accordingly giving him more space. Sanskaar hand went to her br*ast as he started to squeeze them make swara moan loudly.

Bheeg loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein

All of sudden the shower turned on during this moment of passion as Swara’s hand touched the tap by mistake , drenching them in cold water.
Swara shivered under the cold water but the heat was too much beneath it. Sanskaar could see a drenched swara looking more appealing. Swara buried her face near the crook of his neck. She lightly bites the earlobe making Sanskaar groan.

Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

Swara ran her hands over Sanskaar upper bare body as she continued kissing him near his chest. She slowly trailed her hands towards his thighs as she started to touch him sensually making him go all wild. Swara took the soap from its rack and started to rub it over Sanskaar’s body, making him moan in pleasure. Sanskaar took the hold of her dori of blouse and untied it one go and removed it from her body revealing her private parts to him. Sanskaar took one of her br*ast in his mouth making swara moan loudly. He slowly removed her other clothes . Sanskaar took the soap from Swara’s hand and started to rub it on her body sensually making her clinch in pleasure.

Aa ye raatein lambi tu kar de
Chingari rag-rag mein bhar de
Sharmon se tu sharmo haya

Sanskaar made Swara lay down in the body as he kept kissing her body parts while rubbing and cleaning her body at same time. Swara kept on moaning his name as it was becoming unbearable for her to hold anymore. Sanskaar was in the verge of loosing the control.

Ho.. haan rakh le tu lab ko labon pe
Main guzru meri hadon se
Thehru kahaan kuch tu bata
Main jalti raatein teri
Tu wo subah jo bujha de

She held the belt of his pant and unbuckle it.
He quickly removed his jeans and threw it out. He came on top of Swara in bathtub, held her thighs apart and thrusted inside her as Swara screamed “Sanskaaar”.

Bheeg loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

Sanskaar kept on thrusting as they made love fiercely.
Swara kept her thighs around his waist as they rocked against each other.
On the other hand Sujata was hell worried waiting outside the room of Swara and Sanskar.
She kept on knocking the door numerous times but there was no use which made her wonder” Ye humara chore ko kya hogya! Aur Swara kathe gayi…Puja toh shuru hone wala he! Lagta hai Sanskaar thag gya hoga office se ake isliye sau gya! Par ye Swara andar kya karahi he?”
Sujata knocked the door as she shouted” Swara! Kya kar rahi he andar? Arre puja toh shuru hone wali he! Niche aja jaldi!”
But unfortunately no response…

( Song- Bheeg Loon from Khamoshiyan )
Was it too vulger? Do comment and tell me.

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